10 Years - Fix Me Lyrics

It's taken a lifetime to lose my way
A lifetime of yesterdays
All the wasted time on my hands turns to sand
And fades in the wind

Crossing lines, small crimes
Taking back what is mine

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me
I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me

So lost for so long to find my way
I failed to follow, I'm out of place

Crossing lines, small crimes
Taking back what is mine

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me


I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me

I'm fine in the fire
I feed on the friction
I'm right where I should be
Don't try and fix me

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10 Years Fix Me Comments
  1. Kylie Graham

    We can all agree the chores is the best don't know if I spelled that right but oh well

  2. Taco Jones

    Only 7 million views? What?

  3. Austin blair

    10 years tonight day after Christmas he’ll yeah!

  4. kitty bee

    Bag of skittles in a vending machine. They beat on the glass when it gets stuck so they can grab it up and taste the rainbow. Glad your not a vulture Kitty. You are remembered because you actually do care and want the best for everyone. We protect you from the vultures, they dont deserve you.~ I'm just going to say ok bc I'm so not ok right now. Can yall make my chest not hurt no more please?

  5. Jamal Sampson

    2011 was amazing for this awesome band! Can't believe that this song is 8 years old.

  6. agent starseeds

    I like this song

  7. Jason Byrd

    I love this song. i struggled with mental health issues most my life and when this song came out at the time I was homeless and so fed up with department of social services trying to send me to "fix me " programs that didnt do anything for me, I got so fed up I stopped taking my meds and this song really spoke to how I was feeling at the time. It didnt do me any good I was OK at first but I eventually had a psychotic episode and tried to commit suicide. After I eventually got good doctors from the department of mental health and taking medication that works I'm living a stable life now. I dont suggest stop taking your meds and stop going to DPSS for help, there are some really good social workers. I just was going through a lot of issues at the time and not really making an effort to get the right help. You have to want to get help. If you have metal health issues and are trying to find help and it feels hopeless please dont give up, communicate with the doctor better or ask to see another doctor if they are not working out just dont give up trying to get better.

  8. Shelby Webster

    Great song

  9. Jason Rock

    In the shadows... There you are

  10. Jessica Leasure

    My favorite band

  11. Joe Bennington

    They jam an got good words

  12. Forest Duffe

    2019 and loving them still.

  13. Reality Hill

    This deserves so many more views

  14. Cristina Richards

    Everytime I come to a rough patch in life this song has helped me so much will never forget when I met you guys at Click's Live In Tyler, TX still the best live performance I have ever seen thank you guys! 💜

  15. Alexa Franks

    I used to listen to this song, just saw this amazing band perform at kattfest and it brought me back. I love this song so much. ❤️

  16. sasquatchSGK

    This song fits perfectly!

  17. Razsor97

    Division or Feeding the wolves. Which is better?

  18. Count Sebula

    lord, help me stay sober.

  19. Koda Lynch

    I skate with this dude he is a awsome guy and great skateboarder

  20. MasterKel1961

    Very badAss

  21. Christi monasco


  22. Sabbat-X

    I feel like I'm coming at this song from a completely wrong direction yet it's still legit helping me get through some stuff. I was in a codependent relationship for 12 years and only just now am having to learn to manage my own problems and not rely on someone else to 'fix me'. So I guess, I'm not 'fine in the fire', but I'm getting there, slowly. Wow, reading back, this is a real teen white girl Facebook post, but fuck it, we all got our struggles, most of them are stupid, and sometimes a specific song really helps.

    Thanks 10 Years, even if I completely missed the meaning behind the song.


    I feel like there’s multiple meanings to this song. On one hand you could be saying that you are fine in the fire as in you are accepting your state in life even though it isn’t what you would necessarily wish for and are learning to cope with your misfortunes and take them in as a part of who you are, but on the other hand, the fire could represent everything you are going through, and everything you’ve already been through and have yet to go through, and you could be resisting all of it, and continuing to push forward. That’s what I like to think. It’s all about not letting the fire consume you, even if you come out covered in bruises, gashes and burn marks, all of the pain and scars that the fire leaves on you won’t change who you are at heart.

  23. Sarah Mcvay

    Can't wait to see them next month!

  24. b f9

    Solid band . They have come back fom the dead...

  25. Jeremy Robinson

    Big Pretty reminds me of my brother 😂😂😂

  26. Whiskey Devil

    Still listening to this in 2019!:). Love this song!🍻🍻😈😈🤘🤘♥♥and can relate to this song!

  27. FIGGRO

    I never knew this song but I heard it on the radio and like it so I tape it on my dsi and now I found this song now I think it’s kinda funny today was the only time I felt like searching it up

  28. Josephine Forrester

    Just saw 10 Years last night; I didn't realize how much I loved them untill I saw them live. All I can say is... Wow. The lyrics; the theatre - all of it was so honest. Wow.

  29. Matt Musicaddict

    Great song!! The lead singer has an awesome voice!!!


    Matt Robertson He’s also a cool dude in person! After the show I went to, Jesse and the rest of the bend just intermingled with the rest of the crowd. I’ll never forget the moment I met my favorite lead singer and the picture will always hang up on my wall lol

  30. Sabbat-X

    This started playing when I was at the gym trying to get over some shit... I'm sure this kind of comment gets posted a lot, just thanks for the little boost.

  31. Chode Henson

    10 years is gay

  32. Tony_ terrible666

    ive been a big fan of 10 years and this is the first time ever hearing this song.....and damn !!! loved it from the beginning to the end!!!

  33. Bobby Rountree

    this was the shit back in the day

  34. Bailey Bible Vlogs

    Charlie Day is a great singer

  35. Tiffany Cummings

    Anthem of life. Has been for years.

  36. Red Zeus

    Dwight has band now, makes Negan proud

  37. Brandi Angell

    My name is Isabella and I really love the song fix me and I really love the song called lips of an Angel

    Michael Trickey

    Lips of an Angel from Hinder?

  38. Joel Fennell

    Love This Song

  39. AlbaDoggy

    Idk why i think he's so hot lol

  40. Doctor Strange

    I'm fine in dah fire! I feed on dah friction! I'm right where I should be! Don try and fix meee!....

  41. Ua la Halizeti

    Dammit I just discovered this.

  42. Kelly Buckner

    Seen them at blue cats years ago bad ass show

  43. Bluttraumer

    Had me laughing

  44. The Invisible Expert

    That is all. :) Love y'all. Please keep playing!

  45. Mark The Dark

    *I'm fine in the fire*
    *I feed off the friction*
    *I'm right where I should be*
    *Don't try and fix me*

    True words

  46. Voldemort

    a group of legends

  47. DDrummer

    I don't understand the meaning of this song. If someone could explain a bit to me, that would be great.

  48. Trucker TYME2007


  49. 34-A YMIR MECH

    sounds like my life oh ive heard this song 15 times now

  50. saintjohnalabama

    Great music, good old days

  51. Mr Saint

    Anyone here from Neo Cranium?

  52. b f9

    If radio was still relevant , they would be so popular>>>

  53. Maddie Everlasting

    you ever just sit and listen to that flute in the last part of the song like your in the rock version of totos africa

  54. Alisha Davis

    Love it

  55. The Invisible Expert

    These guys rule in concert. Where the hell are they now? 2019 recall. <3

  56. Mason Minor

    It’s taken me 10 years to get fixed.

  57. chad Sanders

    I'm black and I like this song. IT'S A GOOD SONG

  58. DDrummer

    I always cry when I listen to this song.

  59. D2ezbmu

    this song is such a fucking lie. the perfect lie

  60. ben

    Great song, they made the video too goofy for the songs message it portrayed

  61. Lane Powers


  62. Spiderd Essenburgh

    Well I'm 40 days sober and I'm trying to fix me I've been crossing lines small cry's I'm right where I should be

  63. chincheck mcgraw

    Still jamming in 2019

  64. Justin Wilder

    Anyone else notice the Velcro pygmies looking dude singing and the hipster dude at the bar resemble Jesse at the end?
    I love this band though for real

  65. FallenFeatherRose

    Still love this♡2019

  66. emi bos

    Discount Ryan Gosling

  67. 34-A YMIR MECH

    this is alitle progressive for 10 years

  68. SatelliteShiningDown

    This whole album thematically is basically a big fuck you to record labels. And this was their last label release before going independent

  69. Jeremy Robinson

    I’m right where it all began ...

  70. Lulu Dee

    May 2019 anyone?

  71. wikilcontainments

    I want to like this band. My biggest fear is that they are a slave to their label and they "buy" these bad ass songs and don't write them themselves. If they are authentic, I have much respect. The songs are very good whoever wrote them. Very fun to listen to.

  72. Kyler Millsap

    Is this considered hard rock or alternative? And still great in 2019.

  73. Giovanni Vittoriano

    its funny how family and your friends can talk shit about you and say how bad your doing to someone but they never tell them they never offered to help you when you most needed them and turned their back on you and let you fall wayside...

  74. Brendon Warren

    I was told to break the pain, unfolding the life I once had. Crumbling down the system I was a part of. The burden I bare is the hurt we all share. Long lost and regret we never forget. I am alone in this world we call home, i'm alone in side my thoughts its haunting and dragging me down. The misery is never far its covering deep within my thought of suicidal intentions. Now break my heart and shatter it to nothing. The breaking the hurting the suffering I create. I'm not okay I'm ready to go. How far can I go, how deep will it take. Too scared to do it, I am weak inside. I try to pull the trigger put the thought of it is terrifying. Why can't I let go of this place I've become numb to. Can you hear me screaming? I can't breathe my suffering kills me the pain is just feeling I hold on to.

  75. Fred Johnson

    It's taken a life time to get to the 2020 election

  76. Steve T

    Haven't heard this in for ever. Great song

  77. Adam kahn

    "Im right where I should be, dont try and FIX ME!"

    couldnt scream that loud enough to everyone

  78. Syed Fahad Ali Shah

    yeah 2019 and still ....?

  79. Skook Nasty

    Love the song, but what the fuck is the video? Introducing all these characters like some big story is happening. And it's just an average night at a bar.


    Skook Nasty the song is about how the record labels have treated them. That first band in the beginning of the video represents the record label, and then the actual band members come and take the stage, representing that they’re willing to fall if it means going back to how it used to be.

  80. TonedMars0734

    Anyone fuck with the acoustic version? Probably my favorite version...

  81. Dino saucers

    ..Under the Dome

  82. Ido Orion

    Legion should use this song

  83. Frankie Shimo

    In my opinion, he has one of the best voices in rock/hard rock music.

  84. Reginaldo Souza

    Muito bom!!!
    Very good!!!

  85. Amanda Burger

    If got any band tattoo I get there humming bird logo from there albums.huge fan if theses guys.

  86. Amanda Burger

    Lead singer.had dreds.in first album they came out with.wish he bring them band.love thisband.deep. real shxt here.

  87. Amanda Burger

    I got there first 4 albums ,cds.probly my fav band.grom 2000s

  88. Nic Roberson

    The video is so different than I expected after hearing the song first. Still not bad 👍 kick ass song.

  89. tim sheets


  90. Mr. Oof


  91. Jessica Thompson

    Boom 🔥🙌

  92. amber rockstrom

    2019??? 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  93. AshleyKayla M

    What’s with the lipstick Jesse?