Aborted - The Extirpation Agenda Lyrics

The urge to kill drives me every movement
A plethora of visions plague my gray matter
With the swing of my axe I bring salvation

Exemplary butchery
I stalk my prey
Death envisioned picturesque
I am defiled at heart, I am decay
My sweet bliss
Exemplary butchery of those who stand before me
Total extermination of all I see as unholy
There will be no mercy
As I purify this world of shit

Bringer of the apocalypse
One by one I rid the world of filth
This is my final solution

Extirpation agenda
No separation between race and gender
Extirpation propaganda
I am the herald of death

The cranium exposed, with every savage blow
As you lie on my slab, decorticated at last
A contorted expression left from the peeling
Eyes torn from sockets and used in my brew
Your cadaver to appease my bidding
I am the herald of plague

Exemplary butchery - I am beyond the grave
I am the dead
I stalk my prey
Death envisioned picturesque
I am defiled at heart, I am decay
My sweet bliss
Exemplary butchery of those who stand before me
Total extermination of all I see as unholy
There will be no mercy
Watch me purify this world of shit

Extirpation agenda - extermination propaganda
Foul murder propaganda
Extirpation agenda
Foul murder propaganda

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Aborted The Extirpation Agenda Comments
  1. martin lisa

    Brutal death metal 🤘😈

  2. Thanadol Jarujinda


  3. Zan Perse

    Posnem GTA 5

  4. Del Chong91

    Puta q pariu meuermao

  5. Morgan Szufnarowski

    Who else just sweated out buckets just from hearing the drummer?

  6. nick squires

    When the vocals kicked in i couldnt help but let out a damn

  7. Ruslan Tarasenko

    Бодрящее музло!

  8. atom

    Dammmmmn Joe Rogan go hard

  9. Guillermo Hiram Luna Vera

    what is the movie of intro??

  10. gede k1215


  11. Sam Brewster

    /m\ im rockin out

  12. Eduard benjaminLeaviatan

    This what I was looking for more brutal death metal??? I mean brutal death core

  13. Log Splitta

    I feel the love.

  14. Three6

    ебать Дмитрий Нагиев хуярит

  15. Jay Daoust

    Epic... I grew up playing guitar in one of the best skatepunk bands that started it all in 95. Unemployed from the east coast. It was our band - Strung Out - Pennywise etc - rivals from the west coast etc ... my point is... I know where the lineage of great music comes from. Aborted is the real deal and for ever will be the best.

  16. Сергей Николаевич

    ребята исполняют конечно не плохо,но однообразно!!начал проподать интер к группе!

  17. Denis-Florent Coulombeau

    Je viens d'écouter Lalah Hathaway... et c'est vrai que le changement est bizarre. (Lalah Hathaway, haha tu peux pas testes!!)

  18. Ethan Gurevich

    Sound like grindcore w deathcore influences

  19. Schwanz Kacka

    I think necrotic manifesto is their best album ever! They are sooo recognizeable in this record and still brutal af ;D

  20. Prison

    Ken's drumming is so accurate, yet so effortless. Idk how he does it.

  21. alegrin1

    voy a hacer la carrera de director de cine, voy a recibirme, voy a crear una pelicula gore al estilo de la decada de los 80's, solo para que aborted sea el soundtrack oficial

  22. DMichael Kimbley

    Survey asks my age, after this video, it doesn't matter I'm fucking dead now,

  23. Danny Snow

    I'm just going to say it. Goregrind is the best thing to happen to extreme metal in a long time. These guys and Cattle Decapitation are straight fucking killing it right now. Point blank.

  24. Pekka Laitinen

    5/5 would get ear raped again

  25. Soufiane Artwood

    i love when the drummer headbangs to hiw own groovy shit

  26. Spikey Slug

    They make Infant Annihilator sound like a bunch of pussies in it for the money.

  27. steve rios


  28. Chan Nel

    Оксимирон уже не тот!

  29. Jeff

    at first I thought you were another American death metal band when I did some search and you come from belgium ... NOW I LIKE YOU EVEN MORE

  30. Nicholas Major

    I like the crazy adrenaline rush this band gives me. Crazy band!

  31. Tyler Eastburn

    that drummer kicks ass

  32. Daan

    That's got to be the fastest dubble bassdrum action I've ever heard.

    Tyler Eastburn

    you've clearly never heard infant annihilator


    Tyler Eastburn infant is fuckin fake

    some random Deathcore lover

    Daan Verschueren you clearly haven't heard Archspire

  33. Phillip Clark

    So this is deathgrind? Sounds kind of like deathcore, except without all the gauges and skinny jeans; not to mention over abundance of breakdowns.

    Phillip Clark

    @Miguel Fernandez Millan don't get me wrong, I love deathcore, but it gets clichéd after awhile tbh.

    Caleb Pierce

    You got something against stretched ears?

    Phillip Clark

    +CAPonthat not exactly, it's just that almost every deathcore fan i know has stretched ears. and it's not really stretched ears, but it's just the sense that it seems they're trying to mimic everyone else.

    Caleb Pierce

    +sha-d paul so because other people do something, you doing said thing means you're trying to mimic them? I'm mimicking everyone who drives a chevy, has a beard, wears clothes, and lives in a house I guess.

    Phillip Clark

    @CAPonthat i'm not telling people how to live their lives, it's just that i wish there was something in the subculture that made everyone different and unique.

  34. Juan Jose Ramos Cortes

    Death Metal, Aborted going to Rock al Parque on july - Bogota D.C Colombia

    Camilo Serrano

    +Juan Jose Ramos Cortes esa mierdaaa

  35. Tamás Oláh

    what is this? Deathcore.

    Spencer Ware

    Death grind

    Phillip Clark

    As far as I know, this is deathgrind. If you want some great deathcore, listen to acrania. They're fucking heavy.

    Kyle Boxer

    +sha-d paul Lmfao Acrania

  36. lemonade bath

    sooo fucking good

    Dave Lopez

    +Aileen Campbell Ah pretty lady that loves Aborted....#marryme

    Eduard benjaminLeaviatan

    You like this? I would give you 5 kids,,not joking

  37. Inu No Taisho

    their force behind their music is phenomenal!

  38. casafrass1120

    this is one of the best metal tracks ever. FUCKING ABORTED

  39. colin mucha

    i love all you people

  40. Sapsters Graimes

    вокалист физрук?

  41. iclal özkan

    bu adamin butun sarkilari hep -izm'le bitiyor amk.

    iclal özkan

    bu arada amk kelimesini gazete adi anlaminda yazdim ben

  42. Nicolas Silva

    according to wikipedia this is a brutal death metal band!?!? ahhahahahahhha what a fucking joke, this is fucking garbage, is fucking metal core

    Nicolas Silva

    but is not brutal death metal, neither death



  43. jednookimutant

    Sounds great! :)

  44. blackjackmcgack

    This is pretty cool but i like ATTILA more...

    trash account

    @blackjackmcgack scene kids that never heard archspire 

    trash account

    +blackjackmcgack wait a minute scene is dead i men't tumblr hipsters


    +this mutha Fuckah i was a hardcore old school metal head in hs. Always talked shit about metalcore n scene kids. Attila was actually the first band i heard that i liked, thought they were hilarious.

    trash account

    @fuji5534 im not even an elitist i love both core and all styles of metal i just cant stand new attila the last record ive ever liked bye them was rage

    Phillip Clark

    +fuji5534 they used to joke about the partying stuff, now it seems like they're taking their own joke seriously.

  45. Mark Sneddon


  46. heres johnny

    have these guys ever done a bad song? fuck me its like death metal on cocaine.

    Devin Everts

    +this mutha Fuckah dude it's just simple fucking death metal stop with all that dumb ass sub genere shit

    trash account

    @Devin Everts great another its all metal stop using sub genres guy sorry but metal has more then one sound so sub genres do have a need btw i bet the only reason you hate when people use sub genres is when they bash sub genres im not bashing im promoting  death grind and straight forward death metal would be something like obituary and entomed and don't call me a fucking dumb ass 

    colin mucha

    +Devin Everts there isnt anything simple about death metal

    Jacob Hall

    dumbfuck 5000 there is 0 grindcore is the entirety of this bands discography. All because something has alot of blast beats doesnt make it grind in anyway

  47. Draden Merenox

    so then these guys are the reason cattle decapitation are so brutal

    Matt Canova

    +Draden Merenox I think if anybody borrowed from Aborted it's Cryptopsy. Their last few albums have reminded me of a more techy Aborted, which is killer!

  48. dziadekw

    sory i dont like it's crap

  49. Aidan []

    ...and to think I hesitated

  50. Xeranxies

    This is like listening to drugs.

    Fucking love it!

    heres johnny

    +XerxiesLv426 Dont need drugs when Aborted exist.

  51. DMichael Kimbley

    1000% Fuck Yeah. Everything about this is Fuck Yeah!

  52. Javla dod

    2:07 tho

  53. Javla dod

    actually pretty fucking good

  54. Caz Earnest

    aborted slays

  55. Peter606


  56. Michael Smith

    all musica rock and rap to

  57. Unknown Person

    this is almost as heavy as pierce the veil

    Vladimir Steele

    +samatic have yu heard of pathology


    @Colin Steele duhh, are you serious? OP was obviously trolling....

    Vladimir Steele

    @Christhjian Im totally serious I don't know shit lol. 

    Vladimir Steele

    @Christhjian im just trolling too 

    Vladimir Steele

    @Christhjian I get that he is trolling. I used to do that a lot, childhood memores lol

  58. Nigoroth

    Sounds like a shitty "smells like teen spirit" cover song

  59. Ian Baer

    Wow what an intro!!!

  60. Katarzyna Wilk - Polish Desert Warriors

    guys are crazy :))) this song is really amazing :))) love it :)))

  61. invadernik

    get that atrocious diarrhea known as the butcher babes out of my newsfeed century media -.-


    +invadernik as much as I like them they definitely shouldn't be uploaded by the same people who upload aborted

  62. Buljongmannen

    ["!8_BCr6LmqngQpRJEOu10K47Xw9sCAAAANlIAAAAJKgEgx4-A5zVHyB6kHfQ1rHjwlikGweTsm_J7Nc0LDkbMFQKN-t1FrcVlavb4wUNtvw5dwlsdQ_gEjoBAE5ahL0UmC-wK3n44gYFPRENJBDKkl5RThLKjOPTXbqCS6VonkBv6ZsIybBZlwNuMDA5PG3XuT_yeUMxj173aUeKGWUvhXTslR6CGq3Gu1n45UVofdrLGoUZItEaEYnW3V4TosEy1tm421DMgzJhq0UezvxKzV_9rU_aDXGwxVj8TeUEluvSr9jjasln23UCl0_NR38BOpPhAToSpEPFGZqi34_q9V19cwbAfOM_LdKgO5ehPrUaXaoI9oILMrFHlYrbVzG_xVe8-Uzla2rzEL_A42cxi6zFdT2NcP3VZjNMKuA4cqN_X","Sooo good!! The drumming reminds me of carnifex...",[[[null,null,1]],null],false]

  63. Jake Frye

    So good

  64. CornHub

    this shits just awesome

  65. CornHub

    Anybody know the old clips in the video?

  66. Silver Teede

    Fucking great

  67. Reng Meng

    i like this constipation agenda!:D


    +Will Smith #musictomakeyoupoop!

  68. Raya Mancheva

    I love this, it's so beautiful.

  69. toughwimp

    Tight Shit. Good all around except a little over produced

  70. Merv Watson

    That ultra high tone double kick kills the song... It would be much better with normal tone and speed...

  71. Onslaught Quinn

    keep brutal! Aborted!  I made all my nicknames 'Aborted' in those games, to memorize my favourite band.

  72. Onslaught Quinn

    0:39 real shit begins,guys

  73. Steven

    WHAT GENRE IS JUSTIN BIEBER? People say its grindcore, but his bieber solos are definitely tech death!!!

  74. darklightwarrior

    This insanely fast double bass is just retarded. I swear all these modern bands take it to impossible levels. Not really musical. Everything is all quantized and most cannot play the music live. Killer guitar work though. Vocals too. Drums are just too over-the-top, make it sound fake.

    Reece Fay

    World domination for a start!

    Zachery Noland

    Dear Mr. Darklightwarrior,

    These guys came to Phoenix not too long ago, co headlining with Fit for an Autopsy. During their down time (opening acts) I watched as the drummer of Aborted was at the bar. He had his practice pad and drumsticks; playing along to every song with every opening band. Literally warming up his fast twitch muscle in the wrist for 4 opening bands. He even played along with the local openers.

    Needless to say...

    And yes I will ducking day it anydays, this Band slaughtered that night.


    @darklightwarrior Depeneds on who you listen to. This drummer is very capable


    He is the drummer of Aborted, Ken Bedene his name.


    He's simply amazing and has worked hard a lo to be at this live
    And live he kills everything and plays just like it's some basic rock songs

  75. Slamburger

    Ken is such a fuckin monster on drums.

  76. Vitor Heliel

    gore death metal do caraio

  77. TimberWolvesX X

    sven y u go bald

  78. Gaius Cassius Longinus

    Aborted is one of the best death/grind bands in the world.

  79. blur 123

    666th comment lol

  80. Padlocked dreamy escapes

    THose losers in ISIS should learn how to make real music haha

  81. LiL KRiZz

    Are they using Ibanez 7 strings or just 6-strings?


    Krizz N9ne 6 strings

  82. 戎恵佑


  83. bichuborgir2

    i just got the cd!! fucking awesome!!! ...if you like this then check my band: TRAPPED IN THE MORGUE

  84. Christian Hagerman

    His voice is so beautiful

  85. たたかうおどる

    It's great!!Great!!Great!!Yeah!!!
    I love ABORTED!!
    ..and Death Metal!!!

  86. Sniperwredet

    To all retards who dosent like this, suck my fungusdick. I hope you all get very sick soon, and perhaps die.. Happy new year to the rest!

    Marksman 5147

    @Spike Bat I listen to all types of metal particularly death core. I love slam/brutal shit, tech-death, normal death, tech-deathcore, melodic death etc

    The whole anti-deathcore thing is so old nobody really could give a fuck by now.

    Mark Moreno

    @Marksman 5147 Hating an entire genre is kind of pointless IMO, it shows an overall lack of exploration of an entire genre. People are entitled to their own opinions though.

    Spiritual Leprosy515

    +Marksman 5147 I like every genre of metal too! Thrash metal and death metal are my favorites! I like core too(except for post hardcore and that nintendocore shit wtf is that) and I remember when people hated on deathcore and metalcore. I'm glad people slowed down and accepted it more

    Marksman 5147

    @Spiritual Leprosy515 I used to be a big thrash fan listen to that shit every day with nu-metal and some heavy/death shit.

    Emo music isnt actually metal its punk. Post-hardcore is a genre of punk. Same with all hardcore and pop-punk. The real issue I have with that shit is the image, they think they're so heavy and the fans even dumber its pathetic.

    Metal core, death core and grindcore are metal genres.

    Denise Rojas

    +Martin Wredberg You might just have issues...

  87. get out of my offive

    His voice is great

  88. Marina Pontes

    Foda, foda, foda!

  89. Эрик Яшин

    Fuck yeah!!!! Hi from Russia))

  90. maurismind


  91. Mythik

    That china sound is so fucking tasty!!



  93. gurpreet singh

    I want to buy this album

  94. gurpreet singh

    Brutal Belgium butcher I listen this song everyday burst earring song I love this album

  95. Mordecai The Awesome BlueJay

    This + Brutal Doom = Greatest gaming experience you'll ever have 

  96. Patrick Resch