Aaliyah - Miss You (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Jay-Z (Aaliyah)]
What's up baby girl! (Ho!)
Thought I had to talk to you again, missing you (Hey, ey, ey, ey)
Tim is missing you Missy's missing you
Rashad is missing you your mom is missing you (N-n-n-n-no no no)
Your pop is missing you Dame is missing you damn we missing you...WOO!!!

[Verse 1: Jay-Z (Aaliyah)]
All we listen to is all the different yous
Four page letters in addition to
Have you ever loved somebody used to get the party poppin
We used to party alot, we used to be in the Hampton's partied alot
We was The Breakfast Club you was a part of the ROC
We used to make up special names for the food we ate
Remember cerial pie one of your favorite plates (I miss you)
Well Dame told me tell you he's doin well
Due to the circumstances, it could've been Bellevue
But I ain't got to tell you, you lookin over us
Our little angel, but you know what

[Chorus: Jay-Z (Aaliyah)]
Brooklyn's missing you Detroit is missing you
New Orleans missing you Philly's missing you
(It's been too long and I'm lost without you)
Your uncle's missing you your families missing you
Your fans is missing you the galleries missing you
Damn we missing you
(It's been too long and I'm lost without you)

[Verse 2: Jay-Z (Aaliyah)]
Now Star is mad I won't grant him a interview
Now he's dissing me cause he dissed you
Can you believe the nerve of this dude?
Cause of your memory I won't bring in the pistols
But he got issues enough of that lame
I never seen pain like your parents pain
But I know God protecting you
You used to read Seed Of The soul I know God perfecting you
All the estrogen the darker texture you are the more intellectual
You are so professional our little purple star
Too good for earth you are (I miss you)

[Chorus: Jay-Z (Aaliyah)]
Houston's missng you L.A.'s missing you
DC's missing you Chicago's missing you
(It's been too long and I'm lost without you)
Kidada's missing you Shock is missing you
Colleen is missing you Tiny is missing you
(It's been too long and I'm lost without you)

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
By the way, Big we missing you Pac we missing you
We feel your presence just not in the physical
All across the world, blocks is miserable
Y'all left a void it's alot of little yous
But they not original and they not identical
They just studied your flows and they watched your interviews
That's when hip hop if it's not ten of you
Then it gotta be more, y'all left your paws
Footprints on the game hood ain't been the same
Feeling ain't been in music hooks ain't been the same
But I'm doing what I can man and try to follow y'all memory lane man
Big you be ashamed to see New York gangbang
Pac you feel the same thing they use your name in vein
But I guess that's the issue
And it proves how much, niggas really miss you

[Outro: Jay-Z (Aaliyah)]
Pun we missing you Big L we missing you
Left Eye we missing you Jay we missing you
Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Scott La Rock, the list goes on........
The world is missing you the hood is missing you
(Wondering if your the same and who's been with you)
Nah mean, miss y'all (I miss you)
This goes, to the memory of all our fallen soldiers
Soldiers and soldgettes all across the world (I miss you)
We gon' hold y'all down, y'all live in our memories forever
We never gon' let y'all go

[Aaliyah (Jay-Z):]
I, can't, breathe, no, more (We not remembering y'all death though!)
Since you went away (We celebrating your life)
I dont really feel like talkin, don't wanna hear you love me (Nah mean!)
Baby (Yes!) do you understand me (Yes!)
I can't do a thing without you (Damn we missing you)
Wondering if your the same and who's been with you, I miss you
Wondering if your the same and who's been with you, I miss you

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Aaliyah Miss You (Remix) Comments
  1. Dwyane Whiteside


  2. Squirt0nMyRpg_x Ps4

    Saturday Dec 27, 2019

  3. Loon Dukes

    .ii missyou

  4. Dre Wright

    Back when everybody showed each other love you don't see that in todays music videos.

  5. Dre Wright

    This song touches me because Aaliyah passed away 20 days after my Grandmother passed away we had hurricane allison. 2001 was the worst year then we had 9-11 attack that following month too much was going on that year.

  6. Abshir Omar 1993

    Until the next life 😔

  7. Panda144p

    R kelly can't hurt you anymore

  8. טובה לובסיה

    I Love you & miss you aaliyah..
    She was a personal woman and singer!!

  9. Allen A

    Dec 2019

  10. Larry O

    Its so funny how fitting this song is and it’s strange to think it was just another typical love song when she was making it yet now holds so much meaning because she really is missed and so glad her music is gonna be streamable so her legacy can live on.

  11. Joshua Matthew

    Nbs this shit made me cry

  12. Przemek Z


  13. Lauren Mason

    I wanna see u just act line u got turn in a app or mailing a letter

  14. Romaan Breezy101

    Aaliyah. We miss you so bad it will neva be the same😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #WEMISSYOUAALIYAH. Song gts me all the tme I need that jacket 4::01 😊😊

  15. Caleb Oliver

    I mean I know I was born in 2001 but this music is great man

  16. Rohit Brown

    I love Aliyah

  17. Andrew Abeyta

    Anyone else cry?

  18. Darrell Bell

    Best video ever man I swear !

  19. Darrell Bell

    Everybody loved baby girl man, still can’t believe she’s gone..WE MISS YOU! 😩🙏🏾

  20. Bread 'N Budda

    I heard my OG playing this the other day. Then I remembered this video from when I was like 7. Had to stop by to take a trip back to when they used to play the video

  21. Tacora Franklin

    The celebrity presence in this video is amazing and showed how much she was truly loved by everyone from hardcore rappers to tv personalities... really miss her

  22. Simon Sez

    Rip Aaliyah forever uniquely beautiful

  23. Lou Peters

    This song really touches my heart every time I hear it🥺🥺

  24. Emanuel Amaha

    I gotta be honest Earl Simmons would have made a better husband for Aaliyah Daun Haughton than Robert Sylvester Kelly

  25. Joshua Griffin

    This still my shit. i felt this shit

  26. Love Turkish drama

    You are gone but never forgotten 💔😭

  27. Foxxy Lady Shayy

    Will forever be a jam to me!! Damn we miss you baby girl 💜💜💜

  28. Terri Madine


  29. Terri Madine


  30. Laneena Chanel

    2019 n counting rip queen 🙏🏽💯💪🏾

  31. AllBlakkEverything

    This is still one of the best tribute videos I have ever seen. The pain in DMX was too real.

  32. Amina Ferhat

    We miss u baby

  33. Amina Ferhat

    Crying right now

  34. Dre Wright

    0:49 Lil Kim said I missed you in sign language. Lil Kim always show love to others.

  35. h1maldonado05

    December 2019 and still shed tears to this

  36. Paco Tomas Guzmann

    Oh mein Gott was war ich damals verliebt in diese Frau. Wo immer du jetzt auch bist ich hoffe dir geht s gut...

  37. Kiana Brash

    I was 15 when she died. I was heartbroken. It was the first time a celebrity death really got to me. Watching it now and seeing some of these faces from a generation of TV, music, and movies that are mostly gone or doing something else is kind of cool and surreal. I'm glad I was a part of it when it was happening. That period of the later 90s-early 2000s was SO special.



  39. Błånćo

    2020 came here because I miss her and I also lost four ppl all in 2018😢 and I just buried my papa yesterday😭😭😭😭😭 life man 𝑊𝐻𝑌?

  40. Sharan Douglas

    1.4k dislikes...REALLY!!! ..how bout we reverse that shit by hitting the 1 up.

  41. The Richardson Family

    The original baby girl

  42. Lucifer Boyd

    I miss u and I love u A aliyah #PrayersUp #MyFirstLove

  43. Kristal Cooke

    RIP to A Beautiful Angel aaliyah

  44. Jessin El ayadi

    ❤️🤲 you are not far you are the shining star

  45. Tracy Evan

    Looking at this video and I just recognise Lucious’ lawyer, thirsty

  46. lizette hernandez

    Anyone else got the chills besides me? 🤧

  47. Jalyssa Hughes

    Still so heartbroken 💔

  48. Tyler Matthew

    Her real last name was Wallace

  49. Free Flow

    so many fake people in the video

  50. Sophia H

    I miss her so much ❤️💔

  51. It’s Whatever

    I cringe every time I see Toni Braxton. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I guess she didn’t get the memo that this was a tribute video to Aaliyah. She looks out of place, it wasn’t the time to try to be sexy.

  52. Tjiuovioje Kahimise

    With love from Namibia 2019, still loving it! Aaliyah RIP!

  53. Suane Caroline

    I miss you Aaliyah. Acabei de assistir Romeo tem que morrer, e toda vez que assisto, fico te olhando em cena r não acredito que você não estar mais aqui entre nós. Dói demais 🖤😔✨

  54. Tamekia Vann

    I miss you nana March 18 1957-july 28 2018

  55. Tamekia Vann

    I miss you nana March 18- July 28 🥺

  56. Amelia Rucker

    Dedicated to Tyshon Dye. A humbled, humorous King. There isn't a day I don't think about you. I just wish for the holidays I can get a message or next month tell you Happy birthday. Until we meet again, rest in peace, King. #22 #22Strong #LLTD

  57. hardy jims

    Am just listening to this song and am thinking to my mum

  58. Yao Fitzpatrick

    Miss u aaliyah 💔😘

  59. Laurea Wright

    RIP to my little brother Shemar Gilmore (15months) and big bro Lamar Stanley(30) I miss y'all

  60. girlygamer

    Ryan Gibbons

  61. Dorothy Coffee

    Aaliyah music live on forever, she can sing her butt off rest in peace Beautiful.. ❤❤😍😍

    tim millea

    Good die young
    Left eye was 30
    Selena and pac 25
    Big 24
    Baby girl 22

    Dorothy Coffee

    @tim millea it's 😥 all them gone so soon with wonderful voice they'd had left behind still listen to they'd 🎶 no matter..

  62. Dee M

    I don't listen to Aaliyah much (especially this song) cuz I don't like cryin. And I know it's *_automatic_* when I hear this one (too many feels 😥).

  63. Cinsuallove


  64. heaventran98

    Rest in peace Aaliyah, rest in peace mom, rest in peace dad, rest in peace grandpa, and rip my baby Kobe 🌹

    tim millea

    My heart pains for you just reading this. You don’t look a day over 21 and you’ve already lost both your parents grandfather and baby bro. I’m 26 and only lost one of my grandfathers and my nephew


    tim millea I am very sorry to hear about your losses. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things a person can experience in life. Grief never ends. May they rest in peace. We will meet them again some day.

  65. Cameron Maloney

    This hit me hard i had lost my father August 19, 2001 and then hearing about the plane crash less than a week later i was stuck... it took a while to get over that because my pops was a huge music fan and played Aaliyah a lot

  66. goldiwan1

    Where’s R Kelly? Where’s the continuous tribute to AALIYAH, just saying 🤔

  67. meme cash

    I love these song so much ❤️❤️💙

  68. johnny david

    Miss you 💔♥️

  69. D W A I N E

    I've always been an Aaliyah fan. It was hard watching this video again especially since I lost someone this year. I lost my cousin. I made a tribute to her just like they did for Aaliyah. It sort of brought up reminders.

  70. Damnitszelda

    This needs to be on spotify

  71. Gawayne Cox

    Beautiful song

  72. Corey Duncan

    I cried the first time I saw this video! Very touching. RIP Baby girl!

  73. Brittany Haskins

    She did an interview before she passed she made this song in relations to her relationship with RKelly

  74. Nemline Paul

    So smooth just like like aaliyah . She would be loved it

  75. Jazmin Price

    DMX really truly loves her omg. So heartbreaking.

  76. Jazmin Price

    SHE WAS LOVED!!! Still is!

  77. 4th son of Jacob Prince

    Rest in heaven Kamille cupcake McKinney we miss you baby girl 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    This video make me cry every damn time

  79. DASHA

    & i am crying. i wasn't even born yet.

  80. Jamesharay Ray

    I guess Timbaland and Ginuwine were too tore up to appear in the video.


    when this debuted in November of 2001 i was in complete shock it was an unreleased song... the birds in the background! this also came out as a CD single at a time when they weren't releasing them as much anymore... it went on to sell over 800,000 copies being the most sold retail single for 2002

  82. Marquetta Deberry

    Was dmx in love with Aaliyah

  83. Gukuthegreat

    Good Song!!!!!

  84. Matias

    Why do some of these people seem so full of themselves in a video that is supposed to be a tribute?

  85. John MangO

    how this only got 6 mil????

  86. Unco Chin

    Gone tooooooooooooo soon 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  87. rebecca richardson

    It's been too long and Im lost without you ♥️

  88. herb smoker dhh

    Still think that beast R Kelly had something to do with her death. Was she escaping him or something else sinister

  89. stanbilo vaneijk

    I can’t accept this even 2019! I cry everytime i hear this song. Her voice touch my soul. Everytime!

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    I think Aaliyah death hit dmx hard

  91. Kernisha

    3:17 fave part!!!

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    My all time favorite female singer, RIH Angel........DMX said it best, I have trouble accepting the fact that you're gone so I won't