Aaron Carter - I'd Do Anything Lyrics

I'd do anything for you
We've had our good times and bad
Baby what is sad
I miss you girl
Oh yes I do
Now that you're gone ...away
It's hard for me to say
I miss you girl
Oh yes I do
I just want you to know
That the love I have is real
But girl I really want to show you how I feel
I'd do anything
To be with you again
Just name the place
And I will be there, I will be there
Oh tell me why can't I
Have the one I love
Just like the way it used to be
I miss you all of the time
When you were mine
I miss the way it seemed so right
How could I let the girl I love
Slip right through my hands
I can't get you off my mind
I just want to make you happy
I want to make you understand
I need you for my girlfriend
Until the very end
Oh I miss holding hands and playing games
I get chills when I hear your name 'cuz I know
It'll never be the same
I'd do anything
Just to be with you
I'll tell you that I love you
If you want me to
Just call my name
And I'll be there
To let you know how much I care
Oh... baby...

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Aaron Carter I'd Do Anything Comments
  1. PunkRock W8Loss

    This is just stupid!

  2. Julia DiCaprio

    I just bought your new songs daddy kiss

  3. Maxine Sun-light

    Lov love this🔥🔥🔥🔥💜

  4. Maxine Sun-light

    Hey hey JOKER 🃏

  5. Irwin Mcnair

    the girl look creepy was that you Aaron.

  6. Ashley Wells

    This is pretty badass! IM OBSESSED! This beat gets stuck in your head! #LMG

  7. shateece fladger

    I like this song

  8. SHE.is. magick

    Peace & love Aaron always

  9. Einfach Anna

    I do love you work!❤To me you are a genious.

  10. Kayla Rae

    I listen to your music when I have anxiety it really calms me down 💟
    Love the visuals too 👍🏼

  11. Cee Jay

    Wednesday jams. Yassssssss

  12. Rockc Abu

    Very chill

  13. Angel Kaos

    Love always best the dances music and feel good music hugs bro love you

  14. Tiffany cleary

    I love it the video is beautiful I love the bright neon colors and the trees. The music is so nice I love your music and your singing Aaron you are talented. Always been a fan!

  15. White WeaZel

    Please Do Lives On Here Dude <3

  16. Andi Herr


  17. Melanie Hannemann

    ɢɛɨʟ 😍😍

  18. It’s Abednego

    Hey Aaron you have a good heart please do not pay any mind to what people think of you because in the end Brother It will make no difference.

  19. Sir Goddy

    Nokia Beiber... nice work Noki

  20. RIO


    Aaron carter: ANYTHING!!!!

  21. Current Resident

    Ok I listened to Sensational love first. Then this..... I must say, this is the first time I can just copy and paste my review.

    Wow, 5 sentences looped on a looped beat with looped visuals. Can Aaron carter get any more loopy? 🤪🚮🗑

    Edit* One word looped*

  22. Maylene Miller

    Was this made in iMovie?? Lmfao

  23. La familia Rosario PXR

    Love from Toronto true Canadian fan love you babe so unbelievably proud of your accomplishments 💖🇨🇦 love u babe!! Forever this is my coffee in the morning on the bus on my way to work! I love this!

  24. jacob felix

    this is some shit that the sims would listen to. lol fake music for fake humans.

  25. Steven Martinez

    Great song for pills and dabs just saying

  26. gavin simonds

    Stop using all of Justin Bieber’s throw away beats from 2k16 Jesus man so un original

  27. Ashley Lee

    whaaaat this is lit! why are people hating? it's a good beat. it could just simply be an instrumental release, chillax

  28. Kamilly Eduarda

    ❤🇧🇷i love it

  29. 2TallNegrito7 CMN

    I got lyrics. Some tell this man to contact me. I promise you it will be on point

  30. KromeDome Radio

    I heard the Joker made this.

  31. Lauren Barrow

    This sounds like it should be royalty free...



  32. OjaiPunk

    FIRE!!!!!! LMG !!!!!

  33. jebby lilmoshpit

    Goddamn im wet

  34. GoodSteve123

    Aaron was laying down some sweet bongo riffs for this track... that was his contribution.

  35. Johnny

    would have been a lot better if there were more visuals/lyrics....

  36. Jsmoke187

    Hey if you are moving to Nova Scotia there is a lot of really cool summer festivals you could probably play have a good one🙏❤️

  37. G Dog


  38. Katie Perkins

    Anything ey? 🤦‍♀️

  39. Valerie Glenn

    #Lmgforever love you Aaron love this song #acarmy 💋💖😘🎤

  40. Bonnie Grant

    Hey Aaron 👋 yo man, I get u may be tied up with checking the blinds, building 25 houses, getting ur barr exams, doing 50 gigs, fighting the bsb, fucking trisha paytas, making chlorine bleached shit show tshirts, smoking pipz and diamond testing right now but I just wanna say, GET. OFF. THE. CRYSTAL. PISTOL. enough already man. U r so far gone bro its INSANE to keep up with ur delusional vibes. Adam22 should have smacked you when he had the chance. I hope one of your securiry best buy bros knock the fuck outta ur sicko ass. Im triggered by u coz ir so fucling high and in massive denial. Ill set u up with my crackhead sis LMAAOOOO

  41. TeamWake-N-Bake

    What's good bro? Sub 🤣

  42. Gurdev Khanduja

    This song is not finished...

  43. Junior Owens

    Definitely for when you are stoned.

  44. 2TallNegrito7 CMN

    Where is the lyrjcs?

  45. yesak adly

    This video sucks. But I hope your making money regardless, nothing but love for ya kid. ~from a 90s girl who loved I want candy.

  46. Abigale Lee

    Wtf was that? 15 second on a loop. Sorry but your shit sucks fat balls. Anything over and over and the same three shots over and over. Lame AF

  47. b. gul

    No lyrics just him looping the same 10 seconds over n over while saying anything throughout the track? Sounds like a smash radio hit to me

  48. K Mugga

    Where are the lyrics

  49. Nikola Kisss

    Not bad boy but maybe more story base and bounce. By the way nice to see u back.....😉

  50. Perk

    Loving your sound. Would love to work with you on production and perhaps being a lyricist for some of your more hip hop vibe beats. Check my channel Aaron, hope you like

  51. Candace Hearrell

    Get well soon candace

  52. Kris Renfrow

    Aaron, if you need any more qualified security guards hmu.

    b. gul

    Kris Renfrow I call dibs on being his bout roller and Rick and Monty bong cleaner

  53. Jammieslife

    Is the new album going to be sampled loops? :/
    I was hella fired up about this album!

  54. Mike Cesaroni

    Your a complete loser. Your a washed up has been junkie who lies constantly. Stealing peoples chains. Everyone’s laughing at you.

  55. Fix Anything And Everything Life

    Yo i rap just lost my mom pops big fan im proud of you cody gault look me up on fb fam plz your a legend

  56. Keyit Day

    hey Aaron I saw an interview you did and then clicked around on a couple of other videos. like I saw one of you talking about bullying and I scrolled down and every comment was so distasteful towards you. i just want you to know not all of us are like that. I know there is something sour to taste out there but I still wear flowers in my hair, so remember me if you want to

  57. JoieDeVivre

    Like the drums/beats ☆


    This shit is trash.

  59. Julia


  60. NAOMI Spencer

    Incredible BEATS!

  61. Cristina Lamonte

    I don't care what anybody says about you, you're talented and I have a lot of respect for you. I always have and always will. ❤ I would like to hear your beautiful voice on the new album though! Is the new album just going to be beats or are you going to sing on it as well? What are you working on out of curiosity?😊

  62. Daniel Ehmpunkt

    Great, awesome, love this beat

  63. FoxesRwonderful Creatures

    So GOOD!!!

  64. cinimodyeslah

    stupid shit

  65. andnon yourbizz

    wtffff is this stupid shit 😭😭😭 plz say your trolling us because i cant 😂

  66. Phoebe Tang

    Its excellent to be used as a lullaby

  67. Domascus

    u need to low pass eq ur little plucks at least to 80hz on ableton live bruhh lolol also u can't even hear your litte kicks in whatever strange rhythm you tried to throw them in there as (which is boring and doesn't work btw)

  68. Ej Moore

    Thieving again , more stolen music !!! Such a shame

  69. James Marciano

    Aaron Carter looks sick.. Like cancer... Sunken in face and what looks like scarring on his cheeks. He had an IG live where he was showing the room and ya could see a debit card and a white powder line.. It was on the news 😜😜😜

  70. __________________________________

    Searched for Aaron Carter after seeing a recent No Jumper vid and I swear I had to scroll at least 3 times just to even hit a song .

  71. florida carbuff

    It's fire, his production is consistently Dope...

  72. WhiteFox


  73. pekkalaa

    Omg this is your artwork, boy ? 😂😂 hahaha you must be in loooong fucking trip my man 😅😅

  74. RyLuckyOfficial

    If this song plays at my funeral, I may just come back from the dead. I’m here at this video because my fans keep telling me my new song on my channel sounds like this. All these thumbs up below will have good luck for a whole year, trust me, it works. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  75. lil pixxxie

    Keep making beats Aaron 💖 Keep spreading the love and speaking your souls truth .. You are still an inspiration.. No one can take away from your free spirit or natural talent.. You’re a real one.. In a world full of carbon copies.. Unique is an understatement.. Keep doing you 💖 Much love and respect to you.. R.I.P Leslie Carter

  76. Diana Leroux

    Anything....is very meaningful . I love it !💯💥

  77. Mack Mack

    Such a lyrical genius 🙄😐😐

  78. YoungThug's readingglasses

    This sounds like all the pre sets on logic or garageband. This is how untalented people make music. When i make music on garageband i do it from scratch i play every instrument myself i hate when people cheat like this and say they wrote music

  79. Staci

    Ok, this is a serious question, is music royalty-free songs he has found and just added his own beat to?

  80. Major Wager

    Sounds like a first attempt at making a beat on fruity loops. Lol

  81. Emily Rose

    Aaron, this is beautiful work, however, I want to hear your voice Aaron! Not someone else. 😢 Please write another song, even if it’s just you singing into your phone. You are too talented! ❤️ 🥀🖤

  82. MsKira1313

    This sucks. My boobs flopping would make for a better music video than this.

  83. Shannon McNeill

    Wtfffffff ! He sucks.

  84. Ambrose

    Can someone do a lyrics video to this?

  85. Iron Lung

    I'm gunna remix this track sounds like an intro I'm gun give it a drop n make use of the loop im sure cos Aaron's 'down with the streets' he won't mind at all and won't block or sue me :)

  86. Ash

    This is SHIT. Its a repititive loop that anyone could make with an App on their phone.
    Just another WASHED up has- been. Using his no longer relevant name.
    He is so pathetic & the most unlikeable person thats ever lived. Nick is soooooo much better. I suppose he is & always had been riding on the skirts of his brothers coat tails.

  87. *~catwoman~*

    Wow amazing Video 😍👍 you are great and fuck Off the haters 🎤🎶🔥🕺💃✨😘

  88. Srinav28

    Is this some kind of joke ?

  89. GetDatPromo

    Using the same royalty free music again I see, obviously not Aaron’s music, it’s royalty free !

  90. Kasia Quick Warsaw Poland

    Hi Aaron <3 I'm absolutely in love with Your new song "Anything" <3 I love an amazing sound and beautiful video <3 Hugs from Warsaw, Poland <3 #AaronCarterIsBack #AaronsAngels #ACarmy #LMG

  91. Lipstick Lullabies

    Sounds like trisha.

  92. boggityboogitysloop

    Well that was boring.

  93. Jason Martin

    Well that was lame

  94. Kenny Savage Mr ThrowHandz

    dX in the chat bois!

  95. Tiffany Moon

    Ever need girl
    Vocals hit me up!