600Breezy - Blowin' Like A Fan Lyrics

Blowin like a fan, keep some shooters
Blowin like a fan, put Breezy on yo ass
Slide the doors, blowin out the van
Bronem off the xans
Keep my pipe, keep one in the head
Laughin at shit dead
Catch him lackin, we gon' kill his ass
Blowin like a fan, you a lame and yo bitch a fan
She'll a blow some
Gave me brain
Her lil stupid ass
I don't understand
Niggas fake
They merch on they mans
LA gang bitch red tape and some ambulance
For Lil Boo we gon' slide
And free my lil bro nine
We ain't out hea man they lyin
I know it's always been my time
Dotarachi I can't change
And I won't drop a dime
We really in the streets
No we don't let em lie
Steve drive I don't honor the shit
Real 600 shit
Load a hundred clips
Then we slide on young money shit
Niggas talk they just run they lips
Boy we run this shit
LA gang bitch I'm Baldy World
Fuck that other shit

[600 Breezy:]
Pull up choppin' shit like fans
600 we the clan
Doors slide back on them vans
You'll get yo ass blamed
2 pipes, Yosemite Sam
It's Breezo I'm the man
Slidin get up out that jam
Bullets chuncky like spam
Plus they dumpin out the can
You gettin what I'm sayin
If a nigga say he don't let em know it ain't a joke
You'll get yo ass smoked
Stand over you with the sauce
Pull that hoe until you croak
Turned that nigga to a ghost
Bitch we strapped out got the mac out
We'll have bite down shoot your back out
Six O we got them pipes out
We gon show a nigga what is life bout
But niggas better take the nice route
Cause this shit here is rough
You'll get yo life fucked
Niggas don't like us
So we keep them pipes tucked
These niggas know what's up
This poppa leave him stuck
Shotty lift a nigga up
And I don't really give a fuck
Bitch I'm LA Gang'd up
Pussy keep your chains tucked
Or your life in danger

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600Breezy Blowin' Like A Fan Comments
  1. Shakir M.

    Bitch we strapped out got da Mack out have Bitedown shoot ya back out 😈🔥🔥🔥

  2. Shakir M.

    Should have way more views mfs sleep 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Jessica Dest

    2020 🤔🔥🔥💯💯😈😈

  4. Enrique

    Loafin nat shit dead ketch him lacking we gon kill his ass

  5. Emphatiks Prod.

    This is in my top 5 all time no doubt about it. This goes too hard.

  6. Quaso Pittman

    LA⛽ Die Y👿💨

  7. Pookie Gang

    Drillin ain’t dead niggas just scared🤘🏾🤘🏾😈😈😈

  8. DoPeAnen3my

    Deeese niigaaz ashy as fuck

  9. tre thomas

    Didn’t know that was queen key 😂

    Lee John

    I was thinkin the same thing

  10. craig jacobs


  11. J Ssi

    Bdk in this joint fuck 12

  12. TriggaTrey

    New Fire Drill Music Video!! https://youtu.be/vr1WnxZ9y2k

  13. Mervin 007

    2019 anyone🔊🔊

  14. soid drone slayer

    Sdot and Breezy made a hit with this one well deserved 1mill+ views.

  15. Kutthroat Dre

    They should of had tay600 in this because everybody already no that they lied on that man 🤘🏽 talking about LA gang it’s no the whole gang if tay600 anit in it

  16. Brad Wilson

    Sdot is straight fire !!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  17. GoodGuySm

    og shit

  18. craig jacobs

    Cause we smoke 6ix 9ine pack all day everyday y’all lame ass niggas take Ls all day everyday like bitch azz fufu niggas ain’t shit bro

  19. craig jacobs

    S.dot my nigga 600breezy dope as fuck best mode instrumentals beat the song I like that fuckin blowing like a fan 6hunna team go hard way better than 6ix 9ine pack he can’t rap at all period bro

  20. Gordo Perez

    Where the fock is breezy

  21. Jodbir Waraich

    LA gang!

  22. I b

    2:03 lol Tf is QueenKey doing here?

  23. Anthony Wallace

    Drake & breezy was close crazy nobody bonded him out yet

  24. Impact Biz

    It’s the king

  25. KD keep it real

    2:32 s.dot busing at the opps

  26. KD keep it real

    This fire 🔥 and free 9 rip all the guys

  27. trae tha god

    Free breezo

  28. NeeK

    Shit is sick beat bumps out my speakers so sick

  29. SavageDre 843

    Ain the beat a Chief Keef sample?


    SavageDre 843 yup

  30. # LET THAT 40 BANG

    600 squad life let's get it

  31. KrazyBoyCrYp

    Who listening in 2018? Shit still go hard on god

    smokingdubz nbg

    KrazyBoyCrYp yea



    Tahje Moore

    600Breezy home in a week 🔓🔓🔓

  32. YFN Peyton

    beat and vid hard as fuck. dot been cold w it so that’s nun new lol

  33. Luis Altamirano


  34. Benji BabyBLJ

    Double G shit Baldy world Fukk dat Otha Shit💯

  35. corozone10

    LA Gang!

  36. Malik Johnson

    This go very hard 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Brenton Horton

    need more music like this

  38. Sebb Raw

    s dot and brrezy needa make more hits ghayyzee BLOWIN LIKE A FAN GHAHHHH

  39. Russell William Fry

    I can't believe how much Chicago has changed since I was banging there in the 90s - 18th & Archer ALCN

  40. Amari Curd

    Here b4 1mill

  41. TheWestDragon

    Breezo dont let that beat breathe

  42. Marcus Folks

    Free six o breezo bro

  43. Tyler Lugowy

    Rip LA, Free9, Free22, FreeBreezy

  44. Ryan Korman

    Who still gon bump in 2018

  45. Wayne Rogers

    why the fuc em jus herein this i never 👀 him with 600 not even in the 600 video or the 6 double 0 remix

    Mike VDub Brazy

    they both was in the six double o part 1 video breezy was ducked off tho youll see him a few times in the video

  46. ItzTrap_ Best

    good song

  47. VergePumps

    BacK WEn I THOUght 600Breezy Was On A Sumtin


    free 9 22 and free breezo

  49. Adrenaline4P

    This deserves a mil, this is one of the best songs I've heard in my life. Top 10 no debate, possibly/probably top 5

  50. COYOTE swap or you get DEPORTED

    Sdot ain't gonna get his fame cuh the drill category is over saturated

    Mike VDub Brazy

    he can still get hot & blow he just gotta drop a banger that everybody got on repeat like FBG Duck - Slide he finally got hot off his shit

  51. rxAdam


  52. Dawhan Wardlaw

    this my shit dotarachi that nigga

  53. TimmyTurner Withtheburner

    They missed all they shots that's the sad part 🤣

  54. NoLimit EnZo

    Damn memories of listening to this in november of 2016 the winter of freshman Year😔when I started discovering new drill music remembering listening to all types of drill shit on Spotify while playing modern warfare remastered

  55. Yasmen Jenkins

    OK hotttttt

  56. XDylan07

    Free breezo

  57. pa iv

    Free Breezo

  58. Tony Wesley

    I love my team Detroit baby I love y'all boys keep it up keep going

    Mike VDub Brazy

    they from Chicago

  59. Faded 600

    That fuckin work

  60. jerka4life


  61. sonson jean

    Only here for S.dot......45

  62. PMAN13 P

    how the F does this not have more views?

  63. E L

    they the hoes that took stand on 9 and cdai # tay600 aint snitch

  64. zoo skrilla

    damn this only got 7k

  65. White Kleine

    Dotarachi And Breezo Best FT ever for real for real boy

  66. Eight R6

    Name a more iconic duo the only ones i can think of is rondo and L'a

  67. Christopher Sanders

    LA would of snapped if he was still live and hop on this beat

    Trizz Here

    Christopher Sanders hell yeah I can picture dat


    this would be the perfect beat for LA to go off on


    Im fckin sayin

  68. Private Number

    S.dot Herbo be nice

  69. emj

    2:58 sounds like the m9 on cod lmao

  70. Charles Flemon

    s.dot my night

  71. PaidRandom

    This nigga Dotarachi been making drill music for like 20 years and he like 25 years old lol

    Mike VDub Brazy

    S dot only 21

  72. Celtics fan #MambaOut RIP A True Legend

    bitches really be thotin like that 2 talkin hella shit but trying 2 get smoked up shit dont add up stop empowering these thots yall fucking stupid!


    blowin like a fan

  74. Teeski 100

    Chief keef old beat 😈 gangshit#link my songs on my channel

  75. Lil Bo _1129

    I never hear his music coming on the radio but some people don't wanna go industry but that's where the money at he alright sounds like a too much sounds on another kinda trash asf

    Mike VDub Brazy

    they not gon put this type of shit on the radio he gotta switch it up

  76. Last King .

    This song makes me wanna drown my fish

  77. Steven Farrell

    Still best drill.

  78. PlayBoyJalen

    real 600 shit

  79. ralph nun.of.ur.beeswacks

    blowin like a fan

  80. Milton Smith

    dat was queen key at da end

  81. Nate

    The hook sound like keef in the beginning I Sware

    Jah Blicky

    NY Naate Cause it is


    War In Chiraq cool

    Nano Sanchez Lopez

    NY Naate it's called "aimed at you" or "Halloween" by Chief Keef


    +Nano Sanchez Lopez its not Halloween its aimed at you

  82. Naz money1234

    best combo in 600 breezy and sdot

  83. Chris Calderon

    On god one of the hardest songs these two ever made together.

  84. Lacy Renee


  85. Vitooo

    yo whas tha name of tha mask sdot had i wanna buy some fo my team at 0:25


    There Ski Mask

  86. Kodak Inn

    aimed at you real classic

  87. K.G.G

    #BobbyzWorld dat shit ride foo #600$hit grind dont stop... #803 i need beats

  88. Deuce 63

    free bitedown

  89. lilthuga

    FREE my lil bro N9ne!

  90. Malik Chappell

    Call!!!! now!!! 2 BILL

  91. Malik Chappell


  92. Malik Chappell


  93. Malik Chappell


  94. Malik Chappell

    2 BILL!!!

  95. Malik Chappell