1TakeJay - Hello Lyrics

Wait hol' up, I'm finna turn this bitch up

Hello? What the fuck do you want?
Hello? Stop calling my phone!
Hello? What the fuck do you want?
Hello? Stop calling my phone!
Hello? Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?

Aye, you only call me when I'm with' my other bitch
Aye, you only call me when I'm tryna get rich
You called 100 times, this shit don't make no sense
But I'm declining it 'cause you be on that broke shit
I blocked you, yo' mama and yo' sister too
So what that mean? I'm probably not fuckin' with' you
Can't wife a bitch if she fuckin' on the whole crew
I ain't gotta do it, you already exposed you
They said you love to pop pussy, they was so true
Stop reminiscing, talkin' 'bout how we was so cool
I'm prayin' that you move on like you supposed to
Like yesterdays episode, bitch you old news
If you lookin' for a square, I'm the wrong dude
Aye, put it in her stomach, call that soul food
Now you realize I'm the one, bitch I told you
But you trash, so I had to dispose you

Hello? What the fuck do you want?
Hello? Stop calling my phone!
Hello? What the fuck do you want?
Hello? Stop calling my phone!
Hello? Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?

Livin' my best life, bitch please don't fuck it up
'Cause you the type to see I got a bitch and try to fuck it up
Them old texts and old pictures, girl please give it up
Like mean girls, I hope yo' ass get hit by a fuckin' bus
You bad energy, I promise you are not a vibe
I don't smoke, but you still fuckin' up my high
You in my face, but you the last thing on my mind
I'm not fuckin' with' you, can't say that enough times
Stop callin', 'cause my new bitch crazy
Instead of mace, this bitch carry a.380
Instead of hoes, I be with' her on the daily
We focus on each other 'cause we both ain't got no babies
Can't argue with' you if that shit ain't finna pay me
It's always bitches with no money talkin' crazy
I'd be damned if I let a bitch play me
I'm finna send this to yo' nigga, bitch say cheese

Hello? What the fuck do you want?
Hello? Stop calling my phone!
Hello? What the fuck do you want?
Hello? Stop calling my phone!
Hello? Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?
Aye, what the fuck do you want bitch?

"Damn Tay, she callin' you again? God damn"
"Boy listen, this bitch needs to stop playin' with' me. This bitch done hit me via email, I done blocked her number, she done called me off 30 different blocked numbers. What could you possibly want with me? God damn."

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1TakeJay Hello Comments
  1. Quanientos Glo DAnero

    Im from New York, I’m here because Adam22. Never heard him outside Mustard Perfect 10 but I didn’t even hear Blueface whole time he was spittin. Niggas just be in the comments talking

  2. Cassie nuggs

    Who else noticed he was in sun valley 😫😫

  3. Tatianna Kim

    this my ringtone for my ex

  4. Ysk Angel

    He been out before blue face and is betta den him

  5. Purified Water

    Me when I see scammers calling me:

  6. The Phoenix of Tacos

    Hello can clap ur cheeks hello bitch lick My ass bitch

  7. Jay queeny.v

    This my lil brothers ringtone😂


    If you answered your phone you’d know what she wanted Mr. Jay


    Look I’m from nyc but even Ik 1take been out before blueface 😭🤦🏽‍♂️. Dumbass niggas

  10. OFCxTintis

    I thought Blueface did this not going to lie

  11. Im Repeats

    Wow this dude really stole blue faces style wtf 🤡

  12. dale Crooke

    He is the new blue face

  13. Crossed Galaxies

    wheres your revolver

  14. whiteuglygod

    They really sleep on him

  15. Drunk On BTS

    That's should be a phone

  16. Simply Maya Simone

    Y’all can’t say blue face stole his flow cuz he on beat and blueface is jus....there 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣😐

  17. Jamie Rogers

    Like yesterday’s episode you old news 🔥

  18. Cocoa Puffs

    Where my folks frm the West Coast at

  19. Crazigamer 10

    The beat sounds like a ambjaay type beat but it sounds like he 1takejay was inspired by blueface, not saying he was inspired but sounds like it

  20. Detta Gyal

    Me thinking i clicked the wrong vid at the start😂


    hope you get hit by a buss

  22. MsElanye

    Kinda sound like blueface

  23. Mr pinaple

    blue face shoulda been a feature🔥🔥🔥

  24. Michael Kuhner

    Mother fucker gonna bust my goddamn speaker. loud ass bitch

  25. scrawnyfrumdalbc fuk12

    whoever gave it 400 hunid dislikes is even dummer then me

  26. LSO


  27. Addie a

    Lmao that phone place got steals on new phones

  28. Mac Bowie

    ♿♿♿♿♿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 get Blueface on this CuHz
    Remix Soon! West coast CuHz

  29. Senpai Nakajima


  30. Jamie Conn

    What are the 2 womans instagram that called 1takejay

  31. Jaycen Hill

    Need Blueface on the remix!!!! 😭🔥

  32. yaboi tyrone

    Seen Kida kill it on his insta to this song and had to show love

  33. Alpha’sUniverse

    I’ve gotta make this shit my ringtone 😂😂😂😂

  34. Dee Gbadebo

    Sounds like blueface

  35. Lil Fish

    This 🔥

  36. Señor Habanero

    Sick ass niggah n dope ass beat 👌🔥💯

  37. Tony Diaz

    Lil nas x has some major competition

  38. Jumpy2x

    Ight y’all, we know he isn’t copying Blueface FUCK

  39. Luca Opperman

    Why tf does he look like Kevin Hart

  40. FaZe_ 6ix 246

    Sound like Blue face

  41. Guaca 786

    Lmao this nigga lit🔥🔥🔥😭😭

  42. amoursubliminals

    *i hope yo ass get hit by a fuckin bus*

  43. Dwight Thomas

    TBH everybody in LA sound like this but drakeo started the sound

  44. Ghetto Chicken


  45. Mikey 915

    0:25 he be looking like dexter

  46. Baby 223


  47. Lidia Campos

    This is a bop

  48. RyanEnglishEntertainment

    He been killin this shit, cant compare him to nobody

  49. Mamba

    y’all notice he changed the beat?

  50. H499Y

    Hoes mad?

  51. ang 012

    HELLO this still bumpin in long beachhhhh

  52. GBC Overdose

    1:03 when someone you hate is calling you

  53. 10:AM FILMS

    This on Texas shit, look on my channel why

  54. Ronaldo Alfaro

    Im really from LA n im not no fuckin dick rider... but since yall talkin bout it dis nigga rapped like dis before Blueface was ever thought of all ima say they both hard tho not no dick rider just keepin shit 100

  55. Ronaldo Alfaro

    Dis hard PIW

  56. Earl Hustle

    I need this ringtone

  57. Gabey Coop

    This hit 😤

  58. Geron Dixon

    that kid j the don go way harder

  59. iMoura UK /Minimal Vibes

    This needs to blow up ASAP

  60. Kuchis Kali

    First of all he homies with Blueface

  61. ChiefBangz

    1takejay better than blueface and he been around before that nigga

  62. Silver Sage

    Fuck where he from nigga jockin blueface. But they both trash

  63. Henny_yung Lol


  64. Flare Orbs

    The Og One is better

  65. dipset darius

    Thought this was Kevin Hart in the thumbnail


    My BM ringtone

  67. Dream Killer

    Blue face is a disciple of drakeo the ruler 1 take and the stinc team, the only reason he made is because apparently nowadays you gotta look and act like a Clown hence 69...

  68. CEEJAY

    This the perfect song for summer 19

  69. Alex R

    They don’t call him 1takejay for nothing 🤣😭

  70. Darrell

    Here before 1mil.

  71. Mxri

    Bruh i read 9/10 comments it said he was making music before blueface nobody care it doesn’t make the song worse if he copied him in the first place

  72. Tj Moore #14

    My nigga look like Kevin Hart ⚫️🍫

  73. Mr. Hyphy

    1 take aint copy Blueface but LA and Detroit got this flow from da Bay Mac Dre and 40 was talkin while rapping and the new gen sob x rbe g eazy D Lo and many more carried it on

    Ronaldo Alfaro

    Nigga FUCK the bay 😂😂! Where is yall music at right now??? G Eazy?? 😂😂


    Only the real ones know the Bay invented this sound. Since DB tha General, The Pack and pretty much any Traxamillion track sounds like anything LA stole

  74. MHS 138 squad

    This song slaps on the set😆😆😆

  75. JT Showtime

    Shout out to all my niggas still bumping arco

  76. IGN-Yaya

    Wtf do U want b*tch

  77. Chxls -Music

    Stop comparing him to bluface 1takejay is on beat

  78. Chxls -Music

    Blueface copying wow

  79. Ya_JaNbBy Mihyon

    I’m dead !!!!! 😂😂

  80. Jebron Lames

    This guy trash😂

  81. Brooklyn Williams

    Who was rocking with 1takejay when since “cant fuck wit you”🙋🏽‍♀️

  82. Baby Girl

    *Hello 👋 What da fuc do u want? helllo stop callin my 📱 phone*

  83. Chris

    lil nas x lookin ass... or his lil nas x a 1takejay lookin ass? 🤔🤔🤔

  84. 2212

    Its only all the fake fan trend following dick ridders that are saying he copying crabface cus u was really bumping you would know that he was out waaaaay before shoeface 🙆🙆🙆😂😂😂💯💯💯💁💁

  85. Giaaa

    1takejay and blueface are 2 diff rappers don’t even think about comparing them

  86. Big Mikes

    Forty daaallers💀💀

  87. sammy legaspi

    Imagine actually thinking he copied blueface fuck y’all bruh he been better than blueface so gtfo, 1take just didn’t have tht meme song like blueface, blue face coo but don’t ever say he copied him


    Dumbass niggas he's been out before blueface.. . I went to go see this boy he was at the rainbow in Fresno with Shoreline

  89. 2Civicz

    I'm seeing alot of Blueface comparisons.....are y'all trying to say 1Take is rapping off beat? Cuz if so.....you have no business critiquing music.


    2Civicz THANK YOU ..idc what anybody says 1takejay is better then blueface

  90. Jesus Barajas

    90% don’t know what music this is it’s west coast bay started this sound


    Bro i could've swore that was Kevin Hart with a sombrero on in the thumbnail

  92. OroChico

    This betta get mills 😤

  93. Roland Simon

    Wait hol up