Aborted - Nailed Through Her Cunt Lyrics

Rancour fed I grasp her head
Hurl her ass against the wall
Merry thoughts I disenthrall
Taking my nails to devour her entrails

With excremental lubricant I force them down in her cunt
Violently piercing her insides - Emotions I can no longer hide
Feel the steel engrain - Enjoy the skewering pain
Anal crucifixion - Hammering
Suffer in humility - Piercing to the vaginal cavity
Sanguinary feces - Nailing

She regurgitates the blood - emerging from your sieved guts
Oligophrenic debaucheries - mutilations one never sees

Affectionate reminiscences - A canvas of carnal decadence
Expediting decay, defecating matter - Sphinctral impalement, lancing her bladder
Rectal and intestinal suffering - Lacerating delights I bring

Mutilated in her riddled ass - Remnants of what she once was
You dirty slut you get what you deserve
Defecating as haematemsia emerge

Meathook penetration - Rectal defenstration
A morbid row of guts & gore
With your mangled bowels scattered on the floor

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Aborted Nailed Through Her Cunt Comments
  1. TESERACT 89

    Fucking a man love this band such a awesome groove

  2. Idk what My name should be

    I tied to listen to it I like the music but he sounds like a dog barking

  3. Ahmed Samy

    The hell is this bro i can't even understand a word

    Łudy Konfident

    Treat it as instrumental song with no real lyrics but additional "instrument" called human. If singer wanted you to understand lyrics they would sing it in such way. However if you are dying to grasp the meaning of this song follow it with lyrics it might become a bit clearer.

  4. Zen Reefer

    Aye yooo,wtf is this

    Ahmed Samy

    i think it is used when someone want to throw up

  5. Fxck Jdog

    I’ve been listening to heavy metal most of my life but I can’t seem to figure out what is fucker is saying.

  6. eddyrox5150

    fucking A - yeah!

  7. Magz Vn

    Love it

  8. MrNate1234569

    The end recording is about dahmer

  9. maxeypad

    Best Aborted song everrrrr

  10. Dustin Perkins

    killer song

  11. Bjorn Deijgers

    The intro from this song is from Hellraiser 2 Hellbound, Brutal song \m/


    +Into The Gallows This band loves hellraiser it seems. They dedicated an entire song to hellraiser on the Necrotic Manifesto which is pretty badass. I love both hellraiser and aborted so hey win :D

    Bjorn Deijgers

    +N30KID pretty awesome indeed!

  12. Kurt Runke

    F*kk yeah

  13. 저쏭

    Brutal lml

  14. Lee LeGrove

    Their best album IMO

  15. Ethan Leahey

    love this song!