Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party (Come Get It) Lyrics

Here's a little bit of old school for ya,
That goes a little something like this...

I always tried to be the flyest kid in the block
The popular one with the rising stock
So that's when I had this bright idea
(Throw the party of the month)
No, the party of the year

All the fine girls couldn't turn it down
Now all I gotta do is get my parents out
Should I send them to a movie
(No, send them to a show)
Let me think, hmmm
It's gotta be long though

I said Mom, Dad, yo why ya sittin home
It's a Friday night, have you seen Aunt Joan
And don't worry about stayin' out too long
Don't fuss over me, I'll be fine alone

Have a good time...

The door bell rings cuz the party's here
I'm crankin' up the stereo like it's New Years
Walkin' 'round the house like who's Da Man
(Nobody can do it like Aaron can)

First on the floor, you know that's me
Bustin' out the moves like it's MTV
I'm guessin' where I'm goin' cuz I lost my head
Then I jumped on table, this is what I said

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
Everyone together sing it loud
(Come get it)
Jump all around, come on
(Come get it)
(Come get it)
Say it again
(Come get it)

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
From the left to the right, make noise
(Come get it)
Here we go now, come on
Uh uh what what

Na na na na... Na na na na...

Things are goin' great
Then to my surprise
Some people walked in, I didn't recognize
I said fellows, yo, ya gotta get out

(Hey man I heard this was an open house)
Open house?
(Yeah that's what the flyers said)
Well I didn't put out flyers
(Well somebody did)

Then walked in
The girl I'm crushin'
And the kid spilled juice
On my Mom's new cushion

I turned around and
Another kid broke the lamp
(I hope they weren't expensive)
They got them from France
For now I won't sweat it
I'll clean it up later
There's a honey over there
And I really wanna meet her

People all around you gotta
(come get it)
Everyone together sing it loud
(come get it)
Jump all around come on
(come get it)
(come get it)
Say it again here we go, uh
(come get it)

People all around you gotta
(come get it)
From the left to the right, make noise
(come get it)
Here we go now, come on
Uh uh what what

Aaron C's in the house, here we go
Come with it

Break it down
(go go go go go...)

Is that a car door
Oh dang, I'm in trouble
Everybody get out now
On the double
I'm dead (your done) that's it for me
I'm gonna be picked off my family tree

Once Mom finds out 'bout this party I had
I don't wanna even start thinkin' about dad
I'm hustlin around the house
Trying to clean up the mess
I sure put my new white Nikes to the test

The car door slammed
And they're walking up the steps
I guess life is good with 10 seconds left



Aaron C's in the house, come on
(come get it)
Uh uh what what


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Aaron Carter Aaron's Party (Come Get It) Comments
  1. AGL 3000

    who would of thought that this cute little Hollywood it kid was wanna grow up to become a low-life trashy drug addict and get rejected by his own family and lose everything he had poor Aaron Carter he went downhill real bad

  2. Johnmarty :P

    1996 Back then when I used to look up on he’s popularity

    2019 the day when I realize that Aaron carter is a pist of shit hahhahaa

  3. Ashley Morillo

    I never realized how bad this was. 😂 I used to love this shit.

  4. Darcia Mbaye

    Justin Beber stole Aaron Carters style. Justin is not as cute or talented as Aaron.

  5. jon kidd

    This song Is stupid and contradicts itself wants the party of the year but concerned about getting caught

  6. Durp Durp

    Before september 11th , we had nick carter .

  7. N C

    Lol he’s wearing pants that unzip into shorts

  8. Cordell Felder

    WTF is this? I said 90's urban contemporary

  9. kbamm69

    i rented one of those green volkswagons when I stayed at Disney for a week in 2000

  10. Nikki Motta

    Why was he so famous, his music was trash. Oh yeah because of nick carter 🙄

  11. 5318oo8

    This is when Aaron Carter was cool.

    Kimberly Rogers

    5318oo8 he still cool give him a break

  12. Yosef Roth

    wow... why do I remember this 🤣🤣 ...

  13. Ruth Cuadrado

    Poor thing. He was so cute and life was so harsh to him

    Kimberly Rogers

    Ruth Cuadrado agree

  14. Farkhandah Daar

    Happy 32nd Birthday Aaron..
    I love you x

    Wishing you health and happiness always Xx

  15. London Wells

    Happy birthday to Aaron carter, may God bless you on your lifestyle in Canada!

  16. Nakeia Ross

    I'm just here to read the PETTY comments !!☕☕☕

  17. I Don't Know What's Going on

    Aaron's Butthole, Come and Get It.

  18. AppleStarr

    2019. He's the original Justin Beiber lol

  19. TheNotSoGoodAtGaming Channel

    are we just gonna ignore in the beginning of the video that a kid just missed a shot on a 5 or 6 foot basketball hoop?

  20. That1Dewd

    C R I N G E ! !

  21. Nicholas Vinyard

    What am I doing with my life I'm listening to this at 5:57 p.m. in December 2019

  22. Some One

    I’m just scrolling thru these comments LOL’ing hard

  23. Susplore TV

    I remember seeing him in concert with hilary duff when I was like 8 I missthis

  24. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    He needs to be grounded now the way he's acting *AARON* *!*

  25. U tube Killuminati

    Unblock me man

  26. SNM432

    God I wish that were me

  27. Deathikiss Blackheart

    Aarons career is over✌

  28. Tothedregs2

    I'm gonna tell my kids this was justin bieber

  29. Amadeus.MCMLXXXIII

    Y pensar que compre su disco cuando salio! 😂😂😂 como paro el chico dom dom dom

  30. Jason Drake

    Is this Mitallica

  31. Dedanell Ricks

    This is strange

  32. Jessica Godsey

    Aaron is soooooooo CUTE!!!

  33. Zeldar From Planet Beldar

    When slowed down, he sounds like Bhad Bhabi

  34. Fiddlesworth Dinkle

    Hell yeah bruh!!

  35. Adam Prutsok

    I bet he had everything he could ever want at that age, kool aid, gold fish and in endless supplies too.

  36. Katie Takeuchi

    Aaron’s party is still going.

  37. Ronald Nelson Jr.

    It’s like a car wreck; I stopped. I’d rather watch a car wreck.

  38. Samara Thompson

    This is better than oh Aaron

  39. werdle92

    He turned out pretty good.

  40. Christina Green

    I used to listen to this song a lot

  41. nicole brown

    Watching this while watching him on Lizzie McGuire in Disney+

  42. Summertime

    Poor thing ... So much pressure ... I'll help you tho... You're hot, I mean now 2019 ... I'm 31, I'm not a pedofile

  43. megbro

    He was so cute :(

  44. Ryan Widdoes

    Aaron was a bigger deal than bieber

  45. Retro Game Bookcase Reviews


  46. Phexism

    ok I need to stop going down this fucking rabbit hole rn

  47. ItzYoGirl Sarah

    He was so cute what tf happened 😞

  48. Danny Ford

    the face tattoo brought me here


    I liked Aaron...and he was a very good looking young boy....great potential back then

  50. johan fretzen


  51. ellobec

    So innocent then. Now he’s a fucking mess. Defending Lou Pearlman. Past junkie aesthetic.

  52. mae beline

    Aw all his childlike faces I wanna give him a hug

  53. Theresia Adinda

    Bieber loses and Aaron wins hahay !! 😆

  54. cbx25

    Justin Beiber of the 2000s

  55. Felicia Wade

    Who’s here because you know his name but don’t know exactly why... I think we all know it’s because is Hilary Duff. Im 25..That’s how I know of him that’s it... i truly forgot about him

  56. Xanatos21

    The first time I saw this music video was back in the Fall of 2000 on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel (I forget which one it was). It totally made me CRINGE! Now it's 2019 and this is STILL cringe-worthy!

  57. Napster2002 . aspx

    I bet he bought a Playstation 2 with his first paycheck

  58. dctodec

    He was the white version of LiL' Bow Wow

  59. grape

    man had a whole glo down

  60. Oopsie Daisy

    No wonder he turned out the way he did

  61. Groove Juice

    yo the beat claps tho.....lyrics crap tho

    I Don't Know What's Going on

    Yes, another beat he didn't create. Nothing new here....

  62. Caluso

    I bet everyone on this video voted for Trump.

  63. Hudsynn Shay

    when you used to have a crush on this kid.


    Like for the face tat

  65. David Patterson

    Ugh...Aaron is the saddest story in entertainment to be honest. Poor kid.....

  66. ForEva Maeva

    He was so cuteee:(

  67. Nekomancer

    "Here's a little something oldskool for ya"
    Me: Yeah, no kidding


    Nekomancer I thought the same thing! 😆😅😂🤣

  68. kvlogbuzz channel

    His more cute and attractive look than beiber

  69. Dajah Potter

    Omg, Amanda bynes was in the video. Back when she was relevant 🤔

  70. Cross Farm

    I wish I could have thrown a party at 11 years old

  71. Austin Russell

    why did I just watch this

  72. Dalton Sullivan

    Biggest thing in rap

  73. Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one listening to an Aaron Carter song in 2019.

  74. Aomine Daiki

    Hellow oct.10 2019

  75. Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi

    He's such a a cute kiddo!! 😊🌼💕

  76. Brooklyn Avenue

    Why would anyone want to rip off Young MC?

  77. cahaya nurdiana

    The way he sing reminding of matty brap

  78. Habibati MG

    I miss little aaron😔

  79. cautionTosser

    now bust a move. why did he never get sued?

  80. Charlie Henderson

    I'm in ❤️ with Aaron Carter. I'm not just in love with him in this video, but also right now. He's my favorite entertainer and celebrity. He's equally beautiful inside and out. 🔟

  81. cis white male

    This ain't that bad...kinda funny..

  82. Joe dirte

    Keyboard duster COME GET IT!!

  83. Dean Boshart

    I have to dance to this competivly

  84. Zac Dee

    I'm triggered by this video

  85. Zoran Taylor

    The idea for this song is stolen from "Deep, Deep Trouble" by Bart Simpson.


  86. Heberland Castillo

    you´re a killer !!!!!!!!

  87. Tommy

    Aaron says NO BLACKS ALLOUD. smh

  88. dOlli3cOutur3

    Why the F did I like this as a kid? Shoot me. This is going back in my closet... deep

    Fab StillSmokin

    Its not bad lol.. 🕺🕺🕺😅😅


    i have no memory of this song but i remember the title...the music is good and fun and well produced I like it

  89. loveforthe90s

    From the left to the right, make noise!

  90. LeanFather

    Been thuggin since a youngin I see Aaron

  91. Aim Fire

    Hard to believe this was so popular back in the day, now rewatching it, it seems like a complete mess. Also hard to believe Aaron was considered a heartthrob among younger girls, and now he just looks dead inside and out

  92. chewy yo

    White will smith

  93. Some ThingIDK

    Not gonna lie, he is cute here. Not in the present tho

  94. itsjemmabond

    I came here to be reminded of what Aaron's face looked like before he got that stupid face tattoo.

  95. John Jay

    Aaron Carter's kickin' it old school.
    Because in Aaron's case, old school = last Tuesday.

  96. MaCcaroNi An DirTYSpriTEe

    Such a scary gangster

  97. Hugh Mungus

    This is the song that caused nick to get a restraining order on him

  98. ytmndan

    You know what this kid's missing? A face tat.