5th Dimension, The - Moonlight Mile Lyrics

When the wind blows and the rain feels cold
And the sky's full of snow
And the sky's full of snow
In the window, there's a face you know
Don't the time pass slow?
Don't the nights pass slow?

The sound of strangers sendin' nothin' to my mind
Just another mad' mad day on the road
And I'm just livin' to be lyin' by your side
I'm just about a moonlight mile (just about a moonlight mile) on down the road

Oh' babe' just about a mile on down the road
Oh, babe, just about a mile on down the road

Made a rag pile of my shiny clothes
Gonna warm my bones
Gonna warm my bones
I got silence on my radio
Let the air waves flow
Let the air waves flow
Let the air waves flow' oh, oh, oh

I'm smilin' sister when I'm dreamin' (dreamin'' ooh)
I'm drivin' down your moonlight mile (moonlight mile, moonlight mile)
I'm smilin' baby when I'm dreamin' (dreamin', ooh)
I'm drivin' down your moonlight mile (moonlight mile, moonlight mile, moonlight mile, moonlight mile)

When the wind blows (moonlight mile, moonlight mile) and the rain feels cold
And the sky's full of snow (snow)
And the sky's full of snow (snow)
In the window, there's a face you know
Don't the time pass slow?
Don't the nights pass slow?

For I am sleepin' under strange, strange skies
Just another mad, mad day on the road
My dream is fadin' down the railway line
I'm just about a moonlight mile (just about a moonlight mile) on down the road

Oh, babe, (hey) just about a mile on down the road (well)
Oh, babe, just about a mile on down the road (yeah)
Oh, babe, (hey) just about a mile on down the road (ya gotta, ya gotta)
Ya gotta hold on, (tell 'em bah) just about a mile on down the road (here I come, here I come)
Ya gotta hold on, (baby) just about a mile on down the road (Hey, hey, hey)
Ya gotta hold on, (here I come) just about a mile on down the road (bring it home, baby)
Ya gotta hold on, (aw, yeah) just about a mile on down the road (babe, ya gotta, ya gotta)
Ya gotta hold on, (tell 'em bah) just about a mile on down the road

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5th Dimension, The Moonlight Mile Comments
  1. Mike Johnson

    Good version.

  2. T Keane

    Jeff Porcaro on drums

  3. 21 7xe

    I only heard this song recently.. Can't stop listening

  4. Cindy Mckee

    thx thx thx

  5. Cindy Mckee

    wowee. i cant believe this. this is incredible. 5th Dimension woweeeee

  6. Gerald Johnson

    Feb.4: Happy birthday Singer Florence LaRue of The Fifth Dimension. God bless. Thanks for the upload, ButchMSLPig. Blessings

  7. Ukooku Ppippa

    love that this is finally freely available. thank you marilyn. thank you billy. thank you florence. thank you lamonte. thank you in heaven angel ron! i'm sorry it was painful to make..listening to it is joyously otherwise

  8. Signalstat Steve Douglas

    rest in peace my friend ron townson.

  9. Gigi Dooley

    So unsung. I love them. Great harmony..

  10. Invisible Sun

    This version I must say exceeds the original by the Stones. I couldn't get enough of this and the album as a whole when I first heard it.

  11. 4UCarla

    The harmony is amazing.  Ahh, I wish for these days again when groups actually had talent.  Thanks for playing this.

  12. Aniwazoa

    Wow, just wow. 40 seconds in to this song and I absolutely love it!

  13. Gasparuccio X

    xtraordinary version of one the best stones's song

  14. SashineB

    Thanks for posting this. I've been on a 5th Dimension cloud all week, as the current group put on a show this week, my first time to see them since 1970. Florence is doing her best to keep the music alive and the crowd was happy. I just wish we could still turn on the radio and hear the next big hit from this terrific group.

  15. SashineB

    A wonderful, amazing group. You're right about the ten years that they gave us. How I wish we could roll back the clock and undo whatever happened that caused their popularity and sales to decrease. My all-time favourite group.

  16. Keith Coppage

    This is it for me, the quintessential 5th Dimension track. Never get tired of listening to it. Let's all hope Earthbound gets its place in the sun someday... maybe a 40th anniversary cd in 2015!

  17. lohengren

    It's good but nothing compares to the original.

  18. stage7

    @MsTexas73 I TOTALLY agree on EVERY point my friend! And THIS SONG is 'IT' for ME too, as well as the WHOLE EARTHBOUND ALBUM! I LOVE it! Does ANYONE HAVE it, and can I PLEASE GET it somehow from you! Please hit me in ma inbox if willing to help! GREAT APPRECIATION!
    You're right, their voices ALL GO TOGETHER like NOTHING ELSE! Never before have I heard voices SOO made for each other except with Mary and Florence and Diana, and Joyce and Pam Vincent! Exquisite! The 5th!

  19. Noodleydoo

    @Noodleydoo It's one of the last. If you listen to the 1976 version of "Be Good to One Another" with Billy's replacement (Danny Beard) on lead, Billy is clearly singing and ad-libbing at the end of it. That was probably being recorded when M and B split, and the new group finished it, although it has only been released as a bootleg. A whole album for ABC was cut, called "Home Cookin'" but never released. Next thing you knew, the 5th was on Motown.

  20. MsTexas73

    @Noodleydoo It's not that she hates the album...it's the emotions they get stirred up at the memories of the recording sessions...this was around the time they decided to leave the group...a lot of emotion aorund that time...reguarding creative differences and what have you. Read Robert's latest blog on MySpace...it's a two part interview with Marilyn & Billy and they discuss Earthbound.

  21. Noodleydoo

    @uKooKu I'm with you. I don't get why Marilyn hated this record so much. She wouldn't even listen to the final product! I have met Marilyn and Billy several times, but it was before I found out they hated "Earthbound." I really want to ask Marilyn what her problem with the record was. Maybe because she only had one solo...who knows?

  22. MsTexas73

    @uKooKu I have a turntable too...can't hook it up correctly for some reason. Gonna take it to the GEEK SQUAD so they can show me what I'm doing wrong.

    And Both Marilyn and Billy said in their book that they were disappointed with the outcome of the album. I can't remember everything they said, but it was a stressful set of recording session as well.

  23. ButchMSLPig

    @MsTexas73 Agree, there is just something about the song that makes me want to listen to it over & over .. After listening to the original version of the song by the Rolling Stones, which I really Njoyd (not always the case for me & ROCK), it made me appreciate the 5th's version even more .. The way they interpret the song is so different then the original, yet so on point .. When Did I Lose Your Love & Walk Your Feet In The Sunshine have those same "can't listen to them enuf" qualities ..

  24. MsTexas73

    @SandozSaxonWilliams I can honestly say that there not an album they made that I don't like...even if I may not like every song on it. There were MANY album cuts and B-sides that IMO should have been singles.

  25. MsTexas73

    @SandozSaxonWilliams I know right? There are sooo many songs I've heard and thought, "What if the 5th had sung that?" "Grazin in the Grass" by sister group Friends of Distinction comes to mind immediately.

  26. MsTexas73

    But, I will take the ten years they gave us because there is not ONE bad album they put out. There may be some albums that catered more to one style of music than others...but there really is SOMETHING on EVERY album for everybody.

    This song here is just IT for me though. I really can't get enough of listening to it...through my headphones...and catching ALL of their voices individually and collectively. There is not ONE voice that I can do without. They all just go together so well.

  27. MsTexas73

    After listening to this album several times...I can say that this song is my FAVORITE...it is one of my ALL TIME favorite 5th Dimension songs period. The harmonies on it, the lyrics, the music, the mood...it is REALLY just a GREAT song. I don't know what really went on that last year with the original 5th...it's really not my business. I just wish they had stayed TOGETHER.

  28. Noodleydoo

    @ButchMSLPig Yeah I agree. Every group eventually cracks under the pressure.

  29. ButchMSLPig

    @Noodleydoo It's too bad that things got so tense at the end .. Good to know that they pretty much healed their wounds later on & supposedly buried the hatchets ..

  30. Noodleydoo

    @ButchMSLPig Actually the group started recording some new material after they released this album. If you listen closely to "Be Good to One Another," Billy Davis is clearly singing on it. Danny Beard, his replacement, is on lead but Billy comes in at the end and ad-libs. I would guess the group started recording "Home Cooking" when Marilyn and Billy took off, and the new 5th finished it. The tension in the group was so bad at the end that Ron Townson brought a gun to a recording session.

  31. ButchMSLPig

    well this album was their last group effort .. No idea which of those songs was the last one recorded ..

  32. Noodleydoo

    @martinjp1958 Me too. I missed the 5th in their heyday, but as I was coming into middle school this album came out, I was blown away. Despite the dated synths, this album, IMO, was the best thing the group ever did.

  33. doneitx

    ooooh what a wonderful song !!!!!!
    hope i was living in the 70s !!!!!
    but, can anyone please tell me how to get it in mp3 format that would nice !!

  34. MsTexas73

    could be.

  35. ButchMSLPig

    maybe that is one reason Marilyn didn't like the album very much

  36. MsTexas73

    I agree...I liked the album...although I think it could also be known as a Billy album...A LOT of Billy leading...and I missed hearing more Marilyn and Flo or even Ron...BUT...I do like this album...played the whole thing again last night while I studied.

    Walk Your Feet in the Sunshine is one of those songs you just GOTTA listen to...makes you feel so good. YES! Like Stoned Soul Picnic.

    And those CLASSIC 5th Harmonies and break out voices!

  37. ButchMSLPig

    i liked this album overall .. It reminded me of Magic Garden, probably because Jimmy Webb produced both of them .. I loved Marilyn singing "when did I lose your love", "moonlight mile" was a really nice cover of the Rolling Stones song that i had never heard be4 till a few days ago, "walk your feet in the sunshine" reminded me of the 5th when thay sang things like stone soul picnic or sweet blindness or anything else upbeat & happy ..

  38. patmc82

    I love this version. Magic In My Life is another great song from this album.

  39. MsTexas73

    Oh Bless you for posting this...one I don't have to do it...and two it's not a bad tune.

    What are your thoughts about this album as a whole?