600Breezy - 24 Bars Part 1 Lyrics

Six O
Gang gang gang gang gang

I'm in the cut with the mop, trying to clean a nigga block
Pop out, Glock out, everybody getting sparked
These niggas snitches man, my city full of narcs
Bullets flying at these targets you would think I'm throwing darts
Slamming rakes, popping gates, fuck the Jakes
If you disrespect L'A I'll put this.40 to your face and just spaz out
Bossman my shooter on the block with them 9's out
And I'm going crazy 'till they free my lil bro 9 out
Extended clips, irons out, head shots spill your mind out
Niggas pulling up they hide out aim for his back blow his spine out
Tell these fuck niggas turn up
We sliding with the torch, motherfuckers getting burned up
I'm smoking Tooka like a hookah
Team 600 full of shooters
MACs, TECs, German Rugers
Leave 'em stinking like manure
All my shorties buckin' shootin'
[?] don't shoot 'em
Niggas knowing how I'm rocking
I'm a hundred times six, so these Y's I'm dropping
Rubber band shit, lil nigga what's popping?
Call me Breezy from The Bricks
I ain't never been a hooper, all I know is shooting bricks
I'm out here on 600, ten toes in this shit
You don't wanna tweak with us, we got poles in this bitch

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600Breezy 24 Bars Part 1 Comments
  1. tru 223

    Big ass high points all in this video 😂😂😂😂 breezy fuck you on gang

  2. Whoop De Whoop

    nigga got a high point with a extended clip 😂

  3. Tiger Woods

    GANG GANG 🔫🔫

  4. Yung Støry

    2K-19 Still Slaps🔥 R.I.P L.A Shout Out 600Breezy & The Whole Chriaq Much Love & Respect💯

  5. 4kt Nobody safe

    Slamming rakes🤫

  6. Chevy BOA

    1:00 “Don’t shoot em bro” sumthin you probably never hear in Chicago 💀

    Kwstas Athanaso


  7. Kvng Aaron

    “im smokin tooka like a hooka, team 600 full of shootas”💯🤫

  8. Kurt Doy

    is that Durks brother wit him

  9. Shotta 085

    Breezy took a L by havin a hi point in dis

  10. isaiah samuel

    Im a 100 x 6 so these ys im dropping 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. George Smart

    Black Lifes Matter!

    Young Savage

    Hell Yeah Nigga

  12. 许丰


  13. Young Savage

    Fire Bro

  14. Thereal Aktavis

    Put the hi point down

  15. desert man

    These young men are strong 2nd Amendment supporters.


    desert man underrated comment🤣🔥

  16. Haris Rashid

    i am smoking tokka like a hokka dam

  17. Marcos Deigo

    Cmon 600 breezy nothing but hi points in this video like song but low budget video

  18. Lil demon-

    “We sliding wit the torch MF’s getting burn up”

  19. BEE GR24/7 FILMS

    dat boy breezy had a highpoint

  20. HotBoyFarris

    2018 anyone?

  21. Fred H. Music

    Paul Joseph Watson is a complete idiot!

  22. kang wewuz xviixixviiixivxviviix

    god fuckin damn nigga you owe me new speakers mine melted

  23. West Wood

    cheapest guns ever

  24. Fernando Rafael

    This is extremely sad


    I get it he saying he going crazy until 9 out so pretty much all his life he going crazy

    Mighty Mob TV


  26. HotBoyFarris


  27. Arthur Morgan

    this is so black i became a champion at basketball

  28. Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

    1 mill view

  29. Ojas Bhanarkar

    This vs Justin Bieber

  30. Ojas Bhanarkar

    His expressions😨😨😨

  31. ItsThatDudeArizona

    Extended Clips Eyes Out 👀

  32. Rockout GG

    Ain never been a hooper all I’m known for is shooting bricks “

  33. Chris Walker

    they demons

  34. Seth Harper

    you want some real rap? some actually original rap that is positive?


    this is better than this criminal rap

  35. bløôdhöüñd ñïtó 330


  36. Ski Mask Shawty

    They shoulda asked o block for sum glocks them hi points ain't shit 😂😂😂

  37. Ari Pelayo

    This the best 24 bars he did fuck you mean boyyyy 600 breezy went off on this song it's all real talk bruh MOTHERFUKERS GETTN BURNT UP

  38. Trav

    600 Breezy Snapped On This🔥Almost AT A 1 Million Views🙏🏻 #Free600Breezy

  39. The giant Troll

    Breezy raw asf

  40. XPEXRemix1

    Classic 😌

  41. 2Too Fasho

    BD's and GD's beats are so different

  42. Sabreen Hilal

    2 Hi Points tho im just sayin #IAmChicagoWorldNews

    that GuY

    Sabreen Hilal u sound dumb asf

  43. Izaiah Coleman

    Ruby gay got dropped frm the kings 😂😂 smh

  44. Brandon Tate

    this a perfect beat for Jaws

  45. Minho Lee

    to bad they took pappy he was ass cold as the bds

    Minho Lee

    he should have been bd

    MBB Dopeman

    Minho Lee is he was a bad he would be still here

    MBB Dopeman

    Minho Lee bd*

  46. Minho Lee

    this shit fire

  47. Crafty Canadian

    Is this supposed to be cool or something? Go get a job and an education; quit being a waste of skin.

    YA 99

    Crafty Canadian well he hasn't go a job or a education and he's got more money than you so that only says more about you...

    Vito Luciano

    No Name Yet 💯💯💯 exactly

  48. King Maxwell

    Why he sound lazy on this

  49. Jäy900 [][][]

    Best in 600 rn

  50. sir Caprisun

    fuck 600 . if i catch y'all on roadblock you gon see the real devil in me #deadoppss

    Team 600

    Yasser Caprisun wtf is roadblock😑

    Sosa Mikey

    Yasser Caprisun you goofy ass nikka gtfoh

    The God Father

    Yasser Caprisun you look like a bitch no offense

  51. Debo 2k187


  52. moneyboy gamer

    3 pistols nigga lookin like the black version of the punisher

  53. Will ezz


  54. Mask Rodoe


  55. Kore Cash


  56. Azariah Israel

    Duck had this nigga scared in Atlanta.

    JJ FTO

    Welch World 069 fuckin goofy

    Azariah Israel

    @Jerry Turner Lame ass nigga.069 pull up.

  57. Charles Harris

    made men, no social media #Potopia1

  58. skeetajohnson

    "I ain't never been a hooper, all I know is hooting bricks...."

    Syncere Brown

    Pur3 Danny df is u Kur nigga

    Syncere Brown

    skeetajohnson shooting*

    BluSlushy JuulPod

    Hooting bricks? Fuck is he an owl??

    Bando Bandz

    @BluSlushy JuulPod 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Mighty Mob TV

    BareFacedDouble9 his dad is Gd, bricksquad is a set and I doubt is dad was a member lol

  59. Veatrice Hawkins

    Free rondo

  60. Rick Lewis

    Put it to yo face and see if it jam

  61. Jack M

    underwear hanging out, guns flaling all around, and you wonder why theres racism.


    Why are you here?

    Jack M

    It's a good song lol

    Reese Israel

    They not like your people or the other heathens of the earth they different they’ve been thru real shit could care less about y’all opinions honestly 💯✋🏾

  62. John Wicckk

    that highpoint gonna jam on his ass

  63. J Money

    i see bro stello in da cut

  64. Marquel Williams

    Damn this was 2 years ago

  65. Biggs Dark

    Paul Watson lmao!

    Unspecified Name

    PWJ is a joke and he shouldn't comment on things he doesn't know about

    Biggs Dark

    lmao its weird hes from the uk! idk how he knows about this?

    Unspecified Name

    @Biggs Dark Probably randomly selected it as a piece of "gangster music" to fit his race-baiting narrative. All of those nitwits at InfoWars are concerned about is clickbait and creating controvery at this point

  66. nema labavo đk


    Young Savage

    That's Line Real Nigga Shit

    Denzel Pinkerton

    Facts 💯 Rns

    KD NumbaN9ne

    Str8 hi points


    Young Savage damn he a real nigga for putting a gun to his face wow man “gang shit”

  67. Sasha Stevens


  68. TyFrmDaDeen


  69. Kevin Jackson



    Smoking tooka like a hooda team 600 full of shooters!

  71. Fraudulent

    that highpoint gone jam😂😂

    Lord G

    😁 Yup.

    T.E.S.S. Fitness (Train Eat Sex Sleep)

    hi point lol and you right it will jam but im sure its a throw away.

    Bleek Cartier

    Shits always jam ... Smh hate them shits lol

  72. Micah Wall

    that nigga with the tank top joc was chuuuuuunkyyyyyyy

    Micah Wall

    @Richer p Sickert. Talking bout his gun you s+upid x 3

    Richer p Sickert.

    Nigga you ain't talking about no damn gun gay ass nigga ...you fucking called dude a "tank top joc" .... Fruitlooper.


    Aye I'm looking for a plug reply


    but everybody got an in box don't trip

    Dr Kush

    +YOUNG NIGGA GETTING IT want a real plug look to the streets


    @John Green ,👌

    Dr Kush

    +YOUNG NIGGA GETTING IT go to the dark web for all your needs


    @John Green he'll nah they hella overprice


    👌THIS IS FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. Jose De Varona

    By the way, on my channel I made a clean version to this song.. It was my first time editing a song like that. ( I needed to choose a song for a project but this has curse words so I had to take them out...)

  76. Jose De Varona


  77. Pinder G

    600 breezy gets me going ahahaha

  78. 380 Badie

    Justo skin color match the mask lol

  79. Daisy Jackson

    Voicemail weak Boy

  80. Armoni Fambro

    like he say RIP LA and t 600

  81. Terrell!

    pause at 00:39

    Tae Rozay

    What he say.

  82. Cristian Serrano

    FREE #9 FREE #22

  83. Matthew Palser

    my nigga being real not acting

  84. Matthew Palser

    my nigga being real not acting

  85. Lynda Sowemimo

    Never been a hooper all I know is shooting bricks 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Jay Money

    i aint neva been a hooper all i know is shooting bricks(GDs)

    Arianna Hutchison

    +Justin Esser-Jones Didnt lil jay say "just stick to hooping?"

    Jay Money

    +Arianna Slaayys i dont know... what song?

    Arianna Hutchison

    SHooters @Justin Esser-Jones

    Jay Money

    +Arianna Slaayys he said it but i dont think it was intended towards breezy

  87. PNV Maine

    Heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. Eddie tha Godd

    six O gang gang

  89. Rondo392

    i was watching this music video on my new 4k tv in 3d shit was crazy

  90. V G

    never been a Hoover or hooper?


    +Virgil G i think he said hooper as in hoop (basketball) all i know is shooting bricks (not basketball bricks, but drugs)


    +bushman77 no bricks as in bricksquad (not guwop)

    Drippy J

    +bushman77 yeah he meant that he was never a hooper cause he shoot bricks as in air balls that's the bar and it also meant shooting the oops as in brick squad

  91. Forbes Ferrari

    Everybody from chicago got a lyrical song series lbs. 4 mins of Hell(Herb), 55 bars(Rondo), 52 Bars(Durk) & Breezy with 24

    Kendrick King

    nigga u really put lil herb lyricism with them? breezy Turnt but not lyrical at all


    +Kendrick King Compared to a lot of drill rappers, he's pretty versatile.

  92. Trey Savage

    TOOKA DAY IN 2 days

  93. The-William Speaks

    Lil Herbs Older Brother

  94. Taliban23x

    Breezy hard as shit 🔥🔥

  95. BDK 300k

    Bds and gds should just get along their music would be 100% more 🔥🔥🔥

  96. MunchDaDemon

    I'm gayy I love 600breezy😛😍😘😻i won't his dick in my mouth

    YOUNG Rueben

    +nakhi fitzpatrick the fuck nigga

    Fabio LeYva

    lmao 😂😂 u funny as hell bro

  97. Quinn Dorsey

    @Alfredo Rodriguez faget

  98. The Don

    What happened to the guys stomach ? Did he get shot

    I'm your daddy niggaa

    The dude bossmo with the 600 tattoo on his neck is he dead

    Steezy Beats

    +Willie Swain no

    Mr No Name

    Yh thats inky d he did get shot

    Tobin Matlock

    +I'm your daddy niggaa no