8Ball & MJG - Throw Your Hands Up Lyrics

Bitch, I ain't got nothing but time, so I'mma get out on these cuts
And grind, keep my mind on cloud twenty-nine
My player ways keep me with plenty dimes
See I'mma shine like all six of my gold teeth
When a nigga get through cooking up, this O-Z
All night on the block til the sun rise
My only friend is a Glock with the 4-5
Four five in the mornin it don't stop
Day dreamin bout flousin tha drop top, (woop)
Blue lights snap me back to reality
I hit the alley quick and toss what I got on me
Tricks ain't got shit to do but harass
Search tha nigga and took about a three in cash
I guess that's better than gettin locked up
Or gettin jammed with that shit I had rocked up, huh!

Now I heard that the South is where yo folks from
Down in the bottoms where they broke some
Whips cross a nigga back, way back
And now they wonder why we act, how we act
Gold teeth and heavy chevys, and talking slow
Afros & loud ass Italian clothes
People bar-be-quein in the front yard
Money from the first of the month card!

If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up
If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up!

I got a maid cooking grits, with a, outfit
So tight my niggas wanna stay the whole nite
Dice game in the kitchen, nigga, T. Lee
Nigga drunk singin sounding like tha Bee Gees
Ham sam'ich in the driveway, drop top
Naked women in tha den playing, hop scotch
Thirty bustas in my yard, they be, long gone
So hit me and I'mma keep my, phone on
I be out turning corners, dranking, one fifth
Got some scratches on my rims, cause of one dip
Met a broad yesterday, she hit me, ten times
If I diss her it'll take a nigga ten lines
MJG standing tall and I, won't fold
You can have all the bitches, cause I, don't hold
On to any woman like a human hand cuff
You got ya hair down baby fuck it, stand up!


If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up
If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up!

[Big Boi:]
How many flows can I compose, I drop this slang like lyrical bows
Stickin out just like an OUTKAST, over thornt from StimmerGroves
Like nachos, the lyrics are crispy, crackin when y'all bite
Been had a coke and a smile, now I'm trippin off Yak & Sprite
Y'all just might seem to skunk eyed, with a girl who chunked thighed
Below the Mason-Dixon line, real niggas know what I'm talkin about
From Texas, Atlanta, oh man, Alabama, Savannah
The deeper the darker tha dirty south is what I'm after
No laughter, the content of the rhyme may be contagious
The Space Age is pimpin this, players comin major
They shot the psycho that sprayed, cut ya wife and played her
The player the B.I.G, B.O.I, dope boy rhyme maker
Beats by the layers, of music right here to please you
But if ain't that dirty then patna see we don't need you
You know I'm talkin bout
OutKast, Eightball, MJG on y'all punk motherfuckers!


If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up
If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up!

[Andre Benjamin:]
You wouldn't understand, if you stood under it (ooh)
It's like the more that I talk to you tha dumber that I get
The closer that I walk to you, the further that we stand
Apart distance, nobody has the upper hand but my bodies resistance
So now, throw your filangies in tha ground
I'm still abound, un-believers stay from hell around
I found negatives niggas they only keep ya down
Transmitting from Native American burial grounds
I carry around, the weight of all worlds on my shoulderpads
Um post ta blast space invaders up somebodys dad
Serious as Aa-Bb-Cc, if knowledge be the key then
Buddy roasted on the porch, and wait for ya momma to get off work
So she can roast yo ass, either to finda open window fast
Word to the motherfucker, word to the motherfucker
Word to the motherfucker!


If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up
If anybody out their hear me get ya hands up
If anybody out their feel me get ya hands up!

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8Ball & MJG Throw Your Hands Up Comments
  1. Cam Mal

    Who here in 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. coolkeith Berry

    These boys can rap with the best of them great lyrics great beat just so damn hard 💪

  3. Connie Sewell

    This is still FIRE👏

  4. SK1LL _ Z1LLA

    They need to put this in GTA6

  5. V. Coronado

    "the south got sum ta say!" -3stackz

  6. LastLivingSoul 1983

    Immer wieder... Feier beat💪😎🤗🤗🤗

  7. nomibe2911

    MJG wins by a hair.


    Wins what ?


    @marcoakatheprince Best verse on the song.

  8. Chris Caruthers

    8-Ball & M.J.G. Legend's.

  9. Al M.

    This shit supposed to have a billion likes. These youngsters have no idea

  10. Anterrius Page

    Out an about

  11. Toddric Fryson

    When the best group of all-time and the best group in The South collaborated with the 2nd best group from The South....

  12. frasierhomes savannah

    mjg mightve dropped one of the hardest verses in the history of rap!!!!

  13. A A

    It's crazy how this track goes from pimp playalicious to a full fledged ATLiens track by the time 3000 gets to it

  14. Z SLIM


  15. Jamm Gamble

    2019 still bangin this bitch

  16. Onaje 10

    Classic 🔥🔥 🔥

  17. ZeroTurn

    This is when Big Boy leap frogged 3000 as an M. C.

    That delivery was unbelievable.


    Stop comparing them



  19. Andrew Stern

    2019 and still ⛽️🔥...... oh how I miss the 90s

    A A


  20. chris Turner

    I miss this sound!

  21. Lamont Lightbourne

    Yes 2019 big man tune 8 ball a beast

  22. Laron Cade

    This is music I love the South...

  23. Tracia LaShun

    2 Phenomenal Groups..... I Love It... 🎶💜

  24. Lamont Lightbourne

    Still here muthafuckaz 2019

  25. Mr. Electric

    I love it ...this made me fall in love with hip hop

  26. Lee Wessel

    🔥🔥 🔥 pay attention young bucks, pure talent right here...

  27. Clifford Williams

    Whips crossed a niggas back, way back,
    And now they wonder why act, how we act.. -Marlon Jermaine Goodwin

  28. Smoothlee Mix Music


  29. Mike M

    Who's still bumpin in 2029?

  30. Lil Meditations

    ima shine like all six of my gold teeth over half the songs on this album are still soaring to this day but to me personally this here is one of the best songs in hip hop history. money from the first of the. month card. the beat stutter steps and the mcs jog on it like its necessary. i remember finding this cd when it first came out at a cd shop on clawson mi outside detroit when i had just got my car a 76 Oldsmobile. to this day i never met one person of any of my friends over the years into hip hop that had this album. wish it wasnt so. this album is education!

  31. Casey Blais

    Got kicked out of an eightball and mjg concert back in 1999 in Detroit.

  32. tony corleon

    thx you 999999999999999999999999999999999999

  33. Justin Casey

    MJG is fuckin underrated!!

  34. Jose Billy B.A.

    Song Ends snaps me back to reality

  35. TeamJack #Owner

    Big Salute to 8 Ball & MJG performing tonight in Da A, all ATLiens bout to be Crunk Shawty!!! 🔥

  36. Roach Pimp

    Ima shine like all 6 of my gold teeth

  37. Jeremy Johnson

    "You wouldn't understand if you stood under it" Andre 3000

  38. Patrick Echols

    Damn it man. This is classic. 3000 killed this song for real . If u from south u grew up on eightball n mjg

    Monica Terry

    Yuuuup. "Don't flex" ✊ 😉 #HtownProud

  39. Calvin Wells

    You wouldn't understand even if you stood under it...3K

  40. Love Zion

    BBQs in the front yard🔥👥

  41. Love Zion

    God bless you and may we be a blessing to Him 👥🔥

  42. da shadow

    for real!

  43. nicole smith

    Been getting" it$

  44. Antonio Reid

    Still in the the winter of 18 💯💯💯💯💦💦💪💪

    Perj Perk

    Antonio Reid 1000

  45. Ayahuasca Traveler

    That classic durty south shit

  46. Slymmfish PeoplesChamp

    I miss the days of this real shit in hiphop..who could come close to these times in hiphop

  47. Mz Chocolitt


  48. James Bellmore

    Outkast Goodie Mob 1996 was that year

    Eddie Santillan

    1996 was the era of rap

  49. Slugg Life

    Back when rap was good. this new shit sucks.

  50. Salvador Paredez

    still bump this all day.

  51. ReppinMpls2daField84

    whoop. blue lights snap me back to reality... Grrrr.

  52. Heavy Weapons Specialist Franklin B. Squirrelmen

    I remember being 4-5 in the Blazer with my dad listening to this.

  53. Joshua Cook

    Man we would ride to this song down in Dallas Texas. It's still the Jam.

    Tasha Parks

    👍 this song is the shit

    Oscar Huerta

    Joshua Cook
    Shit already homeboy? Where you from? You from da Grove Side?
    South East of da D
    Pleasant Grove75
    Greedy Grove

    Jesse Davalos

    Greedy Grove in the house

    Jesse Davalos

    Lake June, Elam, Prairie Creek and Holcomb is the block

    thadd hackworth

    PG all day bro. Lake June and Buckner

  54. Pamela Lewis


    Tony Ciccotelli

    Pamela Lewis lol

  55. John Nelson

    Got my head like give me more , keep it coming!!!!!!

  56. Stephanie Donnelly

    Loved some 8 Ball and MJG until they singed with Puff.

    Jerry Lyons

    I wish they would’ve stayed Suave House but ik tha bizz part got in tha way

  57. Rashad Bell

    RIP pops. me and my dad use to bump this on repeat. 15s knocking with the top dropped.

    JB 501 Hawg in the Game

    RIP 2 your pops man!!!!

    John Love

    Rashad Bell rip pops

    purvis tanner

    Rashad Bell That's what's up Bro

    Established in 1785

    Pops taught you well

    Quincy Kennedy

    My condolences young brother. Yo Pops' put u on some real hip hop. He would probably trip out on this music nowadays

  58. G. D.

    this song only has 79K views and migos bad and boogie has millions...WTF! take note all young and new rappers! this is what it's supposed to sound like!!!! still jammin in 2017 baby! ooooohhhhwwweeee that's the shit right here

    Quincy Kennedy

    I said the same thing when I saw that. This doesn't resonate with this generation brother.


    Quincy Kennedy crazy thing is 8ball and mjg rap style influenced almost every trapper today and not one mention smh

    A A

    It's more dumb people than conscious

    cg mcelfresh

    G. D. That’s bc there are less of the real

    A A

    @cg mcelfresh facts

  59. Stylezzz101

    hypnotizing beat

    pablo pessoa

    Stylezzz101 . This beat looks like 2pac troublesome 96

  60. iam legion

    hip hop

  61. Jasmine Taylor

    now you heard that the South is where I come from down under the bottom where they broke some

    The General

    Jasmine Taylor now I heard that the South where yo folks from down in the bottom where they broke some whips cross a nigga back way back and now they wonder why we act how we act gold teeth and heavy Chevy's and talkin slow afros and loud ass Italian clothes people bbqin in the front yard money from the first of the month card now if you hear let me see ya throw ya hands up

  62. Danielle M

    i shine like all six of my gold teeth .. real rap rite here


    Danielle M right*

  63. Trillavision Media

    wish they could have thrown ugk on it aswel

    South Carolina

    I disagree

    I Come in Peace!

    @South Carolina ???

    South Carolina

    @I Come in Peace! Didn't need ugk on this one 🤷🏿‍♂️

    I Come in Peace!

    @South Carolina I agree but it would've added more spice lol not that 8ball would've needed tho!

    Toddric Fryson

    Nah, it's perfect the way it is.....

  64. Sunny Colligan


  65. Sweet James Jones Jr

    no one like this it's at 420 likes

  66. Mathias Lehmann

    steady dippin

  67. Damien S Gibson

    How could a clown dislike this?

  68. Thomas Stallings

    Best rappers alive to bad the industry under rates them because they from down south.....I grew up listening to these niggaz.....

    dennis braxton

    I'm from Philly I'm feeling these cats

    lilc 1240 g beats

    +dennis braxton I'm in da UK and knew bout den from when dey dropped dis album shit bangs harder than today's bs

    Ayahuasca Traveler

    Space age 4 eva!!

  69. oneindachamber

    This song is A plus. It all starts off with the beat. Suave House had some wicked production. Then four great MCs really lace this track. Not one wack verse. Real Hip hop forever.

    Jonne Hayes Jr.

    oneindachamber Remember when the CDs used to have the "Honorable" Tony Draper on em??? haaaa lol

    tyree wilson

    Atl organized noise produced it

    si mart

    @tyree wilson Song was produced by Mr. Dj of Earthtone III - not Organized Noize. Mr. Dj is the cousin of Rico Wade of ON.

    Z S

    I got a made cookin grits widda outfit so tight my nia's wanna stay the whole night. Dice game in the kitchen Nia....Ham sandwich in the driveway. Drop top. Naked women in the den playin hop scotch.

    One of my favorite all time music stanzas. Funny to hear Andre 3k come in and just go full scrambled eggs. He better than he thinks of himself.

  70. Jorge Manrique

    I grew up in an era when music had meaning, feelings, soul, the art of story telling 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  71. Ninja Channel

    The beat dropped and I was 15 again.

    tyree wilson

    Ninja Channel Bruh u gotdamn right!

    See 'Em

    I was a bg (14)

    chris Turner

    I was 18 again


    I was 19 fam


    Ninja Channel can’t remember my age but I do know I was at my homie studio gettin high af w some females... them where the days.

  72. High Power

    People bbq'n in the... front yard   Money from the 1st of the... month card.    This sh*t is  DOPE DOPE DOPE.  #CLASSIC

    lisa mcnamee

    High Power I'm from Philly! this shit is dope!¡

  73. Derrick Selinka

    These boys, Kast, and GOODIE MOB... NO BODY ELSE COMES CLOSE!!! This new age Republican Rap needs a tombstone.

    Brandon Brown

    UGK Geto Boys

    G. D.

    Derrick Selinka straight up..I'm still bumpin this nice and loud in 2017!!!

  74. Angel Robles

    This song tho!

  75. JPHILA7


  76. Han Dolo

    That one dislike is a fucking mistake!!


    RIGHT!! just commented "who is tha h8r!!" my goodness,unbelievable!

  77. David Chavez

    bumping this in the Westcoast, where the sun always shines

    pablo pessoa

    David Chavez . westside is the side

  78. Donas Singleton

    Hands down best rap ever