38 Special - Rebel To Rebel Lyrics

When the night winds down and my thoughts run deep
And the Lord hangs a black cat moon
As I lie awake I swear I heard a song in the wind
In the southern breeze I can hear the strummin'
of a six string just outta tune
And a whisky soaked voice
Singing 'bout places he's been
Cuttin' through the night
Like a siren's song
He's tellin' me tonight
Gotta spread the news along

Rebel to rebel
To anyone who's ever tried
Rebel to rebel
To take on the other side
Callin' out his name as night is falling
A brother's voice is calling
Sending messages through the past
To rebels like me and you

I can see his face as I watch the stars
From a tour bus heading from town
With a wink and a smile
He'd tell me things words couldn't say
To be a street survivor
Boy you gotta stand tall
Keep that dream in your heart
I'll be there in the fight
Nothing gonna stand in our way
Well I'm taking his advice
As I sing this song
Let fortune roll the dice
And don't you ever forget where you 're from


Rebel to rebel
Now I see him walk away
Rebel to rebel
Here it come
Now I hear his voice again
Rebel to rebel
To anyone who's ever tried
Rebel to rebel
To take on the other side
Callin' out his name as night is falling
A brothers voice is calling
Rebel to rebel oooh rebels like me
Rebel to rebel, rebel to rebel, rebel to rebel

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38 Special Rebel To Rebel Comments
  1. Julie Wortham

    Dedicated to my best friend/sister, Lisa. Rest in Peace, baby...love you.

  2. Todd Williams

    Black people will never understand the rebel flag or what it means the can take there African flag and stick it up there asses

  3. Travis T

    "and don't you ever forget where you're from"

    Funny thing is, Ronnie Van Zant did forget where he was from. Late in life he was calling himself "The Mississippi Kid" which apparently no one understood.

  4. Greg Gregory

    Trump is finally getting impeached!!! Justice!!!
    Nancy is grabbing trump by the pussy!!
    Hillary is watching trumps Impeachment unfold on TV.
    Classic karma!!!
    Crooked who??
    Hillary still not locked up or guilty or arrested or indicted or subpoenaed. Told you all...

  5. Robert Cubinelli

    The South will ROCK again, it will !!

  6. Diana Wanner

    Love it seen them do this live. Was awesome.

  7. Sean Morrison

    Too bad they don't perform it anymore

  8. Curtis Jones

    38 SPECIAL is my #1 Rock 'N Roll
    ((Southern Rock) Band . Why?
    Because Jacksonville , Florida is where I was born & raised. at.

  9. Steve Kimmel


  10. Mark Smith

    One of my favorite songs of all time.

  11. Michael Brabazon

    To Steve my brother my best freind God I miss you will the pain ever go away You are always in my heart Mike.

  12. Robert Millet

    Couldn't get enough of this song when it came out over-the-air I love it

  13. randall scott burress

    This scares me sooo ? We are all just hittin and runnin*

  14. Susan Brock

    Donnie wrote this for Johnny.. .

    Rob Williams

    Susan Brock Donnie wrote this for Ronnie

  15. Judy Walker

    Great song.The riffs by Danny Chauncey in the middle and end are pure genius.

  16. Chris Criswell


  17. Ondřej Kosina

    This song makes me cry... Great job

  18. Faye Howard

    In Memory of my Only Brother;Took his life;on the 3rd of June 2016;Rebel2Rebel;I Miss You Brother;I'm trying 2 keep our dream alive!never forget where you're from!Cherokee!

  19. penny stone

    To anybody that has had and lost a brother-R.I.P


    I feel ya

  20. j henry

    What a great tribute to a great singer.. There is true feeling in this song from Donnie.. These guys put feeling into all their songs.. great band..

    Nana Brem

    Love this song🙏

  21. 69raegeo

    awsome song ......... and band !!

  22. Rick Good

    True love for a brother!!!!

  23. Eugene Dupain

    Just saw Skynyrd play at Gibbston Valley Winery, Queenstown New Zealand. Beautiful place, amazing show, the rebel flags were flying, Ronnie would've loved it :)


    If you goto a Skynard or 38 Special Concert and if you don't have a Huge Confederate Flag " Rebel flag " to Fly. . . is considered a sin around these parts !!

  24. Gio048

    Great tune for a great singer.RIP Mr Vanzant.

  25. CryostationPartTwo

    its hard to imagine that revolution lies at the spirit of america. america was founded as a revolution, of RABBLE TO REBEL. yet this revolutionary spirit is now destroyed, replaced by tyrany and supression. we have become a nation of police states and goverment opression. 1 in 10 americans is in jail. the spirit of the founding fathers...languishes


    Not only that, MURDER was delt with here in a completely different manner! If you were cconvicted of murder back in the old days, you would be tied to a stake and shot to death in front of a Firing Squad !! Either that, or YOUR HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL YOUR FEET QUIT KICKING!

    Synfy lMysty Wynter

    CryostationPartTwo Not completely.

    Synfy lMysty Wynter

    CryostationPartTwo I still stand on the Rebel Side.

    Zach Kett

    I disagree.

    Robert Cubinelli

    The South will RISE again brother, just give it time.....and NEVER trust your govt.!

  26. Forrest Whittle

    I saw them in 2011 front row. Easily one of the greatest shows I have ever been to. I have a drumstick and Donnie's guitar pick that I will cherish forever. Seeing Donnie is like seeing the ghost of Ronnie, it is so creepy. Southern rock legends right here singing a song about the legendary Ronnie Van Zant.

  27. Anthony Iorio

    "Every song is good" is so true. I had a double greatest hits cd and listed to disc 1 for years...never made it to disc 2, dont ask me why..maybe cause disc 1 was so awesome. Well one day I finally decided to give 2 a whirl...and I instantly became addicted and actually like it more than disc 1 haha

  28. Jackie Kixx

    very great song!!!

  29. LilKronk92

    Amazing Tribute to Ronnie