3 Doors Down - So I Need You Lyrics

If you could step
into my head, tell
Me would you still know me
If you woke up in my bed,
Tell me then would you hold me
Or would you simply let it lie,
Leaving me to wonder why
I can’t get you out of this head
I call mine
And I will say
Oh no I can’t let you go,
My little girl
Because you’re holding up my world,
So I need you
Your imitation of my walk
And the perfect way you talk
It’s just a couple of the million things
That I love about you
So I need you
So I need you
So I need you
So I need you
And if I jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge,
Tell me would you still follow me
And if I made you mad today,
Tell me would you love me tomorrow?
Or would you say that you don’t care,
And then leave me standing here
Like the fool who is drowning in despair
And screamin’
Oh no I can’t let you go,
My little girl
Because you’re holding up my world,
So I need you
Your imitation of my walk
And the perfect way you talk
It’s just a couple of the million
Things that I love about you
So I need you
So I need you
So I need you
So I need you
I’m on my own
I’m on my own
I’m on my own
Oh no I can’t let you go,
My little girl
Because you’re holding up my world,
So I need you
Your imitation of my walk
And the perfect way you talk
It’s just a couple of the million things
That I love about you
So I need you
So I need you
So I need you
So I need you!

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3 Doors Down So I Need You Comments
  1. YeZz

    S O I N E E D A N E W P H O N E

  2. Rio Rio

    Say great tune.

  3. Joe isgone

    This is the last song I sung my daughter to sleep while holding her. Still makes me cry. And not the whole song reminded me of her mostly just the chorus.

  4. Elin B

    Kan fortf inte gå.

  5. Brio Dash

    I member when this album came out. This song changed my life.

  6. Joshua Salazar

    Am i the only one that thinks this song is about his daughter an not a gf i dont know but i hear this song an think of my little girl


    Songs can mean many things. Maynard from TOOL once said something like "TOOL is what you need it to be"
    Or somewhere along such lines

    Adam Blevins

    I've always thought the same.

  7. Elin B

    Kan fortf inte gå.

  8. Jeanins Cline

    Need jobabe

  9. Sam Jones

    Your not on your own

  10. Tracey Easter

    I love that he needs me

  11. Melissa Hagood

    I’ve seen them in concert four times and hope to see this one every single time. No such luck yet 🙁

  12. 3MrMarcus2

    Miiiiiiiilaaa <3

  13. Rickey Engle

    you don't need me,,you never have,,,

  14. Roberta Luchey

    I NEED YOU",

    Tiff Clemons

    Lookd n lookd text after text...?

  15. Rickey Engle

    you don't need me,,go away,,

    Veritas Aequitas

    Good for you..

  16. Elin B

    Stoppa monstret!

  17. Sherry Light-n-Love

    I wish they would change the words to the song to say I Choose You!! Wouldn't let me go empowering? nobody wants somebody who's needy, it's one thing to feel important to someone and inspire people to do things but it's another when someone's needy it pushes me away even though our tendency is to help people the strength lies in supporting and walking and partnership 💗🎼🎶🎵🥁

  18. Belinda Golden

    I need you !

  19. Elin B

    Sluta såra mig

  20. Tina Tiller

    So I need you....

  21. David Moncada

    I should to say " so much get better "

  22. Elin B

    Sluta såra mig

  23. Elin B

    Vad vill du mig?

  24. Elin B

    Sluta såra mig

  25. Elin B

    Vem är det till?

  26. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    I've started listening to them since like yesterday while studying, and they're amazing!, already listened their first and second album

  27. Tina Vasquez

    Great lyrics!!

  28. Elin B

    Skadar mig själv igen. Mission accomplished? Hovsjö 2.0

  29. Ashley Rachelle Braithwaite

    love this song


    I NEED YOU !!!

  31. Elin B

    Jag fortsätter skada mig själv

  32. Dani Morneweck

    One of my favorite songs!

  33. Joy Marie


  34. Elin B

    Det här fick mig att slå mig själv. Monstret ni skapat. Jag hanterar inte det här dumpningsspelet.

  35. Elin B

    STOP THIS MONSTER 🙍🏻 😿 ❗️ 💔

  36. Elin B

    Han kunde inte dumpa mig idag heller 💔 Jag hatar det här och henne.

  37. Elin B

    I cant wait to wake up with you. Its what I long for 🏩

  38. Elin B

    I need you too 🏩

  39. Peaches strong

    Randy Wayne strong

  40. Innocent Sweetie

    Reminds me of me and my dad. <3

  41. Macushla XOXO

    Everything you are, I need.

  42. Lalo Godinez

    i need you so much professor 😏❤❤❤

  43. Hal Mintel Jr

    Amazing song

  44. Brian Holmes

    Love hurts no doubt.

  45. Tina Dilworth


  46. Viva La Revolucion

    Angelica Felix
    te amo mamychula Linda 💘😍😍😘

    Viva La Revolucion

    Jelly Bean

  47. Umar Tariq

    all i need forever is you

  48. Jay M

    btw it sounds like oh woah. do you know

  49. Jay M

    thanks for this

  50. Laura Roum

    this song is awesome

  51. Theo Grieve

    this song is awesome

  52. moutzouMan

    Afieromeno sti zouzouna mou! S'agapo <3

  53. nate556

    One year later... Getting hit by a bus sucks.

  54. nekroskaiorfanos

    I need you so much because I love you blahblahblah fed up with it, I dedicate this song to my lovely illegal plant

    Welfrin Mejia


    brandon kerr


    Shae Light

    ROFL! XD

    Kristin H

    nekroskaiorfanos LOL YES! they do tend to be our little lovely babies.



  55. charles fitze

    all I need is you Cheryl in my life so I need you

    Keeba Sims

    this song is to my daughter lol

  56. Shannon J Williams

    I love this song and I need you, Tasha, so I need you, i'm on my own and I need you!!!


    I totally agree...save Tasha for me....HAHA

    Patrick Billera

    +indskab Dick

  57. llackso

    Lyyyyyra! <3

  58. Megan D

    My boyfriend had me listen to this today. He means the world to me. I love you Charlie! <3

  59. Xanatos

    So, did you guys break up yet?

  60. Roberto Mocellini

    Ho bisogno di te... (italian)

  61. Koibito Chan

    *sigh* You say what you may, but there are some people who go against society, and sadly are shunned and endlessly put to shame for doing so, that don't act like the way you're saying ^.^

  62. Kafferlord

    Congrats to you and Alysia :).

  63. Mitchell Waukau

    this song reminds me of my buitiful crazy ass wife

  64. Reska101

    I'm still trying to figure out if i think you're mental or a genius...

  65. Jimmie Rustler

    i love that fucking qoute :P

  66. maria .escapist

    ....i think that you are going to end up alone....u can't just using people for the rest of your life dood....just my opinion and your choise..

  67. Tom H

    Then stop complaining and start getting yourself out there. Do you think that sitting on your lazy ass writing a youtube comment about it is ever going to get you anywhere? No. NOW GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND MAKE SOME FRIENDS!

  68. mathew EMOlove

    I need someone to Love, but, I have no one to, (///_O)

  69. MilitarizeGaming

    thats not bad. i have a craving that only human flesh can satisfy

  70. blondedbythelight703

    That's nice.

  71. blondedbythelight703

    I feel bad for you that you see yourself as an object, maybe get to know yourself as a person!

  72. blondedbythelight703

    I forgot how much I loved this album!

  73. Layla F

    I'm not english, so I'm very proud of myself I can speak 5 languages and its not a problem if I mixed up between french spelling and english. But thanks for correcting :P

  74. Sakurrai Ravinelli

    You mean a "psychiatrist" right? You need to go back to English class, or get a dictionary VERY quickly!

  75. BeastlyCircle

    i dedicated this song to my fiancée. i love you alysia and i will always be there for you and im glad i will be spending my life with you <3 thumbs up so she can see this and know how much i love her

  76. Fê Jamaican Werneck

    I love you Mumu =[ ,

  77. nate556

    Don't write a book including the grit and grime. Write a book about the grit and grime.

    It'll sell better.

  78. nate556

    I wanna get hit by a bus!

  79. nate556

    Who would YOU go through hell with ?

  80. Kafferlord

    Yeah, this is absolutely not about a child.

  81. Ian Arnold

    I'd say it's probs applies to both a significant other and child

  82. scorpionlucky20

    hes jealous, he probley has a choad and cant get any

  83. Alex Burton

    It's music, it's beautiful, it doesn't matter how what he intended the song to signify. Every person who listens can give their own meaning to the song. It doesn't matter how he intended it if no one else could feel it, then it's useless.

  84. xLittlexMissxMalicex

    Wow, sad bitter little man. I hope one day you grow up.

  85. Kyle72828

    Bro, the problem with him writing this for his daughter is the fact that when he wrote this song he didn't have any kids. So it's kinda hard for him to write this about his nonexistent baby girl.

  86. mark brown

    mad thing all di way from Jamaica yow.......

  87. NathanKing

    You sir are a genius. Write a book or something. I've got to tell my buddy this stuff :D.

  88. Hope Gross

    I was shown this by my bf, it's a great song, and he used it to describe himself. So, yeah.

  89. 420doby

    Me 2, we just split up Sun, almost a week ago, but We haven't been living together since the end of Oct, cause i caught her in a few lies, but she wouldn't admit to, even when i showed her proof.It wasn't cheating tho. In my pic here that's Kelly beside me, I never met any one like her, I love her so. Kelly and I have a precious gift together. Our boy Jack-Rylan is 8 months, he was born a week after my b day which is March 17th. I just want my little family back. Love them more them so much.

  90. Scott Fletcher

    Dont Chase Replace


    tell her and good luck !!!

  92. Space Boy Productions



  93. babydisey

    Are you stupid? Obviously Did you not read my comment and the comment I was replying too? I fucking know he was talking about his girlfriend idiot..