6LACK - Nonchalant Lyrics

Watch your mouth when you lettin' shit slide
Don't you know I got way too much pride?
Sneak dissin' way on the other side
I turn your fucking wave to a tide
I'm so fucking tired, somehow I still find the time
To care a little more about my rhymes
To care a little more about my peers
To think a little less about my fears
To care a little more about your ears
I give a piece of me to everybody I meet
Not because they want it, it's because it's prolly in need
Claim they woke but they prolly asleep
In a cage, thinking if they'd make a mil' they'll be free like Meek, nah
I turned a nightmare right into a dream, yeah
I keep my sanity, 'cause I ain't on the scene, yeah
I know I gotta be a rock like Dwayne
So, I'm tryna be a rock like Da Wayne, Carter Rebirth
Put that line in reverse, add a little reverb, yeah
We work, so my niggas ain't gotta be on T-Shirts
Watch me get my hands dirty with the rework
Damn, do I even have the fans for this shit?
To be rapping like these people understanding this shit
It's demanding and shit, but I stand for these kids
Like they stand for the kid, understand now we clear
Crack a beer when I'm feelin' piss, hmm, yeah
But I ain't got nobody hand on my back, you ventriloquist
Ever since my songs went platinum like Sisqó
Life done found a filter like VSCO, ay
But it's okay, 'cause
If you down and you need a lil' help, it's a way
If you hatin' and you feelin' insecure, Issa Rae
I'm somewhere between humble and hell nah
These niggas drop their second album then fell off
My nonchalant flow will never end right
It be at they necks if it's in sight
Squeezing until they crack a windpipe
Loosen the grip, have a lil' remorse
You dial 911 I pull up in a Porsche
Word is I'm carrying the torch and I ain't wanna share
So beware if you reach you get scorched

Ever since I jumped off the porch
I knew that I would grow to be the boy
The boy then grew to be the man
Learned how to kill a hook, Peter Pan
I'm tryna make the end stand out
But I'm so fucking outstanding
I'm so fucking outlanding and the opp can't win
Man's not hot
I been on ten landslide wins, yeah

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6LACK Nonchalant Comments
  1. Ricki Hooks

    We all know how amazing of an intellectual and artist he is but... can we take a moment to realize how insane the visual is??!

  2. M T

    “Claiming they woke but they probably asleep.” 👊

  3. Josh Perry

    Sometimes you just want to unwind and let your mind breathe. No crazy drums, or yelling over the mic. Just a a smooth voice with chill beats. That's what makes this man special. Paved his own lane. We love you 6lack!

  4. Silvia Nyambeki

    🔥 🔥

  5. John Roughead

    this is a frame for frame knock-off of Justin Biebers Ill show you video.

  6. Brytni Dickson

    but im so fucking outstanding.. 💘 it

  7. Dede Mugesie

    Still here 2020

  8. Odine Lynn

    Yow a swear this nigga is the real shit

  9. M T


  10. Chris Williams

    I dont got a hand up my back like a ventriloquist 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Pino 1

    Why why why is he so underrated

  12. Dub

    I understand and feel every line in his songs. Its like a raps on metaaphysical level but put it in words people can relate to.

  13. Ricky Spanish

    starting sounds like thirty seconds to mars - beautiful lie

  14. Amandeep Baghiana

    This music, this scenery, these lyrics.....2:31

  15. drexrexx

    Pac rolling in his grave

  16. kendia hopwood

    Y’all hearing these baaaarrrsssss‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  17. kendia hopwood

    Yall hearing these baaaarrrsssss‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  18. Be my Guest

    These lyrics hit on a level where I'm like 🤯

  19. Grubbo

    Not even kidding, high key think 6lack might be on @j.cole ‘s level. This shit is beyond belief.

  20. Valerio Conti

    OMG The relax music ooh yeah💯


    I’m somewhere between humble and hell now 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. Buha

    Please.. never stop to make music.. 😭

  23. chicagoking95


  24. Franny Cabana

    I turn you wave to a FuKin tide, this ain't no dream, remember there's always a calm before the storm, your heard black, your gonna make waves, the SUNAMI on its way... He brought you for bigger things n you Kno it.

  25. Ethan Pinkerton

    What’d he write in the sand?!!

  26. Dan the Visionary

    I really feel this...smooth

  27. Rarity

    This video, with captions FR a vibe.
    I just instinctually turn them on for this video.

  28. Alpha Squad

    This song Is made for smoking fatty with your feet up and head back 🔥

  29. Cyka Blyad

    so fucking underrated

  30. nikki p

    This dude will never lose, he has a permanent fan base now. I come back year, after year. His voice and flow is just different, a lot of people don’t understand, but I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it! Im always between, “Humble and Hell Nah”! Can’t wait for the next visit to Charlotte !

  31. Kainy Francois

    Nuckliuer Bomb Boooooooom🔥 🔥 🔥 fire

  32. ila822


  33. Yann yowane

    Les Twins 🔥

  34. salty lemon

    love from italy <3

  35. SvvySua


  36. All is self Beall

    I like when he say that people think they need 1 million dollars to become woke. ✊

  37. All is self Beall

    This man got meaningful lyrics. Listen 👂 hard if you don’t understand, then you never will.

  38. Mwenya Musonda

    6lack u da #best

  39. TradeLikeBrad

    this dude Lowkey became an icon before our very eyes

  40. Minnie14445

    This is forever my favorite song by him

  41. Aurvio

    I feel like this pains never gonna end😔 i just want me to end..

    Priority One Safety Team

    It will, Please hold on. It does get better. you just gotta take the bad to get the good.

  42. Helm Of Awe

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the visuals in this video! Crazy insane edits

  43. Og Vonniee

    Where he shot this video at anyone !! So LIT🔥🔥🔥

    Max Tascon

    Og Vonniee RespectMyRegion did a page on the video saying it was filmed in Iceland, no where specific was mentioned

    Og Vonniee

    Max Tascon that’s cool but thank men

  44. Émilie a

    Tu est si beau et la chansons parfaite ❤

  45. Osan 338

    Where my Woke Ppl At

  46. APSAEL

    How is thing style of singing/ rapping called which is basically him just talking?? I don't remember it

  47. Arielson Pereira

    Larry (Les Twins) dancing 🔥👏🏼😎

  48. AshSunDai's WoRLd

    Yes I understand! #AshSunDai

  49. Nikki Johnson

    Walking into 2020 like..."I'm so in between humble & hell naw" ♡6lack, your music is like gold! Ageless music, I love it!

  50. Chance Morales


  51. Lace Grier

    Like it...!?

  52. Subrina Herrera

    This shit is so hard!

  53. Goof Ball

    Very very cool song 👍

    Liked, subbed tapped on the notification bell

  54. Nick Bradley

    This song still bangs🔥🔥

  55. RahtedMsp

    "im somewhere between humble and hell nahh"

  56. Joshua Friedrich

    positive rap these days is so rare but I love this shi

  57. Jessica ZED

    You dial 911 I pull up in a Porsche is my favorite

  58. Radbiker33357

    Does anyone know where this was filmed??

  59. Patrick Star

    Who actually reversed that line and added some reverb?

  60. Fly Lima Beats

    6Lack x Travis Scott x J. Cole Type Beat on my channel 🔥🔥🔥


  61. robin hood

    I kinda hate when he features in songs he is so much better by himself just a raw ass artist

  62. Linus Bao

    but where can i get that light pink hoodie tho

  63. teahgurl

    6lack I’ve been here since 2016! I’ve seen you 3 times already and counting!! So glad to see you on! You got a real fan here! I listen to you almost everyday. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  64. teahgurl

    Myyyy sooonnnggg

  65. Dan Blackford

    1.25 speed is interesting

  66. Seli Sel

    luh dis song keep raping like that i def. get it good shit brother

  67. bob thioz

    I wish the song had one hour.........

  68. Ibrahim Hawa

    the ending daaamnnn

  69. Melissa Jaramillo


  70. Melissa Jaramillo


  71. Fallen Angel

    That Porsche 911 bar so dope

  72. human kande


  73. SHAWN

    Larry( LES TWINS) Freestyle song

  74. Vaggelis VgVaio

    I was empty.
    Then i find out 6lack.....

  75. Prodi Mcs

    Parabéns pro filho da puta que fez esse clip

  76. Jeremy Ellis

    This who has been writing for Drake all these years

  77. Carlos Cruz

    Straight 🔥 🔥. learned how to kill a hook Peter Pan....shit was dope

  78. B Gannon

    Did this music video change?

  79. SG khajiit

    2:03 these niggas drop there second album then fell off

  80. Joshua Hill

    6black 4et

  81. Grégoire pittet

    Best Playlist Regardez "6LACK" sur YouTube PARTAGÉS👇🌎🌍🌏

  82. morgan park

    I love this guy > C.G

  83. Girls Suckmeup

    How does this have 20 million views, but it only has 262,000 likes! This is good music, give it a thumbs up!

  84. Jonathan Arriaga

    bro, beautiful song and scenery, like where tf did you produce this at?

  85. Alvin Handa

    Love this guy...spit is lite...👊👊


    This song especially he goes in

  86. Tay Bagway

    The beat and his voice is so unique that you forget that he’s not even talking about shit...🤷🏾‍♂️


    Haha he's just a talented guy

  87. WetRee



    That Ish Was Cold... Ice Damn lol

  89. Cristian Puscas

    I made a cover on my channel

  90. jenay carter

    It's jazz

  91. Ethan Pinkerton

    WHEERE THE FUCK IS THIS¿ arctic circle?

  92. ashliana spence

    "In a cage thinking they gon be free if they get a milli like me"


    When i finally got money it didnt change shit. things just got worse.only diffrence is i wasnt stressed about bills.

  93. A l i n a


  94. Michael Manderson

    I want to take my wife here for a shoot, anyone knows where this is?

    Gabriel Lima


    Supreme Oracle

    My bedroom perro