Aborted - Global Flatline Lyrics

In this walking nightmare
This life, an Abominable Revelation
No flesh shall quench my impulses to kill
Mouldy muliebral textures I relentlessly crave
This final absolution I grand the human race

Revel in a purulent bliss, a goregasmic pit
Pathetic meaningless lives, zealots in a rotting cesspool
This is the end of all flesh

Cataclismic discharge of emotional decay
A waste of breath and time, with the saw I extirpate
A pathological nightmare or a deity's wrath,
For man is disease and must be put down at last

The world a canvas for me to corrupt -
Rid this stinking earth of all that rots
For all those I desecrate, for the corpuscles inanimate
Merely a detrimental mass grave

Global termination - for which man was born
Genocidal Salvation - aftermath forlorn
Global Termination - for which man was born
Genocidal Salvation - we are the end of the world

In this walking nightmare
This death, a prolonged rapture
No flesh shall quench my impulses to kill
The end of all life I relentlessly crave
This final absolution I grant the human race

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Aborted Global Flatline Comments
  1. James Yates

    Why is this the only song from the album not on Spotify? Like I own the album but it would be so much easier

    Lord Hammer

    James Yates came to the comments for the same thing my dude! They took it of itunes a while back! Have to come to YT to listen to it

    R OV

    Same here bro

  2. Uniq Sniper

    If only I could play this song on guitar or bass lol

  3. Madame Gasket

    0:33, sick pinch harmonic. 🤘

  4. Liliyanon

    And this is how I discovered than I FUCKIN love Aborted.

  5. Jorge Félix

    Stay in your home, stay in your home.

  6. Nathuk666

    So fucking brutal

  7. Sam G

    +xxEllePorcelainxx At midnight.

  8. iansta90

    Might be seeing you in April <3 taking my best friend with me too.

  9. condemned deathcore


  10. Ethan Carpenter

    im a broke college student :P

  11. Ethan Carpenter

    haha possibly, man. cant afford one though XD

  12. Metal Maniac

    You'd be better off just banging on a real kit.

    the horsemen

    Metal Maniac umm they do use a real kit its called being fucking brutal on the drums !

  13. Ethan Carpenter

    from someone who is trying to learn how to use FL studio to make death metal drums (programming, unfortunately i cant find a drummer). it is rather difficult to program sounds. may not be music talent, but its talent nonetheless

  14. Metal Maniac

    >Implying that programming sounds takes talent.

    I get that you have to "write" electronic music (Quotes on write because most entirely lack melodies, harmonies, chord progression, phrases and periods in proper keys, etc.), but it requires absolutely no instrumental chops of any kind.

    Harbinger band

    Metal Maniac shut up

  15. Chaz Martin

    Bet 100$ if you got a keyboard, synth, equalizer, and the proper music software, you couldn't make anything listenable. Because you don't have the ear for it. You'll put shit together, and end up with windows sample music.

  16. Chaz Martin

    Writing electronic requires more than a macbook, if you don't want to create windows sample music. Need to get a turn table, equalizer, and synth. Guitars just need an amp and 2 strings.

  17. Chaz Martin

    This, nor Behemoth are Death Metal.

  18. slayet1997

    This made me ejaculate HARD LOVE THIS SONG!

  19. Antares

    Just ordered the T-shirt that has that text on the back :P

  20. James Watson

    Anything can be an instrument. even water can be an instrument.

  21. Metal Maniac

    A Macbook isn't an instrument.

  22. Metal Maniac

    Trevor is on Vermicular,Obscene,Obese.

  23. religiousabuse

    dude, you are fucking awesome

  24. Jordan Davock

    Moronic to say the least, but you are entitled to your opinion. I started life on music like this and to this day still enjoy it, but I love Dubstep, I try make it, and try to bring elements of music like this in to it. Man, smoke up, enjoy life, accept people like different music and I give you my word life will be amazing...ish

  25. FlyMeToTheJules

    Oh great, another "my opinion is better than yours" metal fan who has no understanding of any music other than metal, puts 666 in their name and probably judges people based on how "metal" they are.
    Don't get me wrong, I dislike dubstep. Your original comment was acceptable (while slightly copypasta) but all you needed to say was "it was a quote from a shirt", not belittle another Aborted fan for liking something which doesn't affect you in any way.
    People like you disgrace this fine genre.

  26. slayerdude18

    the harder and faster the more relaxing it is:P

  27. James Watson

    The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

  28. James Watson

    So closed minded. You're just as bad as the dubstep fans. I bet you're one of these people who's super concerned on who is a poser and who isn't, grow a backbone and discuss the music intelligently instead of bashing genres. To call it talentless is such an arrogant thing to say.

  29. Danilo Bandeira

    MUito massa

  30. Whitechapel50


  31. TheOnimaster8

    You obviously dont listen to good dubstep -_- Please keep your ridiculous opinion to your self, Even though this is the good shit.

  32. Daniel Drake

    well that's just like your opinion man

  33. Bob Jones

    Fucking dumbass you know nothing

  34. Generalissimo Cruta

    Hmm you dont know nothing about metal arent you ?

  35. Denver Danyla

    no dude hes tooooootally right and tooooootally knows what hes talking about. I mean "Aborted=posers so that means that Cannibal Corpse=posers, those guys totally copied super good old bands like Slipknot"..................riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight lol

  36. Metal Maniac

    This isn't deathcore nor slam or anything close to poser. Do you even know of the band Aborted. Go listen to to their "Goremageddon: The Saw and The Carnage Done" album. A modern masterpiece of brutal deathgrind.

  37. Denver Danyla

    "tips hat to this gentleman"

  38. Dank Bastard

    People are so fucking elitist in this area of music, if you don't like it then go listen to something you do like instead of writing out a big stupid diatribe

  39. ITSplasticfork

    lol im sure you dont even play guitar or drums your probably a wannabe pop singer

  40. the grand magic commander

    this song is sick love it!!

  41. TheMintHippo

    This song is in standard you fairy boy

  42. Dimebag Dillon

    I saw a shirt that said that. I fawking want it!!!

  43. ITSplasticfork

    you should listen to like august burns red for some technical shit

  44. Dylan Imperi

    I'm gonna fuckin rape your soul? damn this band blows ass poser ass shit. doesn't groove at all, the solo is slow and fucking blows, and the vocals are just try hard squeal sounding shit. I have no faith in todays death metal or whatever you kids call it. deathcore, br00tal slam fuck you kids learn how to play your guitars and stop trying so fucking hard I know bands that play in standard heavier than this try hard shit

    Charlie Sheen

    Fuck, you're a grub cunt

    Cum Tard

    boomer alert!!!! "i listen to metallica so im better than everyone else!!!!" "i have never heard of anything besides the music i listen to so this is bad >:("

  45. ole wad

    IM GONNA FUCKING RABE YOUR SOUL :D. this song must be the best song aborted ever had mande :D

  46. Ethan Parker

    This song does match the happenings of today

  47. Austin Bruner

    some bass-driven type of electronic music that sucks for the most part

  48. Jason Foster

    global flatline seems quite fitting for the times of today.

  49. mrcakeman2

    Operation Endgame :P
    Its about 50 seconds in :P

  50. ImFriendsWithTheBand

    Operation:endgame with Zach Galifianakis

  51. Ben Richards

    Operation: Endgame. I think.

  52. Whiskeyjack

    I think I shall remain blissfully unaware of it then, lol.

  53. Whiskeyjack

    What is dubstep anyway?

  54. Tiago Jordão

    Abominable Putridity is ok, but it doesn't offer anything dozens of other bands can't offer with better songwriting.

  55. SkeeterTheSkeeter

    *Pauses Video* Am I still listening to the new single? I think NOT!

  56. Gabriel Fidalgo

    Cannibal Corpse

  57. Arngothor61192

    Operation: Endgame

  58. SiriusZenith

    If You want real brutal death metal try The Anomalies of Artificial Origin by Abominable Putridity.

  59. oscar alfonso garcia lopez

    que rolaso

  60. Daniel Hanson

    Operation Endgame

  61. yourmomisayeti

    Operation Endgame

  62. Terry Dastrup

    bahaha metal as fuck.

  63. SeriousToni

    does someone know it?? :o

  64. Robert Saunders

    I sleep to stuff like this all the time =).

  65. Jamie Deathstrike

    it's from operation: endgame. maybe in the first 20 minutes

  66. payazokoki

    I´m I the only one who finds this song relaxing?

  67. Moshing Maniac

    Who do you mean with "CC"?

  68. Ignacio Navarro

    differents death metal styles and its not a fucking competition

  69. Gabriel Fidalgo

    CC still better...

  70. Andy Klescik


  71. Jamie Deathstrike


  72. shawncastles

    I found these dudes on my White Chapel playlist at Pandora. Sick, as, fuck!

  73. Joshua Richards

    Aborted has made a shirt about Dubstep and I am seeing a dubstep video on the right tab. What the fuck?

  74. tzavarious81

    I like Ken's drumming a lot! He grooves in death metal! This is something that you don't come across every day. Thats of course apart of my own personal research and conclusion. Hope for every individual try this approach to play death metal and of course music in all of its existence. I believe it feels and sounds better.

  75. Jordan Proffitt

    if the topic is about fast drumming, you all are forgetting about John Fucking Longstrenth

  76. mytrap55

    Well I liked it up until the vocalist started his whole shit.

  77. DatVocals!

    but looks like a thin nerd :OO

  78. stephen cooper

    derek roddy is in serpents rise

  79. Fauxsyn

    You are correct. Well, he's touring with FF. Idk if he's permanent, seems like he is but I really liked him in System Divide.

  80. Ilanney

    Roddys not with hate eternal anymore dont think. the dude they got now is a doublebass freak! forget his name though.

  81. hansbananendans

    Yeah man thats the shit

  82. Victor Rivera

    u think that´s stamina? check out messhugah´s bleed

  83. bizarredude101

    Roddy is crazy, he was in Nile before Kollias

  84. bizarredude101

    Flo's from Cryptopsy. You must check out Mauro Mercurio if you think this is fast

  85. Raam200

    Operation Endgame (the scene's on youtube)

  86. shamby2032

    Flo mounier isn't in hate eternal

  87. Mendel bij de Leij

    Mike Heller is in Fear Factory now if i'm correct!

  88. svoboda73

    too many metal bands around I always prefer the old ones or brutal crust punk bands of the 80s or today. but still respect though too many bands sound too much the same to me

  89. Raam200

    I agree

  90. john robert

    Or Fleshgod Apocalypse. That mother fucker is fast.

  91. sam8fil


  92. rowanspake

    Hopefully seeing them tomorrow! With Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, etc.

  93. hansbananendans

    You're comment is like sex

  94. Brian Pilla

    These guys were soo fucking sick live

  95. wishtoprevail

    classic opening line!

  96. Nathrak

    It's english slang ;p but orthographe doesn't matter much heheh

  97. roycrosser

    haha whatafak is volgens mij geen engels! :)

  98. daroonigan

    I have no idea what he is saying \m/