'N Sync - Falling Lyrics

Yeah yeah.. oh hmm I don't know how
I don't know why
But girl it seems
You've touched my life
You're in my dreams
You're in my heart
I'm not myself
When we're apart

Something strange has come over me
A raging wind across my seas
And girl you know that your eyes are to blame
And what am I supposed to do
If I can't get over you
I come to find that you don't feel the same

Cause I'm fallin'
Girl I'm fallin' for you
And I pray your fallin' too
I've been fallin' fallin'
Ever since the moment I laid eyes on you

I lose my step
I lose my ground
I lose my self
When you're around
I'm holding on for my life
To keep from drowning in your eyes
Girl what have you done to me
To make me fall so desperately
To think that I don't even know your name
No, no
How am I supposed to live
If I can't get over this
You decide you don't feel the same

Cause I'm fallin' fallin'
Girl I'm fallin' for you
And I pray your fallin' too
I've been fallin' fallin'

Will you stay or will you go
Heaven, heaven knows what my future holds
Questions, questions linger on my mind
Day break from day break to dark of night
I'm fallin' I don't know what's come over me

Can't you see that I'm fallin' fallin'
Girl I'm fallin' for you
And I pray your fallin' too
I've been fallin' fallin'
Ever since the moment I laid eyes on you

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'N Sync Falling Comments
  1. Malena Aimé Espinosa

    In the end justin was soo cute. (3:09) ❤

  2. Malena Aimé Espinosa

    Justin's voice melts me every day i hear it. ❤

  3. Malena Aimé Espinosa

    Justin Timberlake... ❤ 😍 ❤ 😍 ❤ 😍 ❤

  4. maryam mure

    Beautiful song. 💖💖💖

  5. Daniel Rodrigues

    I need of the cipher of that music. please

  6. Daniel Rodrigues

    I need of the this is music.

  7. Wendy Thomas

    Yes 2019

  8. Butz Tabo

    I listen to this song when i was a kid i like the song because it's a love song

  9. Melchie Perez

    I'm falling for u boss 😍😍😍

  10. A&A The Musician

    I'm Falling For U ChRis 😍😍😘❤💜💕💕

  11. Melchie Perez

    Omg!! Maka dum2 ko ani nga kanta!! Boss?? I'm sorry!!! I miss u💗💗 bakit dka mwala saisip ko? Hys

  12. Lena Beana

    Jc’s voice ❤️❤️❤️😛😛

  13. Honest Erica

    God bless u all. 💘 Nsync

  14. Robson adriano

    I'm falling 💔💔💔💔💔

  15. Goodbye MyLove

    I was in elementary then 😍😍😍

  16. Rachel Ayers

    This was Everything Good Times I these guys😩

  17. Chasity Fitzgerald

    Nsync need to come back

  18. farid sidi abdelghani

    Falling and selfish best songs!!

  19. Bella Rose

    Is this song ONLY available on the soundtrack for the movie "On the line"? I want an album that I can buy with this song on it, but I can't get the soundtrack to that movie. Is it on any of N sync's albums?

    Claire Thompson

    I own a copy and I live in the UK. Was back when the film came out here on DVD tho so a while back x

    Bella Rose

    what cd is it that you own? and is it available to buy anywhere, in any store, or anywhere online?

    Te' Lisa Nelson

    Bella Rose It's on a deluxe version of their album Celebrity.

    Christian Enriquez

    Bella Rose It’s also included on The Essential *NSYNC album which is available on various streaming services

  20. Kevin Howard

    technically not an NSYNC song. only 3-5 members are in it.

    Richard Grace

    Actually it has all of them in it and was written by Chris...but ok🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  21. Cata Lindegaard

    fuck man this song takes me back. aw. this has always been one of, if not my FAVORITE nsync song ever.

  22. rockinrobin56403

    I remember James Franco

  23. antoine r

    Rosie- Bella lol u wish bsb still is and always will be #1.

  24. antoine r

    Skyllo maybe BC they were busy with their schedule.

  25. monalisasmile

    Love the part starting at 2:50 - where they shift between Justin and JC's verses.


    The Celebrity album had lots of songs like this, NSA too.

  26. Miister Tun5

    Que recuerdos de mis 15 años !!.

  27. Larry Lumlum

    nice song

  28. Purple Fireball

    Chris should of had a solo in this song since he wrote the damn thing but no it's always Justin and JC again

    farid sidi abdelghani

    Purple Fireball maybe chris and jc together but jc all the way no matter what..

    Richard Grace

    I mean considering chris wrote the song you would have thought they would have given him a solo

    Sandria chenry

    Purple Fireball y’all always playing parts when someone writes a song everybody needs solos not just the person who writes the lyrics

    A&A The Musician

    Yes i agree Chris's voice is so pretty i love NSync but i love ChRis more than anything my eyes are Always Stuck on him , i loooveee this Song cause my baby wrote it and it's sung awesome by the boys too❤
    #NsyncForever ❤❤❤

    Richard Grace

    @Sandria chenry funny that you say that because any song justin wrote he ended up singing 95% of it... ironically when JC wrote "driving myself crazy" jousting started bitching like the little bitch he was then and still is now because JC was going to get more solo time than him..is why Chris got the opening solo in the song in order to balance out the solo time so justin would be happy

  29. Brandon Reasoner

    I fell head over heels for a girl I worked with. We are friends and Everytime were together there's a huge connection and people around also see it and think we're together when were not. She's with someone else who doesn't deserver her but yet she tells me we could never be together knowing we fall for each other every single day and time that were together. Breaks my heart knowing we would be great together.

    Jennifer Mcfarland

    Brandon Reasoner you should of ive done it i was never caugth. Where still together madly in love where about too get married. Ive meet my disabled match. You should of listen too your inner soul. Yep i had though i never meet my disabled match threw work at the same time I was also disabled.

    Jennifer Mcfarland

    Gentlely go too her house ask her on a date.

  30. Firebreathingyoshi

    who has the solos in this song and when or someone should make a lyric video with the name of the person that is singing


    It's Justin and JC, as usual.

    Richard Grace

    @MusicLover_KB actually Joey had a solo as well

  31. dalen52

    Such a great song!

  32. Psyduck Issocute

    I am falling for a woman i can never hsve because she is not attracting to the same sex and she is my social worker.And she told me that our relationships are straightly client and social worker only,nothing else.But i am dying to hug her,but she will never hug me at all. :( And she also told me if the professional boundary was cross,she will terminate me.

  33. Brian Dolinko

    reminds me of the 1st time i fell in love

  34. Brian Dolinko

    reminds me of the 1st time i fell in love

  35. Nads Navarro

    This is my most ultimate favorite song of all times. I first heard this back in 2007 and since then, this has never been replaced by any song in my heart. I miss nsync.

  36. CaapriceTube

    0:00 - 0:25 - <3
    Justin's intro is everything

  37. Caitlyn Marks

    this is one of my favorite songs!!!

  38. Tilly Tee

    Fingerling again!

    This was my issssssssssh!

  39. Michael Cooper

    this is my shit :)

  40. Lori Hackney

    They should have let Chris write more songs.

    Guy The Artist

    +Lori Hackney he is the reason they were formed in the first place.

    Lori Hackney

    +Oakridge Buddha oh how I know. I was really big on nsync between age 12 and 16. then I hated Lance cause I was sure the band broke up because he went on trl saying he was flying to outer space and wanted to be an astronaut. wasn't till chris' mother said at a charity event that it was justins idea so he could go solo. she said the other 4 guys had no say in it. then I spent 3 years hating on Justin. I was such a dumb kid lol. I'm 30 now and can't believe I even remember those days.

    Guy The Artist

    I'm 34 I was into other music when u was young and I started doing a DJ Gig in highschool and a 12 yo girl got mad I didn't have NSync so I went out and got their first album which had several cover songs on it I really liked and I was hooked, I got No Strings Attached the night it came out, same with celebrity and I drove 2 hours away to see Lance's movie On The Line when it was on the theater. Never got to see them in concert. Maybe one day they will do cruises like NKOTB

    Crimson Rose

    +Oakridge Buddha They are amazing live!
    I went to one concert when I was 16 and another when I was 18 ^^
    I'm 34 now and still own all but 2 albums...
    I'm trying to get "Home for Christmas" and their European release back (I had to sell all of my 'NSYNC CDs in 2005, I just got the debut album, No Strings Attached, and Celebrity back 2 years ago thanks to my dad).

    Jayson Luv

    +Oakridge Buddha Yup if it wasn't for Chris there won't be any group made...and he never got any credit for it

  41. skyllo

    when it comes to slow love songs like this, i prefer nsync over bsb (though i like both).
    also i noticed that nsync did more collabs with other artists than bsb. i wonder why

    Lokesh Thakur

    @skyllo lol wow i just heard that song, it was really bad, hahaha.

    Bella Rose

    i agree completely, nsync and also, 98 degrees are WAY better than the backstreet boys

    Crazy forChrist

    +Bella Rose Five is good too

    Richard Grace

    @Lokesh Thakur nope they had lots of them

    lawn mower

    @Michelle Marino couldn't have said it better myself!

  42. astread alforque

    I'm falling 2 NSYNC coz of Justin cool voice.

  43. Chris Garcia

    Great just great son

  44. Shahara Haque Zerin

    Beiber fans I am sorry but JT was 12 years old when he started on MMC and sounded so mature even if the quality of TVs were not hd nor the picture led nor LCD but it was awesome and jb wih hd high sound and picture quality Internet and yt but still sounds like clueless 5 year old

  45. Amaris Siner

    Amazing song

  46. cgirl4e

    There's many songs people write but don't sing. Usually it's because, while they had the inspiration for the words, others may do a better job at conveying it musically. That being said, I would have enjoyed hearing more solos from all the guys now that I'm older. They were all amazing!

    farid sidi abdelghani

    cgirl4e if there was a best boybandsingers of the '90 only cj and justin can make it into that group.. i would makea group with jc chasez(nsync) justin(nsync brian(bsb) shane(westlife) and nick(bsb? That would be best boyband ever haha

  47. dulceely

    Love this song......the words are breathtaking........

  48. Chrono Cross

    Chris sang this live during their Pop Odyssey tour

    Stanley Lloyd Ursal

    Rattu Yess! Because he is the composer of this song, and I drive myself crazy as well... :)

  49. Diana Rivera

    This song is fantastic. It's soooo beautiful.
    Anybody remember when there were songs out there that spoke about LOVE, without detailed sex? (Not saying that all of NSYNC's songs were like that. But they left slow songs about love)
    -BTW this also includes BSB and 98, etc etc... and a LOT of other artists from all decades and styles.
    **LOVE was THE most popular topic out there.** These days...? :(

  50. Diana Rivera

    Agreed. Love that you can hear Chris "when I laid eyes on you". Should've been used more here, tho.

    Stanley Lloyd Ursal

    Diana Rivera Chris is the composer of this song and I drive myself crazy as well :)

    Richard Grace

    @Stanley Lloyd Ursal actually JC wrote "drive myself crazy"

  51. Diana Rivera

    *standing ovation* lol "Honor of Humility" very VERY nice. Tho, we also could've left it at "Honor". ;)

    Plus, at JB's young age he is connected to sex, drugs, and "douchebaggery". So, he's not even an example.

  52. joanne batilo

    I miss nsync

  53. charismatic9904

    This is how I currently feel about this amazing girl Im dating.

  54. smzr89

    Agreed!! I was in high school and early college at this time!! I was so in love with their music :)

  55. Lilaespi

    1direction who??? Best boy band ever!! Girls these days don't know what good pop music is

  56. bakarangerpinku

    they harmonize like no other boy band... not even any KPop...

    Chris Andrew Renegado

    bakarangerpinku very true

  57. totallymulatto

    I do agree on that last part of your reply though. Nsync def. needs to get back together and show these new ppl what real pop music sounds like

  58. totallymulatto

    Um that's my point..He does play instruments, sings, and dances, but not half as good as JT. JB sounds prepubescent and not as talented as most of the these '90s pop stars which is why I'm not much of a fan of his. In fact most of our mainstream music out now sucks in general. It all pretty much sounds the same no matter the genre. It's sad.

  59. totallymulatto

    can't compare justin bieber with nsync...he'll never even come close to them :) sry bieber fans but he sounds like a 12 year old and JT was younger than him when he started nsync and sounded more mature, not only in the tone of his voice, but as a performer in general, and lets not forget JT can play instruments too...drums, guitar, and piano..AND can dance, plus act :) sry, had to rant for a sec.

  60. totallymulatto

    couldn't have said that more perfectly!

  61. diablesa84

    Or teenager :)

  62. DanMarc Bardo

    i herd chris wrote this song if he did why donsnt he hv a solo

    Christian Enriquez

    DanMarc Bardo He wrote it but he doesn’t sing on the studio version. However, when it was performed live, like for example, on the Pop Odyssey Tour, he would sing it instead of JC and Justin.

  63. shimrsparklshine

    I think every late 80's-mid/early 90's kid agrees... :)
    fun style, good music and good tv, good everything. Gd I miss the early years of the millenium

  64. JGManRulz

    but the writer tends to make more money if the song does well, so it probably didn't matter too much to him.

  65. Casper Hans

    Beautiful Song and Hats off to the whole team of J.T, J.C,and N sync.I hope someday they will come again as a TEAM.Together they are awesome!

  66. adamkhan123123

    justin bieber tried to beat this song.... with 'i closed my eyes'... NSYNC wins of course...

  67. ruben parker

    I love this song

  68. cande8086

    I miss the 90's music. Yeah they were a boy band but nsync had a ton of talent. Wish they would do just one more album!! ;)

  69. Samantha Lewis

    the first time i heard this song i had to cried....it one of there best songs and i will forever love them

  70. Moca Fernando

    oh, i miss nsync babies :)

  71. Maceus

    I can't keep from falling falling for this song...

  72. MLaBoo481

    omg this is my other favorite song (aside from selfish)!!

  73. micahel jason japson

    this song is complete meaning not like others!! i like boy band music because they are meaning ful

  74. DanTheWoaMan

    THIS. This right here is real music. Beautiful, meaningful, AMAZING.

  75. runeplaya5

    Stop talking about Justin bieber when he has NOTHING to do with this video, apparently you people dont know what music is.

    i love this song and it makes me think about the girl i love everytime i hear it!<3

  76. siobhan pollard

    I feel like these words all the time...its funny how no one seems to reciprocate these feelings for me......

  77. heLsm0ke

    @justinswifey81 chris wrote the song :D

  78. Romagical

    what about chris, lance and joey?

  79. clayufcmusicfan

    What happened to great vocals?musical souls? The 90's the year music died

  80. DemonKingNemo

    beautiful song.

  81. DemonKingNemo

    @Ryolovesj00 cuz you were once a blind blind soul :O

  82. kookynikki

    One of my favs by nsync and Chris wrote it.

  83. Adrienne Danielle

    @lancebasslover99 the one that that dude said on the train while trying to find lance's lover.. you know after he screwed everything up , and was trying to make it right..

  84. Adrienne Danielle

    i just realized that the first words was that amazing qoute from on the line! nicee (;

  85. charlierose214

    i love this song wish it could be on itunes!!!

  86. Chloey0789

    @Chloey0789 My bad, they wonder why everything doesn't turn out the way it does in these songs...lol, didn't finish typing it..

  87. Chloey0789

    @coolcut11 I agree!!! That is what is wrong with society today...kids listened to this and now they are having one night hookups and wonder why...:s...it bothers me too...other than that, good song...but I do really prefer Something Like You...its beautifully written by my man, JC..<3

  88. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    This Was my Favorite Song From"on The Line"Other Then Joey's"Ready to Fall"

  89. rykel26

    how nice this song love it so much.. mhua

  90. coolcut11

    @themomentone LOL.

  91. bebe6

    i love this song<3

  92. brittwp1

    Miss them soooo much

  93. Ai Shin Cruz

    @coolcut11 omg i totally agree. i hate it when one line messes up the 'perfection' of an entire song with perfect music and otherwise perfect lyrics...

  94. coolcut11

    The part when they said "To think that I don't even know your name" prevents the song from being perfect.

  95. meeta manic

    ough i just adore youtube, so i can play everywhere for nsync....

  96. Shade Zero

    This is my favorite!! :D

    -Jez(lolx.this is not my account, this is my bro's account)

  97. whatever1210

    i think it was because once the movie went to theaters it was pulled then whoever even heard about it may have just rented it so not many copies were made for the movie. or it could be that lance's old company tanked so he couldn't release the soundtrack on itunes. just my thoughts.

  98. Flor Baguyo

    this is my favorite N'sync song.. thanks for uploading this.