1TakeJay - IDK Lyrics

Ay Dat Probably Tago
Pipe That Shit Up TnT
Wait hol' up, I'm finna turn this bitch up

Naked pics of your bitch on my Snapchat
Money on your head, bullets rip through your snapback
Imma dog, never put my face where the cat at
You thuggin, but you name in them papers, you a lab rat
Subtweeting, niggas better mention who they mad at
Gift wrap, put you on your porch in a Glad bag
Slick talk, tell a bitch I'm broke, but I had cash
Bitches really fucking for revenge, you that mad
Stop it, cus I'm a motherfucking dog
I get money and fuck hoes, and I love to talk shit
Fuck a whip, I sell a bitch like a auction
Strap up, cus bitches burning niggas, be cautious
Bitches love to talk, let me know when you finish
You ain't even got a job, so it's fuck your opinion
Take you on a date, tie your shoes, cus you trippin
I drop dick and leave, I ain't staying with these bitches
I ain't gotta prove shit, niggas saying I ain't with it
Yeah a'ight, nigga this chop bigger than a midget
Like a six oh, let that bitch sing for a minute
Tryna kick me out society, cus bitch I'm a menace
Red bottom, nail me to the cross in my Christian's
Big money, pocket full of blues like I'm Crippin
You broke, cus you always in another nigga business
You good for a nut, bitch don't get it twisted
Post a pic of my bitch, so these hoes know the difference
But I never cuff, cus hoes love switching
Eat a Plan B, that's a incomplete mission
No babies, I always wear a hat like a fitted
Bitch, if you don't like it, don't listen
It's levels to this shit, I'm a Porsche, you a Civic
I'm fly as a eagle, you a dirty ass pigeon
Since you on a nigga dick, come hold it while I'm pissin'
51-50, checking bitches off the hit list
Being broke, nigga that's a incomplete sentence
You got a six pack, all I got is extensions
Bullets rip through walls, give a fuck about your [?]
Track meet, fuck it, run it up like a athlete
Uncle Sam, get yo ass robbed tryna tax me
Freak bitch, everybody fucking, you nasty
I love free promo, go ahead bitch at me
It's funny, your bitch used to walk right past me
But karma is a bitch, now I'm stored as her daddy
She getting knocked down, if the bitch send the addy
Don't call me about something I been hit last week

Goodbye, I appreciate your time

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1TakeJay IDK Comments
  1. That one guy at Taco Bell

    Ion even have a 6 pack I got a 9 pack only street niggas would understand

  2. That one guy at Taco Bell

    Did I see a flex of $5

  3. carlos b

    This shit too hard first song that makes me wanna dance

  4. Shoneteze Brown

    I hate sociology.

  5. Mr Topflightbleeder

    This hard 😂

  6. Isaiah Dyer

    Ima Porsche you Civic 😂

  7. Dayday Hotnow


  8. Jose Perez

    That's right there on reseda 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Michael Matthews

    My nigga 1take be groovin 😂🤣💪as soon his shit come im be jiggin nigga haha turn up tho !

  10. DaLonnie Crater

    Arco 2 on da wayy💯

  11. Michael Matthews

    This Lil nigga hard asf on Crip gas all-day fucc a hater keep put niggas in they feelings 💯💪🔥

  12. Diverge_Szn

    Now theres two bluefaces shii

  13. Dean Hoyt

    blueface copyrighted his voice so he’s gotta sound like this now

  14. Semaj Holston

    foes got three dollars in his hand im dead

  15. Official Voture

    Since you on a nigga dick come hold it while I'm pissin hahaa

  16. willie porter

    that was 3 dollars bro

  17. Daniel Robbins

    This shit is fire on crip♿️♿️🔥🔥

  18. MonSta BoYz Channel

    Fin turnnn this bitchhh uppp

  19. chris dixon

    Wait hol up this shit go

  20. GastonFNM

    Underrated rapper

  21. MARIE Arcos

    Omfg this nigga dumb asf😭😭😭😭😅😂

  22. Ju DaHooper

    1TakeJay is dropping hits 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  23. Zulu Nantambu

    He looks like k hart

  24. Rolando Sanchez

    Why he always look like he ate a dozen of the hottest wings at wingstop before every video?😂😂

  25. Diego Martinez

    When on SoundCloud

  26. soghettoFOFO

    Ain't this yg ride wit me beat sped up

  27. ŠÜPRĘMÉ MÊMĒ 916

    I thought he was in a PC cruiser

  28. Local Shooter

    I've listened to this a hunnid times this past last week wait hol' up

  29. Kuฯupt

    eat a plan b that’s a incomplete mission 👩🏿‍🦰

  30. NAHOO 77

    This dude is like blueface with talent.

    my mom likes. tapatio

    NAHOO 77 he was out before blue face

    NAHOO 77

    @my mom likes. tapatio ahh. So blueface is like 1takejay with less talent. Gotcha.

  31. Ciara Smith

    His voice sounds different

  32. 11 11

    Tired of niggas stealing bro shit

  33. Y Tho

    That piano beat sound like the beat from YG and rjmrla n Nip ride with me song

  34. Runem Production

    Wait hold up Im finna turn this bitch up 🔥

  35. BigJDoinBigThangz!

    I can't stop playing this 🤪🤪

  36. Kyle Wilding

    The fuck has this dude not blown ??

  37. Johnny Yong

    This shit so 🔥🔥🔥 it almost burn my house down! 😂

  38. riley james

    i fw jay heavy

  39. Remix King

    No hate I like his music but this is him

    1takejay: flexing also 1take jay:films outside a gas station

  40. Local Scam

    can’t stop think bout how this nigga was chillin in a trash bin

  41. John Jones

    Dumb ass banger for surely

  42. KnockNasty

    Briniging da heat🔥💯🤘🏾

  43. Wilson Gang

    Slap city

  44. Wilson Gang

    Juvenile sample dope

  45. 10 k

    dam when kevin heart recover

  46. yrn dj

    Not on spotify

  47. Thaddeus Lewis

    Legend has it he's been at am/pm since (arco)

  48. California King

    This song dope af 💯🔥

  49. California King

    The ice cream hoodie though

  50. eric Barbee

    This shit go craze

  51. Theresa Edgar

    "It's levels to this shit I'm a Porsche you a Civic " 🔥🔥

  52. Trey Paster

    We need ghost to react to this

  53. FlexX Clapz


  54. north splurg33

    Recomended and i fw it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Braden

    Tik tok bouta merc this song.

  56. Zayy

    Wait hol up ‼️‼️

  57. Lavcz

    Shit go dumb hard 🔥🔥🔥


    These bars, wit this video, wit jay in that dumpster, with those 1$, deserve at least a mil views😂💪🏽🔥

  59. YoungRe3hunnid

    Nigga really finnessed the dumpster fail🤣🤣💯

  60. anderson lopez

    Reseda? Before the 101?

  61. brandonthepro

    This is gass

  62. Chris Ayala

    This nigga biting Bay Area flow and sound so hard. He tryna sound like Slimmy B so bad.

  63. Alief HoustonMade

    Damn this hoe hot like wasabi 🔥🔥

  64. Lux Pyro


  65. AlphaKiido

    why this dude sound like blueface

  66. whippin up baby

    good bye. i appreciate cho time!

  67. whippin up baby


  68. Bread Boy

    Take yo on a date tie yo shoes cuz yo trip🎶💸

  69. Leanmonster

    Blue face took 1takejay style

  70. Matt Quinn

    The Homie 1takejay Killed It Again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    He waaaaay better than blueface

  72. BayAreaNews


  73. California Niche

    California Niche | We Support Local Art

  74. Gohzt

    U go stoooopid everybody gas cuh up so we can get some more bangers 😂🤘🏼

  75. Mkost Hkated

    Is it me or this nigga look like kevin heart🤣


    Doooo more videos

  77. mario garcia

    “I drop dick and leave, I ain’t staying with these bitches.” 🥵😤🔥

  78. cthethief

    This beat go hard🔥🔥🔥

  79. John Rivera

    1TakeBoyz Years They Going Outt all this year🛐🙏😎🤙

  80. the real TIERA Barnes

    Phuc yea this m************ 1 take Jayis a motherfuking slap Rap God

  81. Christopher Moya

    Dis nigga a fool ❗️😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🅱️

  82. nathan zuvia

    Bitches wana ride w me

  83. CvTW Blackie


  84. Humberto Bustamante

    Video editor : so what are you flexin today
    1takejay: 3 dollars

  85. Jamari Widemon


  86. Chris Johnson

    Before a mil 🔥🔥

  87. KG T

    Quit tryna steal the BlueFace vibe


    KG T he was out before blue face dick head and he got better lyrics fool


    Idk why cuh killed this

  89. Chris Westcoast

    He filmed this like it was 2012

  90. Marcus’s Studio

    Blueface long lost cousin

  91. Giovanni Ross


    im finna turn this bitch up

  92. Slat Zilla

    Here before this blows up