'N Sync - Something Like You Lyrics

So many times I thought I held it in my hands
but just like grains of sand
love slipped through my fingers
so many nights I asked the Lord above
Please make me lucky enough to find a love that lingers
Something keeps telling me that you could be my answered prayer
you must be heaven sent, I swear

Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak
something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak
could it be true is this what God has meant for me?
cuz baby I can't believe...that something like you could happen to me

yeah yeah...something like you

Girl in your eyes I feel your fire burn
oh your secrets I will learn
even if it takes forever
with you by my side i can do anything
I don't care what tomorrow brings as long as we're together
my heart is telling me that you could be my meant to be
I know it more each time we touch

Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak
something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak
could it be true is this what God has meant for me?
cuz baby I can't believe...that something like you could happen to me

Something magical (something magical)
something spiritual (something spiritual)
something stronger than the two of us alone
something physical
something undeniable (undeniable)
nothing like anything (anything) that i've ever known

Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak
something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak
could it be true is this what God has meant for me?
cuz baby I can't believe...that something like you could happen to me

Something happened...ohhhh, can't believe that you happened to me
hey yeah...

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'N Sync Something Like You Comments
  1. Lindsey Gatlin

    I love you too.♡

  2. maryam mure

    Nsync song something like youJustin wrote this song for Britney and Stevie wonder is on harmonica.
    Justin in 2001 said he and britney listened to alot of old Stevie wonder songs to get in the mood. This song is for Britney.
    In 2002 he did the song still on my Brain and at 3:48 he sampled Stevie's song my Cherie amour. The song still on my brain is about Britney.
    And just last year he sang my Cherie amour in between cry me a river and what goes around comes around. Which are again about Britney.
    Do you all see the pattern? He's still obsessing over Britney. I think my Cherie amour is their song. It means something. To him.

  3. Incognitive Distortion

    This track is pretty chill. I like that saxophone. If it is a sax

  4. TROLL

    the harmonica doe

  5. maryam mure

    So much for loving Britney. This fool fooled everyone including Britney. So sad. She was blinded by love. I'm so glad I exposed his cheating ass. What an ass.

  6. bazila zin

    Haven't listened to this song in so many years but still remember the lyrics ❤

  7. Tomy Vivot

    Niños quizás ustedes no sepan pero nosotros dedicabamos este tipo de canciones en los 2000

  8. MsLexiB23

    I have always loved this song and we be our 1st dance song...just got engaged..can’t wait🥰😍👰🏽🤵🏽💍💍

  9. Siti Shahira Binti Mahamad

    Who really stare at her? Is she think that she is so pretty?

  10. lawanda D

    Love this song

  11. Damion Chavez


  12. Recoh hernandez

    I fell in love with this girl inmy town and I don’t know her name :(

  13. theresa chambers

    Still listening in 2018 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️

  14. Supermint 07

    2018 everyone


    Deyyymmmm those memoriess!!!!! 2018 anyone?? Miss these dayss..

  16. Francis Benedict Alinea

    I've been thinking of you girl every time and it may be fast and all but I swear this one is true. I want to marry you and this will be our wedding song.

  17. Amaiso Nensy

    A wedding song...

  18. michelle catayas


  19. Malaya Pleasant

    I really need this to be wedding song

  20. Kristiani Abistado

    Came here because this is what exactly what i feel right now for my girlfriend. I still can't believe that something like her happen to me. She's so amazing. :)

  21. herald rey rose

    Who would dislike something so good as this man. This is what I call music not the music we have today.

  22. Jimmy Mackster

    Love this song I want to slow dance with my girlfriend Claire someday

  23. Alyssa Hallock

    This song means about my bf that I love and I can't get over this song? And I'm not born in the 90s but I'm a huge fan of *NSYNC

  24. Patricia Mae Lanozo

    Its 2017 and still inlove with this song <3

  25. Yham Suarez

    It is my first time to hear this song. Didn't know it was beautiful.

  26. Tri Riyanti

    sound of the sax..love it...sound of jc is still smooth and perfect

    Eric Ben

    It's actually a harmonica ;)

  27. raffi muhd

    jc always sing the high note with awsome voice..

  28. Alyssa Garcia

    I got this cd the day it came out many years ago and honestly now at almost 26, about to have my second child with a wonderful man, one that makes me feel exactly as this song describes, I love this so much more. I wish nsync could come back and make a new album now, write all the songs, they don't have to dance around i would just love to see the music the could come up with 15+ years and lots of life experience later.

    Ricardo Ruiz

    I'm at the opposite path, trying to find the right girl to sing this to. I could do it to every girl but it wouldn't be sincere nor reciprocated.

    LadyMaster Qrieger

    You are so lucky to have found someone to love. Many many decades of happiness to eternity for you both

  29. Larry Lumlum

    the best song

  30. Eugene Bello

    beautiful song, i like it,

  31. derpyeol

    chanbaek brought me here

  32. Gerardo J. Ramos Solis

    That was my wedding song....beautifull

    Tony Venturella

    I want it to be mine, but my fiance said no :(

  33. itsuki



    same haha

    Samanta Ibarra

    OMG 😂, I almost comment the same hahaha

  34. Kathryn Rost

    I absolutely love this song

  35. o oo

    loved then, loved always.

  36. Arvy Jay Ramos Cuman

    So slow! So relaxing!

  37. Toujours Belle

    I'm not a 90's kid but I'm super duper fan of #NSYNC and will always be till I die


    Thats okay we accept you ☺😁

    Rachel Ayers


  38. Anthony Thomas

    I'm a big fan of this group there slow song r amazing

  39. Nat Jikiri

    ....perfect song for me😃👍

  40. LatinoChick1717

    I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. And decided that day that it'd be played at my wedding. Cheesy as it sounds, I can't wait until I meet that special person❤️


    I’m right here!

  41. stephymindless143

    M.V.C 💔

  42. Ashley Mill

    FYI-justin wrote this song for Britney.

    maryam mure

    FYI he was cheating on Britney all the time while they were together. I'm happy o exposed his cheating ass. Lol. BOOYAH

  43. Abraham Saavedra

    I wanna have justin timerlake to sing this song to my gf :(

    Andrew Manroe

    Why don't you sing it to her?

    Abraham Saavedra

    I think i don't have the great voice :/

    Andrew Manroe

    @abraham saavedra I'm sure you have an amazing voice!

  44. bmkjnick

    justin wrote it for Britney... =((

    Alan Jacob

    +Thomas Horvath that's what I meant. Love this song man. Call me sometime u fucker lol wtf man didn't see u in forever

    Aubree Marie

    Thomas Horvath No he didn't he contributes harmonica to the Melody, but he did not write this song. Justin Timberlake and Wiley Robin Lee wrote the lyrics!

    Amaiso Nensy


    Marie Berni

    No jc wrote it they said it on their pop odssy tour I was there in New York

    maryam mure

    Yeah and he was cheating on her while he wrote the song. He's so pathetic. SMFH. He played Britney and everyone. What an asshole

  45. 128dimples

    stuff like this<3 i swear...

  46. Karynna Munoz

    I may not b a 90s kid but I luv nsync

  47. Patrick Bateman

    How the hell do you know when you're getting married..

  48. Michael Donovan

    I only looked this song up because that is Stevie Wonder playing Harmonica.

  49. BabyBubbles0001

    Pure happiness

  50. emilytheclumsygirl

    I feel like 10 yrs younger when I listen thi song....k im not in 2013 now lol

  51. Detrice Leach

    Love this song....so beautiful

  52. Redan Abella

    my favorite high school song <3

    thumbs up if your listening to this song this 2013

  53. cigarroalaw

    Esta cancion me recuerda al charita del canche!!

  54. iAmQu33nVee

    Oh how i miss these days

  55. Dustin Johnson

    This is the first pop song that could be a wedding song.. That's why I say the 90s were the golden era

  56. Alicat Storm

    This song makes me think of my boyfriend and I... He can't believe someone so amazing could possibly like him, let alone fall in love with him... but I'm proving to him miracles happen, dreams DO come true if you wait long enough (: I love you so much Michael, and I always will <3

    james Jones

    You must be full of yourself . I hate that. Humble girls are the best

  57. deedee agellav

    this is our song.. my boyfriend used to sing this to me for 6 years but now what.. he cheats on me.. i want to hate this song but i just can't.. there's alot of memories in it.. i used to want this as my wedding song..but now, i don't know.. god it hurts..


    deedee agellav lol

  58. linda tita

    Wonderfull song i remenber that i fall in love and never i wil forget that himm love so much thats ist reason to dedicated,

  59. amandab10

    what makes this song perfect for a wedding is " with u by my side i can do anything i dont care what tomorrow brings as long as were together"...& im using this for my wedding i dont care whst the groom says lol

  60. cookiedeeh

    Oooooh JC.. Falling in love with him all over again!! His voice is so beautiful.. Swwwwoooooon.. :D

  61. cookiedeeh

    Nsync reunion tour - guys please make it happen!! Love Nsync :)

  62. Amber Niedermaier

    I heard this song again after a while. I've recently been through a break up and I'm still in love with him. I see him once a week at our church and it kills me every time. He's moving in three weeks...and it kills me to see him go. This song describes all the feels I get whenever I'm with him.

  63. Shannel Askew

    @lighthouseducks85 nope not now :( but im still in love with him and i c him all the time cuz me and his sister are bestfriends :(

  64. lighthouseducks85

    So tell me... are you still with the guy you were "in love" with??

  65. Howard Libera

    yup i can't believe that a belieber are listening in this kind of music

  66. Howard Libera

    uuhhhh ... touching we're in the same situation

  67. Loredana Savino

    This song will never get old♥

  68. Kevin Santos

    ganda tlg..srap cguro tlg pg nkita mo n ung TAONG pra sau..nice N'SYNC..gling nyo..wlng doda dun..sna mgamit q din tong song n to someday..!

  69. stephanie evangelista

    i feel so inlove whenever i hear this song ! love it :)

  70. Peace Maria

    I love this song!!!! I wish a guy would sing this song to me!! :(

  71. Luis Ernesto Rios

    @Craverofchocolate that's what she said

  72. Shannel Askew

    @hk4evr2 ikr i knew it would be from the first moment i heard it

  73. Shannel Askew

    @AnimePRFury ikr :)

  74. Shannel Askew

    @TheEljesaBeka thx :)

  75. Eljesa Beka

    @JBieber143OMG I like the fact you're a belieber and you listen good music..

  76. Danielle Afreh

    Brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps on my arms when J.C. sings out like that....

  77. Valeshka Escalona

    Anybody knows that JT write this song for Britney, in the Celebrity launch album he said that: "I wrote most of this song for love inspiration, my inspiration"...

    Guy The Artist

    Valeshka Escalona doubtful

    Ricardo Ruiz

    Sure, it could be by anyone he loved or an hypotethical person too. He didn't specify it.

  78. Nur Athirah

    this song reminds me of my childhood. where all of my cousins weren't married yet. now some of them are already married and have kids. they're all in their own way :(

  79. kcjustice08

    NSYNC w/ Stevie Wonder BEAUTIFUL!!!

  80. Gissel Suarez

    juts decided this will be my wedding song :D

  81. PRFury

    @JBieber143OMG ooh, yay! Glad I'm not the only one who agrees this is perfect for a wedding! :D

  82. Zhay

    loved this song.. i didn't know nsync has a song like this.. haha! thanks! :) God must have spent a liitle more time on you is also one of my fav. songs of nsnyc! just want to share... haha! :D

  83. Lexxi03

    @JBieber143OMG Aww thats so beautiful !

  84. jbennei

    Omg, I totally forgot about this song! <3

  85. Cindy Medrano

    @JBieber143OMG this song would be beautiful as the first couple dance

  86. behindgreeneyes1

    @terribleathletes13 (cont. #3) love towards my first boyfriend. I hate everyday that through being young and my mom having my family move across the country we lost touch, and someday I wish we find each other, and I hope that we can be best friends again. After we broke up, he was like a brother to me, and everyday to me it feels like I am missing a part of my family. But, like I said, we were younger than you are, and I know what we shared was love. Btw..sorry this was so long. lol.

  87. behindgreeneyes1

    @terribleathletes13 (cont...) now, like 10 years later, when I think about what we shared, I know that was love. He was not only my boyfriend, but he was my very best friend. I told him everything. We were friends for years after we broke up, and were still just as close. Gf's of his afterwards would get jealous, and bf's of mine afterwards also would get jealous. I miss him terribly everyday, and though I am completely in love with my boyfriend now of 2 years...I will always feel..(cont..)

  88. behindgreeneyes1

    @terribleathletes13 normally I try not to say anything to comments that were made months ago..but what you said caught my attention. Just cuz you are young doesn't mean you don't know what you are feeling inside. Don't let anyone ever tell you anything different. I got told that all the time when I was younger, and it's not true. My first relationship was the longest one I've ever had, we were REALLY young..younger than you, and we were together for 4 years. Today I think about it, and.. (cont.)

  89. Shannel Askew

    This is my wedding song! I hope I won't cry too much when I walk down the aisle. I have about 9 more years until I get married tho (im only 13) so... But this is a perfect love song and I adore the song and Nsync

    Ricardo Ruiz

    Shannel Askew After 7 Years, that's just two years from your weeding. Are you still expecting it or plans changed?

  90. jkh1920

    You do love him and you will miss him. My first bf/gf relationship went from the summer between 7th and 8th grade to September of my sophmore year of high school. It took me years to let him go. Your emotions are real don't believe anyone when they tell you they aren't. Your love will grow and mature in the future but what you've experienced now was real too. Bring all your pain to Jesus and He'll carry you thru it. (That's what I've done and it's made all the difference!)

  91. Maddie Monahan

    my bf and i recently broke up... we're in eighth grade, and everyone told me that just because we're in eighth grade, the "love" we had for each other wasn't real, it was just words. they said that we dont even know what love really is yet. but thats not true. we were in love. real, genuine love. right now, i feel like i will never love anyone as much as i love him. and i miss him like hell, more than ANYTHING. i will never ever give up on him, or stop trying 2 get him back. i miss u baby ='{

    james Jones

    How's it going now 7 years later

    Ricardo Ruiz

    How did it go?