Aborted - Gurgling Rotten Feces Lyrics

Anal excretion inard purification
Stinking liquid mass gushing out of your ass
Come forth to me, object of perverted lust
Innards deformed and sliced anatomy lies scattered

Gore and bile are spewing out of your scrotum
Mangled and defiled anal tract removed
I shit on your face you swallow my spunk

Ebola contaminated by feaces
Orgasm through putrid stench
I shit on your face you devour my entrails

Whip me, object of lust
Punish me supreme masochism
Gutting and hacked supreme masochism
Festering slimelike bowels reek like feaces
I rape your cadaver necrotic orgasm

Cranial pulp bubbling through your anus
Ebola contraminating millions
You vomit your brain and ejaculate

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Aborted Gurgling Rotten Feces Comments
  1. bizarredude101

    @XxSpawnmasterxX Torsofuck is a joke

  2. evilsqurrel420

    is it me or does this song make you hungry

  3. XxSpawnmasterxX

    LMAO and i thought erotic diaria fantasy was bad but this tops it by a million fold XD ewww