2 Unlimited - No One Lyrics

[RAY:] I've been searching a long time and I just don't know
I try to catch solutions, I try to catch the flow
Thoughts running through my mind, maybe the man in the front, Yo
Was the man from behind
Where is the place where I don't have to watch my back
When I can just go without protecting my sex
Will it come? No-one knows, hey yo. No-one knows

[ANITA:] No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But to dream and fantasize

[RAY:] On and on to the break up comes
Uh uh uh Cheer
No-One knows

[RAY:] You better recognize when I pass your way
It's the techno-rap singer by the name of Ray
Can we compromise to have a better place
Can we reach the goal to have an equal race
So amazing how things change
But we're growing up so it ain't that strange
The inspiration comes through the nation
Will it last, no-one knows, no-one knows

[ANITA:] No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But to dream and fantasize

[ANITA:] Escape to paradise
Dream and fantisize

[RAY:] No-one knows, yo, will I know
Like Janet Jackson "That's the way love goes"
My mind's playing tricks, there's no way out
No-one can hear you, not even if you shout
I feel the pressure, you can not measure
Time will tell, heaven or hell
How will the world survive nowadays
No-one knows, hey yo, no-one knows

[ANITA:] No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But to dream and fantasize

[ANITA:] No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But to dream and fantasize

[ANITA:] Hey hey hey hey
No-One knows!
Hey hey hey hey
No-One knows!!
Escape to paradise, Yeah
Oh, oh, oh
No-One can resist the desire to escape to paradise!

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2 Unlimited No One Comments
  1. Bishkek Bishkek

    Anita Dot 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚👍👍👍

  2. 60s-70s greek beats and sounds


  3. Mistor Mef

    Красивая песня и видос

  4. Хусан Шамсиддинов

    Даааа было время


    Enero 21 2020 ... A todo volumen 2 unlimited... No one.. Vamos vamos..

  6. Elbeto7

    in 2020 listening to the duo that most listened to in the 90s. I always liked that girl.

  7. Artur Zdziechowicz

    To byly czasy wiejskie dyski

  8. Erol Oden

    Wow , very nice song.

  9. Victor Costin


  10. Amanda Mendes

    The best of flash back alguém em 2020👍👍👍👍

  11. Павел Сомов

    2020 эмоций столько же как и когда услышал в первый раз

  12. Nostrum84

    This sounds so much like Amiga music :DD Gotta love it

  13. bla bla

    I love the sound of the 90s, and especially these paradise-themed songs (like this one for example... or mr president's coco jambo... or heath hunter's revolution in paradise.... inner circle's sweat a la la la la long... KLF's justified and ancient... solid base's never know... and many others that I don't remember at the moment). Basically, they're all the same, but they're enjoyable as fuck if you asked me :)

    Also, this is probably 2U's best song... well, it's definitely my favorite song, that's for sure.... Sometimes I miss the 90s so much...

  14. Nishant Korlekar

    Hey anita's ur so beautiful

  15. Chi


  16. xristoforos dakis

    I love techno music!!!

  17. Mauricio zepeda Colocho

    Música de verdad tecno

  18. boschista

    I triee to get some solution I tried to get some flow.

  19. Onur O


  20. Paczik Paczik


  21. A_Mur A_Mur

    Nostalji 🥰

  22. Кана Казахстан

    27 ноября 2019

  23. Дмитрий Костюкевич

    The most beautiful song

  24. mulhauser krisztina


  25. Marwan Malti

    Akram Junior team ?

  26. olivier boyer

    akram novembre 2019

  27. Rolando Torres

    Este tema lo disfrute mucho, hasta me compré el cassette, saludos desde Chile

  28. Kobe N1

    magic song!!, 2020 Who's still listening?

  29. раду радионов


  30. Jarka Nová


  31. سلطانه هيام

    November 2019??? 😍

  32. Владимир Иванов

    Какая же классная музыка была в 90-ых!!!!!!

  33. Аяулым Султанбек

    Лучше песни. А сейчас самый пидаразы. Что поют хуй его знают.

  34. Soso Bella

    I love the 90 th song

  35. زياد الجهني


  36. Eliana Zapata

    Por siempre los clasicos👑👍


    Tenía 20 añitos, hoy 45.... Anita que hermosa mujer, estos 25 años los e seguido escuchando sin cansarme, clásicos su música, hoy casi todos los que les escuchamos de jóvenes pasamos los 40 años....melancolía...fueron buenos tiempos.

  38. Flor Phoenix

    Esos fueron los mejores tiempos

  39. toni toni

    Te tetor 21.10.2019

  40. hasmize

    0 vulgarity
    0 nudity
    0 swearing
    1000 talent


    You have right. I wonder if the music videos are changing and there will be less half-naked women, after YouTube has followed the COPPA act.
    It is known that such music videos were directed for school youth and now the labels will have to determine if they are adult content oror for young people which have less than 18 years old.

  41. Leme Djipali

    Glory yers

  42. Daniel Janczyk

    Esencja muzyki dance lat 90 a teraz prawie wszystko na jedno kopyto aż do porzygu

  43. Majka76

    The old good times, when we didn't need drugs to dance the night away..


    Indeed. ... even though I m quiet addicted to cocaïne. .. good music doesnt make you take that shit to enjoy


    The dumbest comment under a 90‘s video ever! The 90‘s party’s were full of Pills and shit lmao

  44. misspuppa Mcc

    Wow she is beautiful

  45. clairemariviv

    The original Beyoncé

  46. Анна Рябинина

    Жаль, что они так пострашнели теперь. Но это было необратимо... 20лет прошлого дают о себе знать в каждом из нас. Не намолодишься)) Всё равно видно, что ты уже стар, "супер стар"))

  47. Aninhas

    Oktober 2019

  48. Czupakson

    Anita 😍

  49. Duke Nukem

    I love Anita and Ray. Forever..

  50. Afrim Selmani

    30 09 2019 nonononono 🔥🔥

  51. Alex 90210

    The king and the queen del tecnhoooooo 2 unlimited🙌🙌🎹🎹🎶🎶 forever in me heart, her music and duo Anita I love you forever😁😁💘💘😍😍😉😉😉

  52. Produccion Audiovisual Gestion Cultural - Eventos

    This group is fascinant. 😱

  53. form76

    Great techno music ! They were a fabulous duo💙💙🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛

  54. Michael St Clair

    Excuse can somebody tell what beach is the exact location please

  55. fizzl801

    Only 1 Million fews 😯🙄😐. We need more 😍😍😍. I hear that song for 20years day and night. Best song from 2 Unlimited😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❣️🥰🥰😘😘💋💋💋


    fizzl801 😃😃👍👍👍👍

  56. Juan Murillo Hardware

    puto, quite los anuncios.

  57. geert konings

    the 90,s best time of my life 2unlimited where millionair back in the days the whole worl new them

  58. Michael Rose

    Still listening in 2019. Far better than the rubbish out now. 2 Unlimited are just the best

    bert cools

    yep , i listen same day like you lol

  59. Sławomir Kapuściński


  60. rob evans

    you dont realise when your younger but anita doth was pretty hot stuff


    She looks alright for 48.. Have seen worse 😂😂

  61. Gjulijano OBELIC . Gjulijano . Romano 2019

    f .....not emc

  62. Sayed Shah

    Amazing just started listening after many years!

  63. Alex 90210

    Que buen clasico para los que somos fans de 2unlimited mi favorito el mejor duo del eurodande anita en el video se ve muy linda😍😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓mi amor platonico amo anita que buenos recuerdos me traen todas las canciones del duo los mejores la mejor musica del mundo yo amo los 90s la mejor epoca seguidor para siempre de este grupo y del eurodance👏👏👌👌💪💪😉😉😉

  64. gabriel caballero

    Lindos recuerdos

  65. Peter Schleuning

    2019 and 4 Ever

  66. Игорь Куксєнко


  67. Игорь Куксєнко

    Классный. Медляк 2лимитед

  68. Lucas Hartmann

    Hey Good best music 👏👏👏👏😎😎

  69. Хусан Шамсиддинов


  70. Özay Bozaci

    19 years yeah 😎

  71. Ion Vasilescu

    Anita was a very beautiful woman...I love her smile ...she's so hot when smiles...

  72. ilganis

    Who watch this song in 2018

  73. ThePantherproof

    I love 90s Techno Dance.

  74. jose vicente

    Meu video favorito top

  75. Edwin Ortiz

    buena canción!!!

  76. Artur Szkudlarek


  77. Elena Vikhreva

    Hell for sure!

  78. Dom W

    Anita 💕

  79. Bo Stanley

    I wish I was on the beach 🌴🌴🐠🐟🐬

  80. Beli Omerovic

    My favourite band and my favourite song of 2 unlimited...love this great song! Anita I LOVE YOU you are so wonderful!!!

  81. jose vicente

    Adoro por demais

  82. jose vicente

    Amo de paixao

  83. FreedomForce100

    My favorite song from 2 Unlimited.
    The synthesizer, the beat, the bass, the melody... simply the most polished and refined from them IMHO.

    bla bla

    I just said the same thing a minute ago :) ... Yeah, it's definitely their best song imo, too

  84. LikeMike20

    Super song nice Predator video

  85. Eli Ashuri

    So bad that there was no internet and cellular net that time.....Really it was difficult really to enjoy then . Only rich people could afford them to buy expensive players and stuff.

  86. Dosh

    my favorite part 1:57 !!!!!

  87. Fryderyk Chopines


  88. Rafael Fernandez

    Que bella mujer Anita.

    Que habrá sido de ella?

  89. jose vicente

    muito top

  90. Berly Magaly Escobar Flores

    Remember 90's Guatemala

  91. jose vicente

    adoro por demais

  92. iris40705

    Ellos son geniales....

  93. jose vicente

    não canso de assistir

  94. jose vicente

    amo muito


    there's no lyrics for 2 unlimited. ehy?

  96. Natyk Natyk

    Nice, beautiful, wonderful, simple, pleasant, willing to listen FOREVER!!!