Aborted - Coronary Reconstruction Lyrics

As I dissect and reform
A psychopath cankered, by parasites debilitating
The lingering corpus of a once dreaded mind, fornever

Resecting this artery infesting disease
Cerebrum excavating

So imperfect a gluttonous waste of life injected
A sycophantic pathosis
Removal of the cancer that destitutes life

Once upon the slab it becomes discernible
A conceited gob of waste churns the pica
Into a shrouded monstrosity
Torment perfected

A coronary reconstruction momentous
Abolish this cesspool of hypocrisy
Obliterate the disease inside

So arrogant a ignoramus waste of life injected
A sycophantic morphosis
Remove the cancer that destitutes life

Murderous animus
Coronary reconstruction achieved
Through scalpel and blade this carcass has been redeemed

Once from the slab it becomes animate
A conceited gob of waste expelled
Nothing but a bag of dreck
Torment inflicted

Haemoglobin injected
The pustulent waste rejected

Eppicene - incarnadine no remorse, no regrets, no odium...

A coronary reconstruction momentous
Abolish this cesspool of hypocrisy
Defect the marasmus which infects the very soul...

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Aborted Coronary Reconstruction Comments
  1. fuzzy pickles

    last good release

  2. panzer waffen

    fuck man all albums are good as hell ...this band knows to work

  3. 2STManuel

    much better then the new version!

  4. Dimas Kurnia

    deathgrind af

  5. Cold Logistic Slaughter

    one of my favorite songs of this band! but damn! the quality is fvcking horrible xD worst than 128 kbps hahaha


    +Cold Logistic Slaughter Very cool username.

  6. pONtosan Az

    CorONary ReconstructiON- goood ,nice sONg




    Brutal Aborted

  8. RealMetalGaming

    do I taste rottensound?

  9. Guitar Fingerer

    the genre of music here i think you all are looking for is "muerte face grind into the pavement deathcore". dont quote me on that.

  10. Existential Outrage

    Inhale vocals or Exhale?

    Boris Boslul

    +Välkommen till Pulvercity never inhale bro

  11. Vince N

    años que no la escuchaba o.o

  12. Gerardo Rivera

    This is death metal? I thought it was grindcore


    This is deathgrind, at its finest. 

  13. Regurgitated Organs

    somehow this song speaks to me.

  14. Euronymous Dead

    Me Cago \m/

  15. Lance Overdoing

    Fuck just fuck

  16. Avatar Korra

    Hellraiser 2!

  17. Connor Carlson

    Holy shit, he does. LOLOLOL

  18. 【°Drowxxi°】

    damn good song

  19. EBEalienbeing

    Thanks bird dick.

  20. Nicholas Demirdjian

    Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It doesn't matter.

  21. Ariciul Canalelor - Dinu AGx

    I have a strange feeling you did not score a reasonable IQ.

  22. EBEalienbeing

    So your saying Goremageddon sucks or no. I have there first album and that is some really heavy stuff.

  23. LustFor Gore

    great to know.. they're friends with benighted.. cause benighted and aborted will always be my two most favorite bands

  24. Ryan Fisher

    The most brutal shit aborted has released in my opinion

  25. Fuck off google

    He wasn't shitting on other genres, he was just giving his opinion.

  26. Fuck off google

    Why the fuck does everybody mark you as spam for having an opinion?

  27. Ocean Polaris

    remember the scene from the first mr. bean movie where the hospital staff thought he was a surgeon and he started doing.. err... surgery on the cop haha

  28. Wretched Filth

    Brutal \m/

  29. peacefulyetviolent

    This comment is so fucking old, but I listened to their old stuff and its fucking amazing.

  30. peacefulyetviolent

    I wasnt shitting on any other genres:p Eh, I see emo as kind of a style. you dont have to be emo to cutyourself often people who cut themselves need serious help not criticism from other people:P

  31. KennyFlameOfFire

    Just because you love death metal doesent mean it gives you the right to shit on other genres. A true metalhead doesent bash on other genres. We all have different tastes within metal. Don't like the emos though. Cutting yourself is far from metal. Cutting others is though :P i dont know where im going with this :P

    S'mores The Husky

    You just said, " A true metalhead doesent bash on other genres. We all have different tastes within metal." but then you ruined your argument with, "Don't like the emos though. Cutting yourself is far from metal."

    You definitely don't know where you're going your argument. Guess what? I'm an emo kid. I listen to Bring Me The Horizon, the "poser" shit, My Chemical Romance, From First To Last, etc...yet I fucking love stuff like this music. Do you really know some emos? I don't think so.

  32. Edgar Luna

    this is deathgrind or brutal death metal?

  33. Whiskeyjack

    The guy at the start sounds like Steinman from bioshock

    Nate Gin

    TheHungrySurgeon it's from hellraiser 2

  34. robert thegraverobber

    Brutal death metal

  35. robert thegraverobber

    The dude on the table looks like he's wearing a Micheal Myers mask

  36. javier mejia

    He'll no this is not slam.

  37. ethan taylor

    i think aborted is one of the most famous deathgrind bands ever even though for some reason people call it brutal death metal so i get confused

  38. Ariciul Canalelor - Dinu AGx

    new aborted suck, try aborted before Strychine album (epic fail)

  39. mike mac

    yes thats it thanks..

  40. Henry Fart

    Rowan Atkinson

  41. mike mac

    whats his name?

  42. Henry Fart

    hahahaha he does but do you actually know who plays mr. Bean?

  43. Edgar Luna

    Brutal death metal

  44. Tommy Decay

    Slamming Death Metal.

  45. shamby2032

    I hope you know slam isnt a genre... Aborted is death metal/death grind

  46. Apsycho2012

    Haha, he looks xactly like Mr Bean!!! awesome :P

  47. Tommy Decay

    This is Slam.

  48. Grzegorz Dyksowski

    1:52 OH FUCK, ORGASM.

  49. Discreetarcher3

    ill have you know my nan is a lovely lady and would beat the shit out of any meth addict.

  50. Ballejonas

    So did that

  51. Timothy K

    which also sucks balls...

  52. hansbananendans

    benighted sounds like this xd
    and its brutal death metal

  53. Kriz

    My friend reccomended this band to me, Ear Rape!!!!!!!!!
    I like it.

  54. 666TheViolator

    @KcinEWofficial you are right they are slam

  55. patrick22014

    @ReapermanWompa True!

  56. Diar DZ

    @destroyerofsenses @MyUsernameDoesntFit Look , that comment was made when I was new to aborted and goregrind and just wanted to fucking now what genre it was because I loved it and wanted to explore it more. Stop bugging me about what genre they are now cause I got it , and it doesn't matter their genre , I love them and I just wanted to know.

  57. destroyerofsenses

    @ThyBibleBasher What the fuck does it matter? If you like it, what does the label or subgenre matter? Aborted is awesome, and there's nothing "core" about them.

  58. IanBrowningSmith

    @adityaindia93 That may not have anything to do with the music. You might want to get yourself checked out by a professional physician.

  59. Ben Maguire

    Is it just me or does the guy with the nail gun thing, nearest to the front, look sort of like Mr Bean?

  60. Móni Metal

    ooooooo yeah death metal!!!!!!!!

  61. Maxze

    @ThyBibleBasher aaah, then i gotcha!
    yeah, same man! \m/!

  62. Diar DZ

    @Maxze No man , I didn't say that ... I just don't like deathcore ... I like a little more underground deathcore like Annotiations Of An Autopsy and Waking The Cadaver , and the new Disfiguring the Goddess ... and in fact a little Whitechapel.... but I just was interested to know the genre because this sounded different than the Aborted albums I was used to ... stay brutal , dude \m/

  63. Maxze

    so you are saying that just because some bands got "core" in the end you think they are worse than BDM?
    it's stupid to not listen to any genré because of the "label" the band's got since great music is great music just keep the horns up and fucking headbang!

  64. hagglefaen

    @ImmaScarehDino Where I live, I seem to be the only PERSON who listen to this...

  65. Avatar Korra

    @ImmaScarehDino probably.

  66. Madison Gilbert

    Am I the only girl listening to this?

  67. Thisabadusername

    @ThyBibleBasher Deathgrind. This is deathgrind. But it sounds a lot like deathcore because deathgrind is basically a more brutal, faster paced, version of deathcore. Less metal. More grind. More core.

  68. Diar DZ

    I love Aborted and I love this , but is this by any chance deathcore... I don't like deathcore , Im a brutal death metal maniac but I actually like this

  69. peacefulyetviolent

    @neckface413 Mainly the vocals. :\ and i got the new benighted album they sound more like aborted but i still liked it.

  70. tofu

    @peacefulyetviolent What exactly do you not like about them? Not invalidating your opinion, just curious. In my mind, Benighted is pretty much just a slightly more brutal/less melodic/faster version of Aborted.

  71. Carlos Afonso Monteiro

    @peacefulyetviolent Deathgrind, grindgore, there's some grind in it for sure. But these recent works suck man, I respect your opinion, but make sure you hate THE REAL Aborted, check out "Engeneering the Dead" and "Goremaggedon" if you haven't yet.

  72. peacefulyetviolent

    @demyx0067 Cool.

  73. Ballejonas

    @peacefulyetviolent well, your opinion sucks balls. And thats my opinion.

  74. peacefulyetviolent

    I love death metal, but i hate this band so much....
    This is deathgrind anyways right?
    Benighted, i like them, but this band is horrible.
    Just my opinion.

  75. yoewdemannen

    ...and that's why belgians rule :D

  76. HellPet

    When they are doing their soundcheck it's always funny.

  77. John Doe

    @xynec So you where at Into the grave? Because that was two days ago and they indeed started the moshpit.

  78. SanguineOcelot

    @4our1ne0h I've been in HT once, on a Saturday w/ math team friends, literally no music related clothing aside from Nicki Minaj haha. Not to mention we were the only ones there.

  79. SpaztallicA

    @Slipnotes bestgore.com aha, i remember that site :') try rotten.com or cadaver.org

  80. philold09

    this is my first time listening to "aborted"...mind blown

  81. 4our1ne0h

    Now days people think you have to tune real low and play real slow for heavy, granted if implemented properly is extremely brutal gut break downs are starting to get tired. To trendy like hot topic on Saturday's.

  82. radMisc

    @HereticsGen Agreed.

  83. Zeeboon

    @XQriousX Yeah, it's weird 'cause in some songs he does really awesome vocals, but in some it sounds like he's been screaming for 5 hours on end before recording.

  84. radMisc

    @HereticsGen I believe it's mosly due to the very metallíc and dry sound of the mixing. I find it brutal, but at the same time, yeah it's kinda annoying, some guttural stuff wouldn't be wrong at all.

  85. foohk yah

    @Unlorrd Please,if you're calling this weak,why are you listening to Sonic Syndicate(One of the most shitty metalcore band) and Bring Me The Horizon (Shittiest band of all time)

  86. duno0o

    @HereticsGen agreed; wheezy as fuck

  87. remy j

    @666Brutalius DITTO!

  88. AnEndlessPain


  89. kieran herd

    chooka made this stupid band aware to most people.
    chooka is madd though

  90. Zeeboon

    It's a shame I don't really like their vocals, since the vocalist is the only bandmember that has stayed in it the whole time.
    He just sounds way to hoarse, and has almost no gravel in his voice.

  91. Philip Röttger

    @MrDanteaguilar it´s about the sound and skill, not about outer appearance. interesting that i ( obviously another scene kid ) have to tell you that music is not about reputation.

  92. morbideddie

    lol. i found these guys in a second hand record store and for weeks thought they were called assorted, awesome song anyway

  93. Simpleton216

    @adityaindia93 shitting blood? hemorrhoids?

  94. mitch slaven

    shitttest music! haha

  95. Tim Kasem

    I want this song at my funeral.

  96. lewnnic

    This is like a 7 foot meth head breaking into your nanna's apartment and breaking all her shit, and she tries to fight back and he's SMASHING HER OVER THE HEAD WITH HER OWN FUCKING SEWING MACHINE!!!

  97. Bones98

    never was a fan of the new Aborted stuff, but this EP was awesome.