600Breezy - 24 Bars Part 2 Lyrics

I'm still in the cut with the mop
Ain't a damn thing changed, you can get your ass sparked
Since a nigga rap now, they think I got a change of heart
Tryna drive on me and get your whole team parked nigga
24 bars, bitch I'm back around
We shoot up niggas blocks then come back around
We really smoking shit, nah we ain't jacking clown
Tecs with the cooler kit, glizzy, we keep them Macs around
Bitch we love that clapping sound, we teed up, so we clapped them down
We still got poles so don't tweak
Team 600 on these blocks yeah my niggas play these streets
Something like Udonis Haslem I'll never leave my heat
We want war fuck the peace
600 bucking heats
Without guns pussy niggas get defeat
Prepare for the defeat
Cause I shit hot, hit a rap nigga and his body make his hip hop
Walk up clapping like ratchet bitch flip flops
I'm on some other shit
Bars straight from the fire, yeah that's that oven shit
Bitch I'm too hot to handle go get your oven mitt
600 more than a gang, yeah them my brothers bitch
They say I talk this shit
But we a get this bitch shaking like Parkinsons
Steve Drive, L'A Gang I'm a part of this
I gave y'all 24 bars, lil nigga that's it

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600Breezy 24 Bars Part 2 Comments
  1. Tcharles Stone

    Idk if Jusblow wearing a mask or if he just that fuckin dark

  2. Vandalio

    Daam I finally checked his music after that vlad interview.he just jumped a few spots up on my list of chicago Rappers 🔥

  3. Murder Motion Pictures

    Long live drill music

  4. Lorenzo Santiago

    My part shoot niggas block come back around my part.

  5. Lorenzo Santiago

    My boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kyrele Touzalin

    Jus blow look like he ain't for nun

  7. JB Anderson

    Still listening to this in 2019

  8. Life of Deymond

    I feel like i just joined the Illuminati by watching this video

  9. GPC2950 _

    Why does the one guy have his eyebrow raised the whole time like the rock, does he think he’s hard or something?

    Zandria BrownTV


  10. cash Madden

    free 6O breezO

  11. Kellz

    One nigga in a pelle other nigga wit a shirt on ya weather fufu asf😂

  12. Gemcitysnow opp free Irish Mob

    600 free all the guys EBK

  13. XE3

    Hahaha jusblow wearing this balaclava but you know it is him cuz he is the most black dude of them all, u can see only his eyes xDDD

  14. Treality Ent

    Walk up clapping like rachet bitch flip flops 😂😂😂

  15. Richard Madden

    too hot to handle get ya ovenmit brezzo #LetsGetIt

  16. Courvoisiea Danny

    Ctfu jusblow so black I couldn't see him in the video

  17. Jeffery Yates

    This nigga just said walk up clapping shit ratchet bitches flip flops 🔥🔥🔥🔥 breezy had bars fr free breezo



  19. EdwardWithTheCamera


  20. Key56215

    walk up clapping like rachett bitch flip flops

  21. Propane

    #ShootaShellz did it better

  22. Rob H

    Breezy got hot ass bars straight up

  23. Rob H

    Murked it

  24. Rockout GG

    Like Haslem I will never leave my heat / bitch I’m to hot to handle go get your oven mitts /

  25. Ack Driver

    "Clappin like ratchet bitch flip flops" 😂😂

  26. Rob H

    Breezy be laying down bangers I fuck with it and bump it on Cali blocks.

  27. Og Kakarot


  28. A2 On The Beat


  29. Reginald Williams

    free that boy breezo

  30. Rob's Media

    walk up clappin like a ratchet bitch flip flops. breezo my nigga

  31. misfit angel

    this that meek mill beat right ?


    What beat is this

  32. Mike Vidales

    I miss this breezo

  33. Evan Hole

    this shit hype as a mf. 600breezy is one of my favorite​ rappers from 600

  34. Rashawn Bey


  35. Midnight Sunrizee

    this shit will make you kill somebody gaddamn

  36. zeus Howard

    20bolts likes from me to brezzy☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇

  37. Oscar Zielinski

    which one better part 1 2 or 3 cause I really dont know tbh

  38. misfit angel

    What's this Beat called?

    Gifty Farcarthy

    misfit angel chief keef hate me now

  39. nema labavo đk


  40. Tyler Sephiran

    Music remind me of some Star Wars epic lightsaber fight. 💯

  41. galie madak


  42. eric sanchez

    the best is fucking fire

  43. Antonio Rodgers

    "Bitch we love that clapping sound we t'd up so we clapped them down"🔥🔥🔥 this nigga bars is to vicious💯

  44. Dj Akademiks Sandusky

    600breezy looks like Chris brown long lost son 😂

    600 Clipz

    lmao ikr

  45. lastking8923

    "Hit a rap nigga in his body, make his hip hop" 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Jaskirat Singh

    meek mill stole this shit.

  47. political313

    "Cuz i shit hot, hit a rap nigga and his body make his hip-hop... Walk up clapping like rachet bitch flip flops" flamez

  48. Danisha Gantt

    I Love It Keep Doing Your Thing Cutie

  49. Hollow Clipz

    go crazy i got a remix to this beat

  50. Drowsy VDA

    1:30 He Sound Like Montana Of 300

  51. Dr Kush

    hope 600breezy murk FGB duck

  52. misfit angel

    What's this beat called?

    R 1UP

    young twizz lil bibby intro

  53. Dee

    Part 2>Part 3>Part 1

  54. Marquel Williams

    Damn this was 2 years ago

    mike barber

    Marquel Williams damn this comment was 2 years talking abt the song was 2 years ago 😨


    mike barber man wtf

  55. Lawrence Bowman

    sixobreezo all day

  56. Jamell Holmes

    Ratchet bitch flip flops

  57. ace_ _boogie

    wtf look at dude at 1:21

  58. O乃ϻᎶ Slχо

    JusBlow a demon

    Mr No Name

    Lol fr that nigga wont think twice when pullin that trigger

    blopp bopity

    shit theyd all kill anyone

    Tiger Woods

    O乃ϻᎶ Slχо yea man TEAM600

  59. Classic Physique Chase

    Best one out of the 3. #FREE9 #FREE22

    Lingo Knots

    part 3 was better than this one he was all off beat


    +JuicedUpLA no he wasn't

    Lingo Knots

    vTrilly yes he was obviously you don't know music

    The giant Troll

    Doggy James HD true on bd

  60. GloTheActivist

    You can't see JusBlow cause how dark he is

    Tobin Matlock

    or cause he got a mask on


    @Tobin Matlock it's a joke and probably wouldn't see him any way

    Tobin Matlock

    +K.Dot im js ppl cant control how dark they are


    +Tobin Matlock hes akon black

  61. C Jizzle BMG


  62. AyooAnt

    Brush that haslem never leave my heat bar was crazier !!!!

  63. Jonathan Jackson

    He snapped! And the dude did that clap perfectly

  64. RgAmBa 90

    This shit hard 👏👏👏👏👏

  65. Janeiyah Baugh


  66. USA's Last Resort

    we want war fuck the peace

  67. Treezda Savage

    The problem has arrived

  68. Ace BinFlockin

    this heatt

  69. Greg Thompson

    Hit a rap nigga in his body make his hip hop, walked up clapped it like ratchet bitch flip flops

  70. j bliz

    0:41 "who got a light? ill let you on this L if you spark this"

    CynKendric Dontè

    I'm cryin

  71. Brock K

    Shit is bars 🔥

  72. K I N G

    every time i hear that i think i'd be listening lil herb lol LA GANG!!! 💯💯🔥🔥

  73. Malik Graham

    huff asl

  74. M

    Lmao this nigga and rondo really evil ash

  75. Christopher Reid

    "Hit a rap nigga in his body make his hip hop"
    Then he said
    "Come thru clapping like a Rachet bitch flip flops"

  76. Tre-Savage

    dat boy said "drive on me get yo whole team parked"oh shit this nigga went hard

    Shane r

    one of fav lines

  77. Flash 98

    Is it literally 24 bars

  78. Darion Clemons

    600 60 breeze0

  79. Abad Don

    who the producer?

  80. Dontrell Taylor

    he's a hot nigga we be on that

  81. The-William Speaks

    Lil Herbs Older Brother

    3hunna beats

    part 3 goes hard af

    Marquel Williams

    Hell yeah they need to do a ft

  82. High Knowledge

    Isn't part 3 about to drop ?

    jordan minton

    Jus dropped today

  83. Brandon Gadson

    fire dis nigga gone make me catch a case 60 gang I fucks wit brezzy shout out from Fla

  84. Jay Money

    something like udonis haslem i never leave my heat

  85. TezzyGsUp #FYM

    chief went way harder

    Quin TG

    What's chief keef's

  86. tevo georgio

    sumn like udonis haslem Im Neva leavin my heat 🔥🔥

  87. Quincy Neal

    I need that fucking mask bruh

  88. Marco Vieyra

    0:19 the dude still unlocked, you need to smoke a couple pack in order to unlock his ass lmao


    Marco Hoover lol

    Adrian Killingsworth

    That’s jusblow

  89. Diinow Aden

    #freemanny #longliveLA

  90. Deshawn Robinson

    trying drive on me ah get ya whole team parked 🚘🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  91. Alex Corona

    He snapped obd

  92. DS 3

    Six 0 Breezo?


    +CrudstahDee CrudstahDee. Still in tha cut with tha mop

  93. Zzzz

    damn lil b in the cut

  94. IcecreamLeGenD

    600breezy goes hard s/o from germany

  95. XPEXRemix1

    Y'all stay talking about jusblow but if you saw him like that in person you would be scared asfk

  96. I Power

    Gang 600 #ripla