38 Special - Bone Against Steel Lyrics

Rollin' out to Vegas
On an eastbound outta L.A.
I met a roughneck man who hailed from Alabama
His eyes had a lot to say
And his name was Rufus Champion

They call that train the desert wind
And it blew like a mutha that day
Thru the Joshua Trees
We were battin' the breeze
About our rock'n roll heros
Dead or alive

Out across that night did we sail
Bone against steel against the rail
Boats against the stream
Cutting against the grain
Kept on rollin'
Bone against steel

As the moon rose in the window
Rufus began his tale
About an oil rig near the gulf coast
Puttin' man against metal
In a classic work-place accident
He told how the drill commenced to shakin'
The platform started to rock
The chain began breaking
They were straight out of luck
And then the sky kinda lite up
Just like a lightnin' bolt had struck


Workmen's compensation don't compensate for much
With the doctors and lawyers and the IRS and such
You can break up the bone
But the spirit just won't bust
When is bone against steel

With casino lights up a shimmering
We made that Vegas stop
And we laughed away our blues
Now here's the good news
Rufus walks off heels a kickin'
With his baby right by his side
And as they waltzed on out of view
We were back up to speed
And clean outta sight

[Double chorus]

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38 Special Bone Against Steel Comments
  1. freyanenya white

    U say 🏹drop🏹 your shoulders a bit too much. But I love it.. carry on.🍏🍏🍏🍯🍯🍯

  2. The Real Music Observer

    Max Carl is a fantastic singer. He never got the credit he was due.

    Keith R

    The Real Music Observer He’s not bad ,but he also gave us the worst 38 song ever -Second Chance


    The Real Music Observer Love both Mx Albums. In fact I listen to the Max albums more than the older albums

  3. Island Spirit75

    Beautiful song.


    For 2 days, Oct 20-21, 1991, I interacted with 38 Special during the fall leg of the ' Bone against Steel' tour.
    10-20, I was the limo driver, taking Danny, Donny, Max and Jeff Carlisi to three regional radio stations in Reading, Mountainview, ( Star 107 FM, up on a big big hill!), and finally WLAN in Lancaster, Pa .
    The next night was a compted ticket courtesy of 38 special and their current label Charisma records. Back stage and front stage! Great guys, great show!