2 Unlimited - Mysterious Lyrics

["A" - Anita]
["R" - Ray]

[A:] No way of controlling my body; Mysterious
You touch me that way, my souls of above
When we say goodbye
There's now turning back for love

[R:] Now I think it's time to make the floor burn!

[A:] No way of controlling my body; Mysterious
You touch me that way, my souls of above
When we say goodbye
There's now turning back for love

[R:] Can't you see now what I am saying
The beat is rough and I ain't playing
Mysterious things we like to know
Secret things that you never showed
A vision of something you're driving for
You gave me the key and I opened the door
There's something between us, you and me
'Cause your love is like a unsolved mystery

[A:] A mystery is what you are to me

[R:] You keep me guessing, I feel like stressing
All the time yeah you blow my mind
I don't know what I am searching for
Everytime you're around, you're asking for more
I'm interested to know what you are all about
You're the only on without a doubt
You've got me acting so delirious
Everything about you girl; Mysterious

[R:] Something you want to figure out but you don't know how? Mysterious

[R:] You move mysterious
You look mysterious
You are mysterious
So mysterious

[A:] No way of controlling my body; Mysterious
You touch me that way, my souls of above
When we say goodbye
There's now turning back for
No way of controlling my body; Mysterious
You touch me that way, my souls of above
When we say goodbye
There's now turning back for

[R:] Love

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2 Unlimited Mysterious Comments
  1. Monica Palopoli

    the 2 ulimited 💋💋💋💋😚💋

  2. Monica Palopoli

    mysterius 2 limited joya

  3. Tanya Scott

    Love this song is brilliant song🙂

  4. 马康

    One of my favorite 2 Unlimited songs.

  5. Alex Ortega

    El mejor grupo techno dance de los 90s. Tengo el gusto de tener casi todos sus discos de vinilos

  6. sherlock747

    How is this song not one of their biggest hits? I never hear them sing it at their concerts even. It's one of their best songs.

  7. PlasticFantastic AttentionDimension

    Very good, but "No limit" is no. 1 for me. What a baseline!

  8. Valdas Metrikis

    Kur ta jaunyste, kur jinai...

  9. XEKantoine

    I think it's time to make the floor burn! Best line :-D

  10. Yaroslav Sodol

    Love 2Unlimited 2019

  11. Христо Христов

    😥was a good time

  12. whitebird77

    techno is dead

  13. Valcir Firmino da Silva

    Maravilhosos anos 90... Bons tempos... Inesquecíveis!!!!

  14. андрей Глинский

    а...ху...ен....но!!!!!!! Моё несравненное юношество....10-й класс школы....

  15. Наталия Терлычко

    👍👏💏 2unlimited this the ukrainion Akva vita.

  16. Андрей Бархатов

    Обожаю 909-е хэты, снэры, клэпы! А также те лиды, пэды и басы!

  17. Altemir Luiz

    Muito bom

  18. Andrea Schöbel


  19. Catalin Stefan

    380V - 2018 - Good Vibration!

  20. ici ou ailleurs ici ou ailleurs

    Javai 14 piges

  21. Paulino Cloma

    magic friend and mysterious same video

  22. bombergal1

    I remember playing Battletoads to this. Good times.


    Marry me.

  23. Miroslav Šmíd

    Mega super, nejlepší od 2 Unlimited...

  24. Pabloss31

    The Magic Friend jełopie... to nie jest oficjalny film Masterious a juz myslalem.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALe muza daje czadu!

  25. TayRoNi Do GeTeA

    Best music

  26. DarkSquaRe100

    this is the video of 2 Unlimited - Magic friend ???

    Sunshine Yildiz

    I thought it is the originial video of this song

  27. andris иванов


    Sunshine Yildiz

    andris tolstiks

    TayRoNi Do GeTeA

    andris иванов Im kkk

    Valcir Firmino da Silva

    Música boa não tem prazo de validade!!!?

  28. sdfgdfg dfg

    Cool music! Reel2reel tare!

  29. Андрей Л

    круть невероятная

  30. 손대현

    이노래 찾는다고 죽는줄 알았네ㅋ

  31. Javier Buelvas

    The best group of Techno

    Michał Haładaj

    It's no techno man ...

  32. Lugia Kane

    2unlimited was pushing boundaries of dance and hardcore very avant gard but still fantasic even today 2016 still listening been 23 years already

  33. andris иванов

    mana mīļākā dziesma !

  34. Kobe N1

    N1 band in dance music!

    Дмитрий Старков

    I think so

  35. павел иванов

    блин моё детство прошло под ним,под направление этой музыки


    Me encantaaa!!!!

  37. T DiVirgilio

    She's describing what it's like from a woman's point of view of being taken from behind -- What it's like to have a guy grab her body, turn her around, and nail her rough in a good way, where there's no kissing possible because of her restraint in this particular way she's getting f*cked. It's a less intimate and "loving" sensation, but she loves it and that mystifies her.
    "The way you're controlling my body, mysterious."
    "You touch me that way, my soul's up above."
    **"When you say goodbye, there's no turning back for love."**

    By "say goodbye" she's referring to being flipped around, where she no longer sees her lover. She associates sexual intercourse with the intimacy from being face to face, kissing etc, yet the lack of so-called intimacy in this sex position, combined with the sheer bliss she experiences in being taken from behind like this is mysterious to her. Her feelings tell her to face and kiss her lover but she can't while her body is being used this way, but "there's no turning back for love." Even though she wouldn't rationally think she would like this, she loves it.

    Javed faziljaved

    did you take your medicines?


    We'll only know you're right or not when they confirm what the song is about..... to date to my knowledge that hasn't happened.

    Sunshine Yildiz

    Satelite TV


    You may be right, but something tells me that subtlety and metaphors don't play a huge role in 2 Unlimited's lyrics.

    Fay Goodwin

    Surely you are seriously mistaken, how can you even think that, when you have a brother and sister act dancing and singing around one another? That's sick!

  38. Terrance Navinden

    way ahead of time.....love this group

  39. Michał słowinski

    11 lat małem jak tego słucałem a teraz jestem stara dupa 32 wiosny

  40. Michał słowinski

    Ludzie to były tylko kasety i odważacz video dlaczego nikt tego nie ogląda ja jadę do oporu.

  41. drjdk100

    loved this

  42. Rafael Lopez

    los veré el 17 de octubre en Assen... :)

    PlasticFantastic AttentionDimension

    Great! Lucky you! How was the concert?

  43. Waldi ibiza

    To były Mega czasy i dojazdy rowerowe na wichure,by poskakać -Pozdrawiam Wszystkich ;)

  44. Aleksandar Kostov


  45. bikegirl2

    20 years ago, fuck man im no longer young.

  46. Goldstand11

    True dance classic

  47. edy argueta

    this song, extasis you litlle boy and girl, this is music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 36 years old, i know this music, from the begginning, sorry for mi bad inglish,

  48. Marius Scheijgrond

    1 of the few that was not nu,mber one hit

  49. klaudek9999

    I będą :)

  50. tomas tucker

    we were the cool kids cause we used to listen to these non stop wore my tape out listing to some great tracks 2 unlimited man did they have tunes or what i reckon they could give lady gaga a run for their money they still sound fresh today

  51. kensa1983


  52. drjdk100

    like it

  53. silverclubber

    miałam 9 lat i już mnie kręciła taka muza ;P

  54. Thomas Szteliga

    Still ROCKS after 20 YEARS!!! OMG! 20.

  55. gorekslonko

    Ray & Anita jak Neo & Trinity w Matrixie

  56. Tomáš Černý

    S U P E R
    S U P E R
    S U P E R
    S U P E R

  57. Ynos

    Amesome...best songs :D

  58. Musicantor

    Seeee, totalmente de acuerdo... Musica para coger!

  59. juan carlos melendez ramos

    Ni MTV lo hubiera hecho mejor. NJ!!

  60. Sonya Singh

    I am so in love with the entire album. These guys are simply awesome and my memories of childhood is so wrapped up in this album :D

  61. how bow dat

    pure enjoyment

  62. dilqueick

    one of the best dance team

  63. how bow dat

    extremely good music ;D

  64. fishy finning

    It's 2012 and I still listen to there music. Best dance music duo ever!!!

  65. Gary Forsyth

    they were dutch

  66. Serene White

    Yes they made this video in Western Australia when they toured, this is the Pinnacles and Wave Rock, their music can never be dated

  67. Vincent Alonso

    @maaraa01 Nah...they were right on time. I lived this music's inception and without it, the 90's would have surely been different.

  68. sherlock747

    Some of my favourite songs of the 90s were from 2 Unlimited.

  69. ComunidadImperio

    Heavily underated song, this one is AMAZING, should have been an official single, one of 2 Unlimited's finest works

  70. Ryszard Balawajder

    miłe wspomnienia

  71. maaraa01

    they were ahead of their time

  72. oncki1984

    @KamilMB Polacy mają dość chłamu puszczanego w radiu i pseudo muzycznych tv, dlatego wracają do klasyki. Pozdro dla innych nacji.

  73. oncki1984

    Muzyka młodości :)

  74. Halli Black

    Anita jakie krótkie włoski :)

  75. KamilMB

    So many Polish fans :) jestem jednym z nich :) In this music You can hear sth You don't get now a days. Hard to say what it is but this bit + the rythm does the thing!

  76. Yash

    omg............ almost cried listening back to this one after more than 10 years, I used to love it so much and could barely remember its name lol, great times back then.

  77. Wangoczek

    Nie znam drugiego takiego duetu,nie umiem okreslic co ich kawalki robia z czlowiekiem,przynajmniej ze mna..

  78. jublywubly

    That's Wave Rock in Western Australia. Then it's the Pinnacles, also in Western Australia. :-)

  79. Tommy Hammer

    i got chills ... so good

  80. tonydelaciotat

    Chanson de mon adolescence trop de bon souvenir.!!!!

  81. Andi Kitzmann

    häää... ist auch das video zu THE MAGIC FRIEND von 1992 !

  82. dzejejbii

    @tk80 - completely with you...

  83. djzee1000

    still sounds awesome...

  84. tk80

    One of those 90's magical moments.

  85. balabilu

    Oni to mieli talent do tworzenia muzyki!!! Teksty, komponowanie, tance...Wyroslem na tych wspanialych kawalkach i chetnie do nich powracam. Dziekuje, 2 Unlimited.

  86. ichibanmugen


    devil sound??

  87. KOBALT606

    Anita it´s so very hot Vamp :))

  88. ChrisX620

    Still love it!

  89. 79many

    BIG,BIG sound!!!

  90. Jonny Red

    i loved this choooooooooone....

    'I THINK ITS TIME TO MAKE THE FLOOR BURN....' one of Ray's best lines and attitude with it..tops!

  91. Wangoczek

    Even fit those pictures from"The Magic Friend".

  92. bombergal1

    I really loved this song!

  93. Rafael Martínez

    Good adaptation of the video. Unfortunately there's no official video for this great song!

    Александр Васнецов


  94. Quentin Kowal

    Są ponadczasowi!!(PL)