'N Sync - No Strings Attached Lyrics

Baby you're not the only one...
Oh oh oh yeah
Hey yeah

I see the things he does to you
All the pain that he puts you through
And I see what's really going on
Staying out at night while you're by the phone

Take it from me
It's a lesson to be learned
Even the good guys get burned
Take it from me
See I would give you love
The kind of love that you've only dreamed of
Baby you're not the only one
You don't have to be afraid to fall in love
And I know that you've hurt in the past
But if you want it, here's my heart
No strings attached

He doesn't give you the kind of attention
That a girl like you needs (that a girl like you needs)
Cause he always looks around
His eyes wander 'round
He doesn't see you like I see

Take it from me
It's a lesson to be learned
Even the good guys get burned
Take it from me
Baby I would give you love
The kind of love that you've only dreamed of yeah
Baby you're not the only one (baby you're not the only one)
You don't have to be afraid to fall in love (to fall in love)
And I know that you've hurt in the past (hurt in the past)
But if you want it, here's my heart (here's my heart)
No strings attached

Take it from me
[JC:] It's a lesson to be learned
Even the good guys get burned
Take it from me
[JC & Justin:] See I would give you love
The kind of love that you've only dreamed of
[JC:] So if you want to take a chance with me (ah-ah-ah-ah-ah)

If you (baby) take a chance with me
I'll be everything you need (everything you need)
Because it's our destiny

[Mixing of chorus and "If you...take a chance with me"]

Baby you're not the only one (baby you're not the only one)
You don't have to be afraid to fall in love (you don't have to be afraid)
And I know that you've hurt in the past (know that you're hurting)
But if you want it, here's my heart (if you want here's my heart)
No strings attached

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'N Sync No Strings Attached Comments
  1. emiko ohya


  2. Benjamin Mathias

    W O R D

  3. Rayak

    "Worrrd 🤙"

  4. Rock Ezee


  5. slm.dnkasr

    looks like nct

  6. Alyssa Casella!

    ariana grande copied this lol- no hate

  7. Maximus Oralleus

    2002 lol

  8. SealAngel

    L.T SMASH!!!

  9. quincy joestar

    ITS NSYNC!! lol


    Can the chit chat Millhouse!

  10. Sidney Souza

    Its so Magic e eu adoro e ainda escuto. muito fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. TallRich Guy

    July 7, 2019 anyone? 🙂👊🇵🇭

  12. Dom DelaWeeds

    ♥ 🌎 ✌️

  13. Show de Comentários

    Malhação 2000 e 2001

  14. Roy Fokker 23

    Recién termine de ver los simpson. Palabra 🤙🤙

  15. Fernando R

    someone in 2019?

  16. Malena Aimé Espinosa

    If i were on *NSYNC*, i'd play that NSYNC's entrance and exit. 💖 💙 (The Simpsons) (S12, E14) ¡¡¡¡oooooooooohhhhhh!!!! 💖 ¡So famous! 💜


    Why there's no music video in this song this is my favorite i know this is a dance song

  18. propagando coisas boas


  19. •Mxdnight Starz•

    Don’t it sound like Ariana grandes song BREAK UP WITH UR GIRLFRIEND, IM BORED



  20. ann

    The song sounds like break up with your girlfriend , I'm bored

  21. Phoenix Johnson

    2019 still playing!!

  22. Martina Maria

    Palabra 🤙

  23. Monica Warden


  24. florencia guadalupe collantes silva santisteban

    Yvan eth nioj...

  25. ember michelle

    Love this song.

  26. CALH


  27. KathleenSolarczyk

    This CD is everything Esp. This song ❤

  28. Amaiso Nensy

    No String Attached .. me ..

  29. Na3robi Jr.

    *break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored*

  30. Océane :3

    Ariana ?

  31. Michiko TM

    who came here from ariana grande?

    Juliana Costa

    Minutes? Pls

  32. KP O’Sullivan

    Break up with your girlfriend, yeah yeah ‘cause I’m bored 💁🏻‍♀️

    Caitlin Oviedo

    why would you comment it here? 💀

    KP O’Sullivan

    She sampled them

    Caitlin Oviedo

    Kevin Rocha O'Sullivan oh yea

  33. Marina Barcellos

    Ariana Grande????? oh God

    Marina Barcellos

    Aaron Espiritu listen to her music

    Master Splinter


    Monica Warden

    I respect any work, but honestly her songs are so boring..

  34. Naga Blackwing

    2019 anyone?

  35. Victor O

    Palabra 2019

  36. Joel Argomedo

    Palabra :v xd

  37. Facu Barrera

    0:11 palabra 🤙

  38. Gracie Ward

    I loved them but Justin Timberlake was my favorite in *NSYNC Justin Timberlake is just so good at singing!!!!

  39. Jhon z

    muy bueno

  40. Fiffy Addean

    2018. 32yo here. Bring back memories

  41. Jeff Mose

    ultimate opening song

  42. Santiago Ventura

    Con amigos pusimos en shazam la escena de los simpsons para saber si la canción era de NSYNC en serio... Y acá estamos


  43. Freikugel


  44. kaori hara




  45. Franz Castellón

    Que clase de "one erection" es esta?

  46. Sarala B.

    2018 squad? Lol

  47. Juan Castiblanco


  48. pvanganimare

    One direction my ass.

  49. Josefina Ramis


  50. Valeria Mola


  51. PokemonShinyLover

    So i did get most of the lyrics correct from just hearing the Boom Box Hit Clip i have.

  52. Carla G

    Best NSYNC song hands down.....fight me

  53. Emilie Smith

    Oh Mike... aka::: Dike ..... !!! Why u follow me around town with my bro.... cum into my office and stare at me u -no.... U want me to fall in love with U I see..... but I know your a trick and your fooling me ..!! Who’s under your clothes ..? Maybe my bro knows ... I’m suuurrre he do... why not stare at me ... cuz u tryin to trick me and others with your acting game gone gone bad... so I’ll play your lil game and tell u your the best I’ve ever had... I love u I’ll wait for u ... isn’t this what you’ve been waiting to hear ... if u can’t have u no one can ... u and my bro played a trick on me .... followed me around with your friends I see ... I saw a few in the bathroom and all around me ... I’m going to get u .... and kiss u and I hope u take off those clothes like u did ... we are just acting right ..?? I know .. and I am a wayyyyyy better actor than u r HO....!! We aren’t friends... I’m not your muse ... write your dum songs ... we both know U loose ...!! Friends for NEVER...!!! Your jealous and u know it .. for reasons we both know ... I know who u r ... and I really don’t care ...!!! You worship the devil ... and he didn’t tell u that he secretly worships God and ME ..!
    No strings attached SNAPPLE HEAD..!!
    Fake Dick ..!! Your wife’s a slutty ugly HO
    U KNOW .. u 2 dikes ... Terrance your breathe stank too..!!! She put u up to that ... he/she whatever it is ..?? My bro in on it too.... I knew that as well ... fuck U ..!!! Mike Edgington fake as hell.... hurry up and stand up ... all for who ..??
    Acting like a lil bitch ... u look like one too..!!! God will wipe his ass with U 2.. every time he takes a shit he’ll use U..!
    Horror ... your an ugly horror ...!!

  54. Eka

    ¿qué hay?

    Clemente CaraVaca [RH99]

    Es palabra alosista

  55. Spirit Spice

    The MJ influences on this song are crazy

  56. chato D

    Y terminamos con Matrix.... 😎

    Benjamín Fernando Lillo Videla

    *Madrazo de Chris*

  57. Azra BH

    Still so good

  58. SamuraiPlayz

    Wow my brother handed me this album and I thought it would be bad but this is amazing !!!

  59. Wellington Padilla Molina

    I am starting mh day thinking in the best times i've ever had in my life, late 90's and early 00's. Nsync all day. Have a great day after hearing this music you should have it.

  60. Pabloxi rata watchdog


  61. Erica L

    Man, this song went so hard.... those vocals!!!

  62. RamyLovesRage

    LT. Smash!!!

  63. Pelusa Gatito


  64. Rabbitcircus

    2018 - best song I heard all year.

  65. Noah Martinez

    The kpop of the 90's

  66. Kareem Hatem

    Britney, Nsync, and Christina are my childhood

    Mimi Cakes


    A yeet bop bop boom

    true that

    And I grew up after Nsync disbanded

    Thanks mom :3

  67. Gio Celiz

    This one deserved a videoclip and be a main single of their album

  68. kelley kalliopi

    Joey and jc lived down the street from me...I knew Joey

  69. Alex Caruso

    Haha any you 2000's kids hearing this?

    Alex Caruso

    Morosely Melancholy good. Was about 6 when I was dancing to this. Haha.

    Morosely Melancholy

    Alex Caruso haha yeah I was pretty young too.

    PotatoShows Gacha

    Yeah I was reading something my sister wrote and it said this song so I wanted to read it

    Katelyn S

    Hell yes I am!! Best boy band ever!!

  70. special special

    I love Justin's voice 😍

    Shavonne Proctor

    purplemonkey dishwasher girl yes

    Carmen Paola Dávila Miloš

    special special jc

  71. Davie Dood

    2017.....still hitting the Play Button. 😎👌 #NoTapesAttached #DigitalGetDownBBY

  72. Macy Arlene Garrett

    Nothing like the 80s its better than we are now


    val aiken ...this was the late nineties.

    heather dierks

    val aiken 2001 actually. I was 13.

    Raquel Monsivais

    2001 watchu mean cuz

    Lance Mitchell

    Actually this was 2000

  73. aliceia torresneo

    Melhor música 😍

  74. cthalpin

    My fucking childhood brought me here. Fuck any other reason.

  75. Alchemist Two.0

    im black and I was hooked on this song lowkey love the middle and the rest of the song from there...

  76. Mr Spectacals

    Who wants to join the navy after listening to this song?

  77. Cindy Marquez

    My dad got me this album when i was 10

  78. Felipe Beckham


  79. Vic Tor

    Well, im playing for keeps, so now what?

  80. 7/40

    "Gnaaaaoo" 🤙🏻 ( simpson )

  81. A3JTA


  82. Tomás Caballero

    Oh es N'SYNC :v

    Clemente CaraVaca [RH99]


  83. Sha Ron


  84. Diego Vic Mustaine


  85. Kareem Hatem

    Nsync>>>>>>>>>One Direction


    Kareem Hatem One Direction shouldn't even be compared to them

    Raquel Monsivais

    @officialnich you right bc they're trash


    *NSYNC > Backstreet Boys

    afra shine

    @officialnich I wanted to comment the same, there is no comparison 👍

  86. Akame

    "Palaabra" 😎

  87. manlike anal

    This album kicked off the whole made up Nsync vs Backstreet Boys rivalry back in 2000 because of the success No string's attached had in its first week release back in 2000

    Tinker B

    Their rivalry started in 1998 when they got the Disney gig.

    manlike anal

    @Tinker B you do know that BSB couldn't do the Disney gig regardless in 1998 right because of Brian needing a heart surgery so they did it a year later?? So you're wrong it didn't start in 1998. It started in 2000 because No Strings Attached did amazing in sales in its first day even better than the Millennium album which that came out a year before. That was also when they were considered BSB clones because of how well No Strings Attached did smh 😂😂

    J Crash

    Tinker B yeah it started around 1998 and died around 2002 I believe

  88. RoundenBrown

    LOL, what's up with all the Mexicans saying "palabra"?

    Alessia Bosch Lyn

    RoundenBrown Because Milhouse say it in the spanish version of the Simpson in América

  89. Dr34mXG00n

    10/15/2016 this song randomly was on my mind

  90. Tyler Griffin

    My show choir danced and sang to this song last year