'N Sync - I'll Be Good For You Lyrics

Ya'know I'll be good for you baby yeahhh ohhh

I'll be good for you
I ain't gonna take my love away
And I will love you more girl every day
I'll be good for you (yeah)
Baby girl it's plain to see,
That our love was meant to be

I know you're hearts anticipating
And my love is on your mind
Well don't you worry
I won't keep you waiting
Cause I ain't ever seen a lady so fine yeah

I know you want me too
It's in your eyes they say you do
They're telling me you'll open your heart to me yeah
Cause if you want me to
I'll sacrifice my world for you
And show you the way loves supposed to be yeah

I'll be good for you
I ain't gonna take my love away
And I will love you more girl every day
I'll be good for you (ohh)
My baby girl it's plain to see,
That our love was meant to be

Now I know you think I must be faking
I promised all these things right from the start
So don't you rush into decision making (rush, rush)
Cause I just wrote this song to tell you my heart
I wanna be with you
And girl there's nothing I won't do
To make you see that this is where you should be
Cause baby we can do, anything you wanna do
Girl I wanna be a part of your fantasy

I'll be good for you
I ain't gonna take my love away
And I will love you more girl everyday
I'll be good for you (so good)
My baby girl it's plain to see,
That our love was meant to be yeah

Ohhh yeah yeah yeah
Know I'll be good for you baby

I can be good for you
Tell me what you want to do
Baby girl, it's plain to see
That our love was meant to be

(I'll be good for you)
I can be good for you
Tell me what you want to do (oh yeah)
Baby girl (so good), it's plain to see
(so good) That our love was meant to be

(I'll be good for you)
I can be good for you
Tell me what you want to do (tell me what you want to do)
Baby girl, it's plain to see
(open up your heart to me) That our love was meant to be
(I'll be good for you)
I can be good for you
Tell me what you want to do (cause I know, I know)
Baby girl, it's plain to see
The way love is supposed to be

I can be good for you (I could be good for you baby)
Tell me what you want to do (I could be good for you baby)
Baby girl, it's plain to see
That our love was meant to be

I'll be good for you
I ain't gonna take my love away
And I will love you more girl everyday
I'll be good for you
My baby girl it's plain to see that our love was meant to be yeah

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'N Sync I'll Be Good For You Comments
  1. Do Better Please

    I need them to get back together..at LEAST for a tour!

  2. Enrico Alfonso Galera

    one of their best song!! 👌 so underrated

  3. Gildokson Santos

    Justin e JC tiveram a maior sintonia vocal da história da música, o entrosamento dos dois era perfeito!

  4. Walid Elsawi

    the three other guys letterly are doing' nothing...

  5. Walid Elsawi

    way too gangsta...

  6. johnny poppin

    The Melody and harmony is so damn GOOD this is better than a k-pop songs

  7. Selena PaganLaboy

    I’m sorry but he little wooohhh thing justin did was so adorable I can’t even!

  8. Selena PaganLaboy

    How in the world is Justin soo amazingly hot?!?😍😍💯💯😍😍💯😍😍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  9. Robert Chambers

    This should have been a single

    BNO97 !

    Robert Chambers any song from that album could’ve

  10. Lea B

    This was my favorite song on the no strings attached album! Still a good song in 2019!

  11. Nsink Papa

    This song is cool

  12. Christina M.

    Yas Jc @4:22

  13. Spiral Out

    Well I'll be good for you, JC 😭🙌🏻👑♥️

  14. Max webber Vieira santos

    nsync foreve

  15. Sharon Coker

    Love J C forever lv Shaza

  16. mahogany slay

    Lord, JC..that man..goodness😍😍😍😍

    Do Better Please

    Yes! I'm 35 now. I don't if I appreciated him at 13 like I shod have

  17. MoeBulldogs2196

    great song very soulful R&bish

  18. Karlie D.

    Watched this when it aired and now I’m watching again several years later. God bless whoever posted this! ❤️

  19. Belle Lana

    Joshtin forever!! 😍😍 Y’all keep fighting 😂Justin and JC each had their strengths and weaknesses. Together they were magical 😭😢

    Chanel Bell

    JC Didn't have a weakness. Justin's dancing was smoother & JC's voice was better. But, he held his own dancing... ❤❤❤

  20. KEENster D

    Always loved this song and I like this Jazzy arrangement. Justin sounds hella sexy.

  21. Travis Cyprien

    What sucks is that this is the only live video of the Song. Sure the music is on I-Tunes but it’s the one from the No Strings Attach CD. But only the studio Version. Sure would love to have this live broadcast on I-Tunes. I just has a really good sound when it’s live

  22. Travis Cyprien

    They need to put this live version on ITunes

  23. Rin Rin

    Christmas is coming.. xoxo

  24. Geromzam

    Watch this everyday! No doubt, Nsync is still the best boyband! They r all good.. Compliment each other... That's why they're called "Nsync"! So No comparing and No competition! 👍🏼Peace!

    Robert Chambers

    Geromzam Backstreet Boys are better

    nas X nation

    Robert Chambers how so?🤔

  25. Tan Leslie


  26. CupcakeNation

    I didn't know they had a song like this, and now I think my edges have been snatched. This song is too good to go unnoticed.

    Tinker B

    Its from their No Strings Attached album. This is their only live performance of it unfortunately. It should have been a single.

    DiiJei Jackson

    Damn really? This was always my favorite from that album. One of my fav NSYNC songs

  27. Miss.S Harrison

    This song has a soulful sound to it. I love it

  28. favio perez

    Que buena canción...los que somos de la generación de fines de los 90s disfrutamos de este buen grupo.

  29. Badgirl 360


  30. みさ

    This is how I'll always remember Justin! 😁 so cute haha

  31. Eddie KANE

    Justin wrote this song

    AyanaThe Phoenix2

    Eddie KANE he was not the only writer

  32. Jungwoo’s Skrt

    im 16 years old and I think that this is  real music not music now a days


    I'm a *NSYNC fan and NCT fan like you lol

  33. 1586brittc

    JC Fan first A L W A Y S!!!

  34. ValentineGirl81

    Justin was so damn beautiful.

    james Jones

    ValentineGirl81 right

  35. legendarypoise

    I like this more than the CD version!! Music to my ears.

    the unreal player

    +legendarypoise Definitely a very good live version.

  36. deyjah caldwell

    justin would or could nor should win in singing WITH J.C

    Jesus Gameplayz *Juegos Indies*

    +deyjah caldwell Serius, are you talking about Justin? the person that altmost everybody in music compares with Michael Jakson? you are crazy, where is Jc now haha ;)


    +Jesus Gameplayz i saw him on december 11 '13 here in indiana at bankers life fieldhouse & he was insane!!!! he kicked ass & he was there at the pacer game the night b4 his show! at the show it was roy hibbert's birthday & he had us sing happy birthday 2 him!!! he's always gonna be my favorite!!! go JT!!!!

    Tinker B

    Measuring quality by success and not what your ears are hearing is why the music industry is in the condition it is now.

    BNO97 !

    Tinker B Justin timber lake is way more soulful especially in nsync days so be quiet JC didnt shine for a reason

    DiiJei Jackson

    Alqu001 ! Those reasons are not because of vocal ability. JT has admitted himself that JC has superior vocals. Me personally I’ve always gravitated towards JT style than JC’s. But it’s undeniable that JC has a bigger range and more power in vocals. They’re both great in their own right.

  37. P Dat Dong

    Easy to tell that Teddy Pendergrass co-wrote this track.  Sounds just like his music

    Cristina S

    P Dat Dong they sampled his song

  38. Lysa Lou

    so miss this

  39. Nadia Martinez

    Beautiful sing

  40. porterhouse1974

    I used to hate on the boybands back in the day, but Nsync was kinda dope!!

  41. Brittany Thompson

    One of my favorites from the NSA album! I had this song repeat too bad they didn't make it a single and send to urban radio because it was so smooth. Love it!

  42. 1988remixx

    I remember hearing this but I wasn't by the TV next thing I said, "This is Nsync"?????? Fuck yah do the R&B!!

  43. kcnotjojo99

    NSYNC gettin' they Neo-Soul groove music on, ain't mad at y'all

  44. Jewtube sucksify

    oh man this brings back memories i fucking hate my life

  45. AJ Jones

    Ahhh the memories of a Justin/JC ad lib song! Love that track off of No Strings, there should have been a video of them!

  46. sheknows

    Yeah. I think we all thought. It was all good though. We sooo didn't care.

  47. itzel campos

    12 years later and still watching this :)

  48. CP Perry

    Damn JC....so fine

    AyanaThe Phoenix2

    C Perry for sure always

  49. FumaIsBallista

    So Fiiiiiine!!!!

  50. guiltypleasure131

    I would love to see these guys come back together and do an R&B album, then there would be a reason for them to have a reunion tour! From what I have heard in interviews, they are not interested in a reunion just for the sake of performing their old songs as much as much as we fans would love that!

  51. GurlCaa


  52. Sandra Ruth

    i know...love the vibe jc and justn were giving each other shit look at chris lol i thought they had a "thing" together...im not going into details but hey they did know each other for a very long time so i can see where they...ummmm well u knw...

  53. Shawn Williams

    These guys were the shit!! I still miss them, especially the soul from JC and Justin. They should've done an R&B album together! They were my white K-CI & JoJo! HaHa! These were the days! Nsync was my fav group and I grew up listening to R&B Soul, but these boys were so talented and could sing any type of music. I love a variety and they were like Michael Jackson in that they could sing anything and appeal to a lot of people. Of course MJ is the best ever but they could sing dance and entertain!

  54. Amy

    I could sing this all day!!

  55. TheChoirKid2012

    @mariskarox He's looking at him because they are harmonizing and trading parts. It's called non-verbal musical communication.

  56. Andrea Retamales

    My reaction? can we say NOSTALGIC ? LOOOOVE THEM FOREVER <3

  57. kookynikki

    This was a really good special. Kinda like Nsync unplugged.

  58. roxxicarm


  59. Patricia Serrano

    woooooow excelente cancion¡¡

  60. anndee caliemogirl

    diz my s0ng ^-^

  61. Sifjada

    Is it just me or do Justin and JC sing to each other a whole lot during this song? :P
    They are superbly amazing... they need to do another special :-D

    Sandra Ruth

    Sifjada lmao yea they do ummm I wonder 🤔 and Chris is like wth

  62. Chloey0789

    Its amazing how you can see who REALLY loves music and who simply loves it..lol, watch from 3:45 to 4:55 and tell me who REALLY loves it! Haha, ;)!

    And yes, adriandedal, I will join in those festivities! Haha, ;)! (But, I get JC...:D!)

  63. Chloey0789

    QueenSkittle90..Seriously! I know, right?! ;)

  64. Ruler 90

    @adriandedal Have you ever listened to JC Chasez SOLO ALBUM!!! Its WORST THAN NICK CARTERZ!!!

    Karlie D.

    Ruler 90 yo. Don’t come for my man like that

  65. coleycross

    i atill liaten to their cds . i miss them

  66. cookiedeeh

    Loooove it! This was one of my fav songs on this album..

  67. ronnie rasco

    love their blending!

  68. ronnie rasco


  69. Buki Adejobi

    i love the visual communication b/w jc and justin

  70. The Childfree Curly Girl

    I love 2:54 when JC sings "FANTASY" he's so gooood!
    I keep replaying that part.

  71. Ruler 90

    Love right after JC sings fantasy how Justin just goes ooohhoooo.... it just shows you n proves why he's the only member of any boyband to still be famous!

    tammie Scoggins

    Ruler 90 that was JC

    AyanaThe Phoenix2

    Yeah it was jc

    AyanaThe Phoenix2

    So since you are wrong what does that prove?

  72. Xhris Sharp

    i love this song one of their best songs

  73. AK Richie

    JAMMIN'...they need a reunion PRONTO!

  74. Ruler 90


  75. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    What Year Was This Special?

    K. Delpino


    No Strings Attached was the #1 album of the year. Plus after this special, the group hosted the Billboard Awards with Kathy Griffin.

    *NSYNC owned it for real.

  76. Enrico Pogimacho

    I LOVE NSYNC!!!! hope u'll transform again some day.. haha

  77. Tee Murrs

    To leoment:yeeeeeeeeees, thank you. JC and Justin's voices just vibed so well. I miss that. Here's hoping they collaborate

  78. dlrive3

    i love this song ...it is my favorite by them...o when music was music!!!!

  79. krixie Arellano

    they are so cute specially justin where does it happen???when??

  80. leoment

    One of my fave NSync songs - I loved more laid back, honest songs like this from them rather than the super synthed songs.
    I miss JC's smooth as butter voice, like crazy.
    & I miss how he & Justin used to vibe off of one another - you can see it from 3:48-4:00 - they seriously need to perform together again SOMEWHERE!

  81. jonah pueda

    sooo true!

  82. jonah pueda

    i keep on checking this video from time to time and wondering how's the rest of them. *sigh it's been a while...i was listening to this song back in college days.

  83. jonah pueda

    this was my favorite...so glad to see it again. never get tired of listening to this. This melts my heart.

  84. Raphael Cocenzo

    You can check the NSA album, and you´ll find this:"Written by Kevin Antunes, Reginald Calloway, Vincent Calloway, Teddy Pendergrass, Justin Timberlake". Dosen´t have any element or sample of the song you mentioned (BTW, i´m checking here, is pretty good too).

  85. Charles' Visions

    @rcocenzo thats wrong, this is a remake of the brothers johnson ill be good for you, albeit the lyrics were changed a bit, this song is a remake

  86. xheathermichelle

    <333333 them, they need to do a reunion ASAP!

  87. xheathermichelle

    *ridicUlously lol. :) it's ok i mess up words all the time.

  88. Raphael Cocenzo

    Guse who wrote this song? Kevin Antunes AND Justin Timberlake. Both were together for a long time.

  89. Relford Lewis

    Wasn't an NSYNC fan. Probably due to an age difference, but came across this song by accident. This song should have been played BIG TIME. This songs the Cut!

  90. Taz Tan

    You sold it?! Aww...

  91. Taz Tan

    best song ever!!!!!!!!!

  92. Shanna Victoria

    Last year I uploaded it to my mp3 and I "discovered it" I had totally forgotten about it because it was not one of their big ones. And it's def one of my favorites from the No Strings album if not the favorite.

  93. Jamie love

    love it

  94. Scott Daniels

    everyone of these boy bands sound the fucking same, its incredible


    totally agree cuz even when the camera zooms in you don't see joey or lance and chris who's in the middle of JT and JC is blocked off LOL


    this was my fave song on no strings attached n they never performed it in concert = [

  97. Charles' Visions

    Justin and JC Compliment each other really well

    this is amazing