600Breezy - 6ix-Oshit, Pt. 3 Lyrics

This that 6ix Oshit (uhh)
Just to let you know bitch
Okay, I say

I just fucked your bitch
And blew her back out
Then I pulled her tracks out
But that shit so-so and I be knowing
So I act out
Get paper I'm a cash cow
Sit your stupid ass down
Love the sounds of mac rounds
Doofie niggas class clowns (Doofie ass nigga)
Ima tip her
She a stripper
Play with water
Just like flipper
That's your bitch
I'm trying to dick her
Remy, Henny off the liquor
Bullets hit you let it simmer
Play with with pistols in the winter
Niggas telling Master Splinter (Aye)
Niggas rest they Master Splinter
Out in traffic with them blickers
Always been one of them niggas (uuh)
Always been one of them niggas
Diamonds on me cost six figures
Bitch get back off find your nigga
Ima Chicago gorilla
I be out here with them hitters
Where the fuck was your antennas

It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch
It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch

Bling bling twinkle twinkle
Next her rocky, where's Bo Winkle
Earrings pissy like a tinkle
We bring pistols to your venue
We bring pistols to your venue
Baby this shit is so simple
I'm that nigga, what's the issue
Diamonds do the percolator
Pistol jerkin make a hater
Brizzle bitch I smell like paper
Baby candy now and later
Baby candy now and later
Let me hit it now or later
Bitch I'm ballin like a Laker (uuh, uuh)
Know I'm D. Wade on the Bulls
Pistol make a nigga youl
I ain't fuckin with these dudes

It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch
It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch

It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch
It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch

It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch
It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch

It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch
It's that 6six Oshit
Just to let you know bitch

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600Breezy 6ix-Oshit, Pt. 3 Comments
  1. Lukis Ladymon

    So underrated

  2. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good song

  3. Trey Krimmel

    600 breezy always be spitting heat swear he the best rapper out of Chicago lowkey🤫

  4. NBUGoes

    Vocational Vibe He Swaggin On Crip 🔵 Breezo I Love This Song

  5. James Smith

    Breezy cold asl y’all tweak on bro we bring pistols to yo venue

  6. Jamel Davi

    this the breezo i like 👍

  7. Young Drako

    1 of my Favorite Songs of All Time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Vic Giran

    He’s out 😈😈😈💯

  9. Deonta Shafford

    Still that song

  10. Everardo Vasquez

    Still listening in 2018 ‼️ 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Emmanuel Jones

    What the beat called?

  12. Carti Carti

    Free him Ian kno he was locked up

  13. P 3

    this shit keep growing on me..he snapped on that first verse 👌💯

  14. K The God


  15. Miguel Magana Jr

    All yall talking shit lame if u don't like him then don't listen to his music 💯💯💯

  16. Angel Araujo

    Dis dat sixo shit

  17. Beamer Boy

    Not as good as pt 2 but he prolly had to change it up

  18. NLMB GBE

    Free Breezy

  19. Christopher Rose-elie


  20. ζeus and hera

    hades to 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

  21. ζeus and hera

    my ken uncle possdion would like this🏖🏖🏖🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀

  22. Unknown king

    1:29 lmao😂😂😂😂


    when you hear "young chop on the beat" you know what time it is

  24. Kellen Dirton

    We bring pistols to ya venue it's so simple baby what's da issue🔥🔥

  25. DoS x Vegas

    Free Breezo

  26. Brittany Terrell

    I've listened to alot of 600 breezy songs trying to like him but I don't like him he sets off a weirdo vibe like he's probably really creepy in real life just saying

  27. FonzoFinesse Fatha


  28. Saucygoattits

    Free dis man🙏🏻🅱️🤫

  29. Wesley Andries


  30. BandGang LilKm

    He a laid back type nugga Fse u can tell

  31. 2Kvids 50subs

    0:59 that little chain he got on 6 figures? foh that aint even a chain that's a necklace boaa


    GTA2K28 GTA2K28 i kno im late but nigga he said diamonds not da chain😂😂

  32. BigBoss Malik

    I wish my boi was out

  33. Moneymaka Dg

    0:22 anybody noticed 600 breezy watching 600 breezy

  34. C Loc Gonzalez


  35. thebosshog5

    Young chop is a genius

  36. Jaron Wallace

    Free Breezo

  37. Brandon Wilson

    6-0we Shit on Hk60d

  38. Michael Mitchell

    I swear to god i fuck with bro. We Chicago niggas we do shit yall can't do but I'm not bd I'm gd but i fuck with big bro

  39. Sam's world

    breezo with dem heavy artillery for dem opps-salute 💪💪💪

  40. fly guy

    i feel like youtube recomendations kno me on a personal level

  41. Moe Man

    i listened to this back to back 600 breezy cold asf trsut n beleive he got all theses cuz he make good music

  42. Katelyn Marie


  43. Iamkingkush

    Ima tip her she a stripper. Play with water just like flippa 🔥🔥🔥

  44. lex187

    Keep typing 🤐

  45. GmoneyManTaliban

    1:24 dem J's too lit

  46. Ayden Green

    word of advice, asap rocky, meek mill. all helped by drake like you. understandable you dont do songs together. him and rocky never did during his come up. but they had their own flow. so did you with do sum and dont get smoked. your a gangster rapper, rap gangster. do a 50 cent and game old school shit. quit with this shitty sub product of drill and just get back to the shit that made you known. not gonna lie youve been flopping for a minute, nothing to be ashamed about - not trying to hate; just saying get back to the hardcore stuff and youll be getting money.

  47. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    what you mean free swav smh Free You bro!

  48. Ronn Da Don

    This slow shit work for him

  49. Aaron Moses The One

    This flow and beat selection will get you not only everything but anything.. #myFavorite600$ong

  50. Bryan Simpson

    does he have anything else as chill as this?

  51. Shanette Gordon

    600 breezy tell your baby Osama bin laden Kimarly want his money from his son von bhoorasingh on Facebook ty

  52. YourPlug

    I didn't like this at first but this shit grows on you

  53. RIP Tbico

    Free 600breezy 😈 he be home real soon 🔑

  54. KTB Monk

    i fw this

  55. Josh 215

    Free breezo

  56. Gohwee

    love me some breezy 💚‼️

  57. RIP Tbico

    He's putting on for 600 Free 600 breezy 🔥🔓

  58. A2 On The Beat

    this beat cold boi

  59. Laiko Nicole


  60. Laiko Nicole


  61. king capo

    maybe he'll get back on his flow when he get outta jail...

  62. Lil nigga Out the projects

    Lmao this shit trash


    More veiws 🙏🏽

  64. Christopher G

    Free 600

  65. Pauly !

    Shit stupid hard 🔥🔥💪🏽

  66. Jack Daniel

    this is fucking trash and didn't dis nigga get his ass whooped 🤔🤔😂😂


    Jack Daniel no lmao he in jail

  67. Phillip Brown

    Eff them haters🔫🔫
    Free Breezy niggahk

  68. Jamille Brown


  69. Ron Paul

    Is this a song that just makes fun of the new bs that comes out these days or is it just the bs that comes out these days? Most of these 90's babies were born during the height of lyricism in hip hop, it's too bad none of them actually study any history of the art bc this shit insults hip hop when you try to call this shit hip hop.

  70. tre

    youngchop always got them fire beats

  71. iLeft


  72. Devin Baltimore

    he kinda look like Cameron and sound kinda like him in this here and there

  73. RyanGoFast


  74. Sammo Sounds

    Damn he still in Florida trying to Pop XxxTemtation


    He just got 10 years for violating parole and XXXTentacion just got knocked out on stage an hour ago.

    Sammo Sounds

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 why


    XXX was performing a song and someone ran up from behind and knocked him out. Security guards came and beat his ass though lmao.
    They wait until Breezy starts to get mainstream and traveling places more frequently just to pop out of nowhere talking about parole violation. System is messed up


    when you hear that "Young chop on tha beat" you know this shit is gonna be fire!!.

  76. Keivon Pridget

    , Shit go hard 💪💪💪

  77. Christopher

    This is the video they used to violate Breezo

  78. Dylan Reimers

    Free Breezy600 🙁

  79. Casper 1512

    free 600breezy 💯💥

  80. TrapBoy Murda

    No Hatein Shit But Breezo Is One Trash Ass Rapper... That's Just My Opinion


    Keify Frink Lol u aint know shit Free the real

  81. Ant Reacts

    Free my nigga 6O Breezy

  82. Cody Warner

    This shit is hard ashhh😭😭🔥

  83. Longliveliljay MGst 2800 LBK

    free breezy

  84. J Engineer

    How you gonna be from East Boast, have a B in your name, and dress like a krab? Lmaoo

  85. LiL VPN

    Free Breezy

  86. Tanaizha thrasher


  87. jonathan Glosson

    2:40 I found ugly God's lizard

  88. Aaron B


  89. Donte Vaughn

    this shit too hard w2m😈😈💯💪👌

  90. Brandon Puckett


  91. Mitchell Cowan

    Free Breezo man #fuxk12

  92. Tsuyo

    I fuck with this hoe HEAVY, but I don't think this shoulda been a 6ix O Shit, shoulda been a regular song.

  93. moonshyne

    he got a chilled bumping flowz

  94. Shnaz Fangler

    This nigga kickin it wit drake like 600

  95. Freshy JJ


  96. Yung Ty


  97. SneakerHead Tazz