Aaron Carter - Crush On You Lyrics

You found out
You found out I've got a crush on you
You must have heard it from my best friend
She's always talkin' when she should be listening
Can't keep a secret to save her life
But still I trusted her with all I felt inside
I never knew a rumour could spread so fast
But now the word is out all over town
That I'm longing for you
How did you know cause I never told
You found out I've got a crush on you
No more charades my heart's been displayed
You found out I've got a crush on you
Maybe I was the one who left a trace
Was there a message written on my face
Were my emotions so easily read
That you would know my thoughts before a word was said
Was it my eyes that let you know you had control
Because the way you move was so self-assured
You knew I would surrender
How did you know cause I never told
You found out I've got a crush on you
No more charades my heart's been displayed
You found out I've got a crush on you
You found out I've got a crush on you.

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Aaron Carter Crush On You Comments
  1. Yesmean

    Hear this for the first time after 20 years! I'm overwhelmed! Whoa! Memories! ❤️

  2. Little Bad Wolf

    I don't think these songs from his first album are bad or good. I reckon at least some people who say these songs are downright shit may be affected by the fact that the singer looks and sounds like a little child (because he was 9-10 years old when recording these), I mean it's somewhat unnatural for a little child to sing about romantic love and partying with girls. Most children at that age are not even interested in the opposite sex and the only parties they care about are on birthdays. I'm not sure who the intended audience for this album was. Maybe these days this would fit better as kids today try to grow up too fast, but in the '90s?

    A good example of child singer debut done right is Declan Galbraith who recorded his first album at age ten in 2002 and not one song on it is a romantic love song like this or a party song yet also not childish songs. One track is a romantic love song but it's Carrickfergus a very old famous Irish ballad whilst he has a strong Irish heritage, not a kiddie love song written for him. When he mentioned in an interview that someone in his production team doesn't think he should do romantic love songs, he even struggled to find those words and instead said "like, husband and wife songs". And in another interview he literally said he's not interested in girls yet.

    Declan and his team were British. I reckon american culture was/is quite different so I suppose this kind of debut from someone who hadn't even hit puberty yet was okay and successful. For me it just feels weird and distracting. I remember being 9-10 years old in the '90s and I don't recall anyone of my age who cared about the things Aaron sings about on this album. But again, I wasn' t raised in the USA.

  3. Bruno The Doberman

    This kid was wacko jackos love child

  4. winstons mother

    I had a feeling he got raped by executives

  5. kikz gaming

    0:37 😂

  6. David Eldar

    keep ur kids in school don't sell them to corporations


    3:07 no not the cheak 🤦

  8. Dave Breckon

    Wow. No wonder that you are a piece of shit later in life! 😹😹

  9. OfficialColdiman2

    this is fucking awful

  10. Kirsten UwU

    This song was released on 1997 and I was born on 1997 😂 year around 2006 I saw this song on some music channel and I instantly fell in love 😭 and I was 9 at that time and I always listening to his song i was crying because he is older than me 😭 knowing that I dont have a chance 😂😂😂🤣 and now im 22. Time flew so fast. How I wish I can bring back the time.

  11. Clofic C

    This didn't age well, and neither did he

  12. Dominic Cruz

    What. In the actual fuck. Is this.

  13. Ser Duncan the Tall

    I would say that was the best time of his Life.

  14. K K

    This is disguisting, he was so young and already singing songs like this. All those girls in videos look older than him. No wonder he has a personality disorder now.

  15. Jacob Lashner

    He looked pretty cute as an 8 year old. I remember being that age...

  16. Mike Crites

    ...corny corny corny

  17. Emma G

    Back when you had to buy a magazine to see private insights from your crush, no crazy instagram live streams

  18. Matos Kanal

    Ich finde es witzig das man jetzt alles versteht und damals mit 11 Jahren kein Wort verstanden hat und mitgesungen wie ein großer 😂😂😂

  19. Jessie Pinkman

    Wer ist wegen .12 da 😂😂

  20. Donald Black

    Mariners reppin at the beginning

  21. Aaron Van Langendonck


  22. ShieKra38

    Kidz Bop went through some things in the 90's

  23. Emily Bridget Ranises

    Justin Bieber left the group.#90'skid

  24. Jay P.

    Warren Sapp baby!

  25. Jay P.

    This sounds like the Deadpool rap lol

  26. High Shaun

    Glad my ears never suffered this!

  27. Dennis

    Sure Aarons voice is bad but i can still dance and listen to this.

    Would be much better if it was just instrumental

  28. starfishye

    Judge all you want, I like it. Reminds me of my childhood. 😜

  29. Tom Cat

    fucking shit.

  30. The Prophet Mohammed

    Aaron was never a good singer....not even close to Justin bieber

  31. Alissa

    He was adorable

  32. Maria E. Antonsen

    Greetings and Namaste! Thank You for this cute Chrush on You-song by the pretty blonde Mr. Aaron Carter. Wishing You many future great children with Your happy and big Carter-family! With hugs from maria e, Norway. Cherry on*.

  33. Connor Hawkins

    The real crime here are the Bucs jerseys.

  34. Emery Jones

    Why is this lit😂😂😂🤣


    I know 😭

  35. Nilly Dee

    Is it awkward to say I had a crush on him as we grew up in the same era? 🤔


    Nilly Dee we all did baby girl 😩

  36. Kushmael McFlurray

    The singing is awful😓


    lmfao i agree thank you

  37. Callit Real

    So cute!

  38. SoJustCool

    ok, now i remember why i didn't listen to AC....because he was a child, even tho hes my age and when he came into the pop scene i thought he was a gimmick...i'm sorry....but seeing this now i feel so uncomfortable....i feel like he was milked for whatever as early as possible....hollywood is a scary place for little kids....especially talking about having crushes, when he is not even 12. smh...too young is too young.

  39. TheJellyWarrior

    Oh my god, so he's 10 here. He said in the No Jumper interview that he lost his virginity at age 11. So one year after this he lost his virginity. fucking wild

    Gigi L *

    Don’t believe his lies

  40. Bestpiration

    This is trash why the fuck anyone listen to this

  41. MittyThaKiiD

    I was born 1990.. this was the jam when I was like 8 or so... I guess you just had to be that age to get some nastalgia

  42. Clofic C

    Is this the Chipmunks Remix?

  43. Matt Pazz

    Legend has it, hes been eating his boogers ever since!!! 😂🤣🤜🤛

  44. geokaker

    this is wicked. wicked fucked up

  45. Hakuna Matata

    We’ve come a loooong way 😂😁☝️

  46. Benjamin geiger

    Das waren noch Zeiten damals

  47. Lionel Rebolledo

    His dancers....

    Wait a minute..


  48. Eloy Tapia Martinez

    Ahora esta cagaooo.

  49. Filip Martin

    Aaron Carter just told the world about the years of sexual abuse by his handlers, & his own brother Nick. https://youtu.be/YTRfNb6HTkA
    Watch the beginning, and then about 3 or 4 minutes in, you see the tweets. My heart goes out to Him.
    Watch the video previous to this, detailing George Clooney & others in Media who do this stuff. Very scary

  50. Filip Martin

    Sounds like the Mars Volta

  51. Steilshoop - Kinder der 90er

    Aaron who are you now? It's sooo sad

  52. Danny

    what a trash of music!

  53. Michael Dark

    Mrs. Wilson 2:03
    Denis Movie 1993

  54. #MissKingdomVII

    OMG this is so bad even for the time. 😂😂😂 I've never seen this until this very moment.

  55. Nick M

    This video is bullshit..........there's no way a park bench would be that close to a basketball hoop (0:38).

  56. Maria Helfenbein

    He was so cute😅

  57. MyMelody5

    The hairstyle, clothes & overall atmosphere... I remember the 90s was really like that. I miss my carefree childhood days.

  58. RJason Twenty

    it's so good to be so baaaaaaadddddddddddd....

  59. Space Cobra

    The original fuck boi

  60. game on my roblox dove Cameron

    The end was so funny

  61. Nik W

    Love the 90s was born in the 80s makes me feel older lol 😆
    Love Aaron & BSB :)

  62. Marcell Alice

    isaura i have a crush on you <3 exitazo buenismo aaaaaaaron isaura

  63. Jessica E Larsen

    That's Nick Carter at the beginning? The one who said "Trust me, I this things" or is it just me?
    Edit: I never thought about it before but I just notice they have the same last names (google it and just found out they're brothers) I was crushing at both of them when I was a kid but I only see the connection now. Haha :D

  64. Insta Crush

    Aaron Carter was one of my childhood crushes ^_^

  65. one

    3:11 her name?

  66. RyLego Maniac81

    Sounds like a 9 year old.

  67. Theodetvaren

    OMG NICK!😍❤️😂 0:01

  68. Vodka lina

    Micky Mouse 😬😂

  69. Siana Bieber

    Pfff unbelievable!

  70. JazzFan76

    I like the original version done by The Jets better.

    Rifet Okic

    JazzFan76 Oh interesting. Whats it called ? Id like to hear it :)


    @Rifet Okic It's called "Crush on you" by The Jets.

    Rifet Okic

    JazzFan76 Found it and indeed.... waaaaay better thanks man !new favorite


    @Rifet Okic You're welcome. I grew up in the 80s so I was very familiar with The Jets' version of the song. Nothing against Aaron Carter's version but sometimes the original is the best one.

    Liam Patrick

    With all do respect, I like this version better.

  71. Lana Is God

    I was 1 year old when this came out omg

  72. Gwen Dolly

    lmao he can't sing at all, why did I have a crush on him? XD

  73. Amira minz

    i need a crush

  74. michael reyes

    90s girls actually looks more decent than today's that are concerned with their ass, their belly button and their boobs

  75. Dan Dye

    Oh dear

  76. Steven Roger Sorby

    Hands up if you are from the UK and txt the BOX or MTV select to ask for this to be played ?!

  77. Alana Cotton

    Why does no one know how to hold a fucking video camera

  78. Memestar 7

    Its better than the original

  79. C Im

    Shitty fuck... your order, please...

  80. Fourth Horsemen Death

    I.....I don't.....even know what to do here. The original is so good but this cover is just.....i mean it's not terrible but....

  81. pinkrangerwannabe

    These lyrics are pretty dramatic for what is supposed to be a cute tune sung by a 10 year old...

  82. James Strong

    Good song 🤨 Aaron please take better care of yourself please goodness grief. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Don’t do any hard drugs I mean it dafuk is wrong with you. Xoxo, Mr. Murkalicious 🥺🧁

  83. Don Hardie

    Definitely could be better, but I’ve heard a LOT worse

  84. Seth Nizer

    2019 still hear it?

  85. Danielle Alexandra

    honestly my first crush in the 90s just looked like Aaron Carter 😂

  86. Vincent Kornkven Kornkven

    Who the fuck is this song for lol

  87. Kermit

    Getting into show-business made him the sad sight that he is now.

  88. Azia El

    so cute

  89. Karen Bonggo

    My childhood crush aaron carter 😍

  90. DarkDragonMedeus

    This may be a bad cover, but at least he sings a lot better than Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Also redeeming quality, go punch Wade Robson in the face, Aaron.

  91. Crisanto Rivera

    Can't believe I grew up listening his songs when I was 8.

  92. Annalyn Dobson

    Fortnite is stupid, yeah I said it, come at me


    White people music 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  94. Hunter Mcswain

    I want to know who wrote, directed, produced this ...

  95. Annalyn Dobson

    Denance to Menace can sing!!