600Breezy - What You Rep Lyrics

What you rep nigga?
Gang banging throwing sets nigga
Where you from? What you claim nigga?
Everybody with me gang, nigga
Where you from nigga?
You better have yo gun with ya
What you rep nigga?
We gang banging throwing sets nigga

Riding round with my check up
Arms strong from lifting tecs up
Pussy nigga, throw your set up
I dare a nigga disrespect us
Baldy World, nigga Steve Drive
No, we not tryna ceasefire
Grippin tools like some new pliers
Steamin niggas cause we keep irons
Ima do the dash like Stello
Up this gun, nigga Hello
We got the same pipes as Halo
Choppa leave a nigga with a Halo
Catch his ass in Rush Hour
.40 kicking like Jackie Chan
Taurus on me like the Son of Sam
No remorse, bitch this gun'll blam
Bitch I'm high as fuck
Niggas that's a must
We don't fuck around
Bitch don't play with us
Glizzys, XD's, bitch they stay with us
You can yo mothafuckin tader bust
We 600 deep, bitch the gang with us
Got yo boots on better lace em up
.40 turn yo ass to some angel dust, NIGGA

What you rep nigga?
Gang banging throwing sets nigga
Where you from? What you claim nigga?
Everybody with me gang, nigga
Where you from nigga?
You better have yo gun with ya
What you rep nigga?
We gang banging throwing sets nigga

From a different cloth, I don't rock with niggas
Breez0 the trending topic nigga
Like a lil kid with a rubberband
All I wanna do is just pop a nigga
Middle fingas to the oppa niggas
30 singing like the Opera nigga
.223's will Waka Flocka a nigga
Like a record label, bitch we droppin niggas
Keep a Tommy on me cause I'm stupid cold
Blow a nigga with the snub nose
Aim at your chest just to lift his soul
Bitch we riding round with a couple poles
Got ya gun on you bitch you better blow
Put a.4-5 in a nigga face like I'm Bruh Man from the 5th Floor

What you rep nigga?
Gang banging throwing sets nigga
Where you from? What you claim nigga?
Everybody with me gang, nigga
Where you from nigga?
You better have yo gun with ya
What you rep nigga?
We gang banging throwing sets nigga

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600Breezy What You Rep Comments
  1. Isaiah samuel

    Jones what you on 🗣

  2. Monty Vasquez

    Ima almighty insane latin count from 98th in exchange

  3. Rudy Delgado

    That’s all 600 members ?


    Ok ok ladies an gentleman we have a bandwagon on the block 😂😆

  5. I wish i was A gangstaer

    Whitr parants worse nightmare lolll

  6. T Serus

    40 kikng like jaki chan

  7. steven diryawish

    If you ever need a lesson in how to switch up breezy the master at it real talk

  8. Isaiah samuel

    What you rep nigga 👌👌👇👆🤘🤙🖐

  9. Johnny Ortiz

    ss florence x3 gang.

  10. DiamondsAndRubys shine

    Why the fuck this ain't at 1 million at least smh

    Johnny Ortiz

    exactly bro

  11. King Dell

    Dear God #Wow

  12. o'block mattskiess

    Wen the weather gets cold I roll around banging this hoping to see a opp .

  13. Lorenzo Grant

    Seal team Lo

  14. Joe Riggs

    Same building L'A shot "Round Here" video

  15. Edith Sanchez

    @600breezy why u hanging out with a rapist

  16. HotBoyFarris


  17. YourPlug

    2015 shit

  18. John Robert

    beat is fire 🔥

  19. Rosa Pink


  20. Dizzy

    Catch his ass at rush hour, 40 kicking like jackie chan 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Veji

    2:10 dude inback

  22. King Jay

    shit lit asf

  23. Dylan Perri

    realshit mayn

  24. Kendrick Lamar

    Jonessssssssss what you onnnnnnnnnnnn

  25. Rap god Original


  26. Eastside Nigga

    This shit hard as hell!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lor Dev

    Jones watch out 😂

  28. ABK ABK

    "Put the .45 in a nigga face like in bruh man from the 5th flo"☹️if you don't get that line you can't hang

  29. Yeti Slinger

    780 e town

  30. TherealYahu

    My nigguh breezy straight heat, motivational asf

    T Serus

    Real shit

  31. Gfvkk Chsi

    He said keep a tommy on me cuz I'm stupid cold (cole)

  32. Timothee

    This didn't hit 1 mill at least? WOW


    Timothee this shit dope

    weden Ragudo

    Don't miss out on millions of s*хy girls near you => https://twitter.com/d8bd20227ea01c02a/status/801992405775826944 600Brеееzу Whaаaat yyyyоoou rеpр Dir bу dibent

    Dr Kush

    Timothee not even half nigga

    Eastside Nigga

    Timothee crazy right!

  33. Mike Jarmon

    this beat reminds me of protecting my millions by yrn lingo ft rich the kid and skippa the flippa

  34. PhukkTha 5-0

    dem martin Lines was hard😂💯

  35. edmund henry


  36. nema labavo đk

    40 kickin like jackie chan

  37. Ms Murda

    "Catch his ass in rush hour, 40 kickin like Jackie Chan, Taurus on me like the son of Sam"

  38. C Jizzle BMG

    spittin💯💪 "put a .45 to a nigga face like im bruh man from the 5th floor" damnnnn 😂😂😂

  39. Bruce Wayne

    prod by Chief keef?? lmao sound like some shit hell make

  40. josh mad

    Did he say you can get yo tater bust?


    Taylor bussed

  41. Mark C.

    BaldyWorld !

  42. Dee Willa

    breezy ...💨💨💨that💯

  43. Deon Aldridge

    How did they do that handshake in the beginning

  44. Quamaine Monroe

    you betta have your gun wit ya

  45. Linx •


  46. Dred Paige


    Dred Paige

    +Johnny Ortiz ..FACTS

  47. Ghggg

    That's right!! What chu rep nigga?

  48. adam oakes

    I usually keep my opinion to myself, but fuck it. I can't understand why anybody would like music that sounds like this. Drills fucking trash💩. The beats sound like nursery rhyme joints, the flows be off, the message promotes violence. I just dnt get it. Had to speak my peace.

  49. CSTV

    Ight I'm a fan of six0breez0 but wtf is this shit 😂

  50. Mike Jarmon

    How come 300 and 600 never do music together?...like what happened? It seems like lil durk is the bridge between 300 and 600....this song here cold but could've been colder if he did it with lil reese


    Mike Jarmon Reese and jusblow on a new track


    Mike Jarmon Rondo and Fredo did a song, look up shit real.

  51. TMRWmourning

    Where do you find that little chorus noise at 0:20?

  52. EverywhereDologenesis

    This lowkey his best song lyrically

    Roger Jones

    Yea this is true

  53. Destin Mosby

    6 o bumps 💯

  54. tre' k

    halo bitch 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  55. GB x AP

    name of song at end

  56. soid drone slayer

    This one of them tracks that you straight gangbang too. if you wanted to know the definition of drill music this is it.

  57. Jaelin Lowery

    the best Chicago rappers are dead accept 1 and it go la capone , young pappy , lil jojo , and tay600

  58. THT_Kidfrom_Philly215

    S Dot Better Than Breezy Tho

    Deanthony Allen

    +YSL Drill Bass sdot is

  59. coxcox321


  60. I Brush My Teeth Before I Eat Ass

    ain't this a 21 savage beat

  61. KayScotts

    1:57 he thrown up Ck naw foh

    Dlo from BountyHunnaWatts

    ck stands for cobra killer in Chicago


    +Darius Dillard he a goofy bruh

  62. Rico Crosby

    That brush man line too tough 🔥🔥🔥🔥 this nigga said brush man fifth floor and it's a .45 bruh man always say fifth floor but put up four fingers 🔥🔥

  63. ryanzzification

    Shut that loud ass nigga up

  64. Dfree122 Devi

    go check out my music on my page

  65. Woodlin Casseus

    Illinois Jones ruined my ears fr

  66. BDean BDean

    breezy up next #⃣1⃣0⃣0⃣

  67. Vincent Bordoy

    This is the best song he ever made and it's not even famous

  68. Ki Mill

    This is good??Drake just cosigning weak niggas😫😫

  69. Jesus Reyes

    damn 600breezy went in n this shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Meghan Olson

    600Breezy go hard on every track he does 🍀🍀😙🍀🍀

  71. Rosa Beltran

    might be GDK

  72. 999a0s


  73. Crappy HR

    0:47is breezo savage squad or was that someone else?

  74. Kian

    fire nigga!

  75. Willie Williams

    📀 Pineapple Express is a 2008 American comedy film directed by David Gordon Green, .... As of November 1, 2009 the DVD has sold 2,510,321 copies and generated $43,033,863 in sales revenue. 💯

  76. manman uptown

    This Song Sum Shit 😂

  77. connor williams

    Damn he said turn your ass into angel dust.

  78. Bando Skywalkin

    Vegas Pro Edit's Be like

  79. Zion Bishop

    He said put a 45 in a nigga face like Brahman form the 5 floor🔥🔥😂💀🔯🔯🔯

  80. z p

    stello clearly didn't do the dash


    Lol damn


    Jojo didn't do the bmx dash

    j fizzle


  81. Trey Justin

    ayyy whats the song at the end??

  82. Q TAYLOR

    he dont make enough music for me he amp dat drizzy cosigned him but he ass g herbo nlmb 150 roc block vito city kobe squad pistol gang what i bump

  83. Aarynn Marshall

    Keep a Tommy on me kuz I'm stoopid cold🔥🔥🔥

  84. DMV Whopee


  85. Brick boy Brandon

    These niggas throwing treys hard asf...... I respect da real though. Shouts out #KingDavid & #KingHoover

  86. ronald santos

    gangstar modern folk

  87. CR2OKS

    Beat is ridiculous, shit got me zoninnnnnnnn

  88. Chris P. Bacon

    That last "bruh man from the 5th flo" line didnt make sense

    Cartel Sino

    bruh man is from Martin show


    It's a Martin reference

  89. NPC Hova

    this the hottest song on the mixtape, my opinion

  90. nimbus grams

    like I'm brunkman from the 5th floor!

    nimbus grams

    ? what dat mean

    edmund henry

    +nimbus grams Bruh Man from Martin used to throw up 4 fingers when he saw him.

    edmund henry

    +edmund henry Oh yeah le lived on the apartment 5th floor


    Where can i find this beat?

  92. flunb G

    so much better then dont get smoked


    Hell nah!!!!!

  93. Dk Shams

    he stole herb flow n mixed it wit his life

  94. DiamondsAndRubys shine

    aim at ya chest just to lift ya soul. shit!!!

  95. ImKingTv

    These bars is just 🔥🔥🔥